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Review: Arkham Deluxe Titan Joker Figure

DC Comics: Jay Cochran - 2012.09.27

DC Collectibles new Arkham Deluxe Titan Joker hit the shelves, and we take a close look at it. The figure was sculpted by Phil Ramirez and stands approximately 11.5” tall and is based on the character’s appearance from the Arkham Asylum video game after he injects himself with the experimental Titan formula. Be sure to check out hi-res images for this figure in our GALLERY below.

Packaging: Like with most DC Collectibles these days, the figure comes in a mostly white minimalist-style box. The front of the box is mostly window packaging that allows you to clearly view the figure before opening. The sides of the packaging shows pictures of the figure, and the back has a brief description about the figure as well as Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc, other Arkham Deluxe figures currently available. On the inside, the figure is on a plastic blister and tied in with a number of twisty ties so that it doesn’t move around. There is nothing terribly eye-catching about the package, but it is nice that it allows you to clearly view the figure before purchase.

Sculpt - As mentioned before, the figure was sculpted by Phil Ramirez and stands approximately 11.5” tall. The sculpting work on this figure is truly amazing and detailed from the bone work on the back, arms, and legs to the textured ripped skin and torn clothes. The head sculpt captures the homicidal evilness that one would expect from the Joker.

Paint - The paint job on this figure, as with the sculpt, is very detailed and realistic looking. The bone looks like bone while the exposed muscle tendons look bloody and real. I especially like the blood work on the back spine of the figure. The sculpt and paint on this figure really make it look like the figure has come to life out of the video game world.

Articulation - Like with many DC Collectibles, this is where the figure is the weakest. The figure’s head attaches to the body with a standard ball-joint giving it a fair range of motion. The arms have ball-jointed shoulders, bicep swivels, single elbows and swivel wrists. The waist swivels with cut hips while the legs have single knee joints. There is no articulation at the ankles, fingers, or chest. The figure is also a little top heavy so you have to be careful how you pose him so he doesn’t topple over.

Accessoriess - The figure comes with no additional accessories.

Fun - The figure is big and menacing looking. He looks great posed with the other DC Collectibles Arkham figures as well as Mattel’s DC figures. Even though the fingers aren’t articulated, you can still hold things in-between the fingers. For display purposes alone, this is a great figure to have added to your collection.

Quality Control - There have been no quality control issues so far. The joints remain tight, and the paint is near perfect. It’s hard to say if the joints will remain tight over time though. The figure is heavy (especially on the upper end) which could cause joints to loosen under the figure’s weight over time, but right now everything seems good.

Overall - This is a great looking figure that is very detailed in the sculpting and paint department. The only real downside of this figure is that it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. This one will probably cost you in the neighborhood of $72. I will leave it up to you to decide if the price is worth it or not, but I will say DC has gone all out here with the detail and I would definitely put this one in the category of a high-end collectible and not just another action figure.

Final Score: 4/5


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