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A New Diamond Select Toys Star Trek & BSG Q&A

Diamond Select: Jay Cochran - 2010.03.23
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses Star Trek & BSG questions. Check out the entire Q&A below:

Mark Calcagno
Dear AA, I am a huge collector of the Star Trek ships and role play items. I have at least one of all your ships and other products like phasers, tricorders, etc. My question is this: When are we going to see some Battlestar Galactica products like these? I would gladly pay $50 for a Galactica and/or Pegasus model. Hell, Iíd pay another $50 for battle damaged versions. Have you considered making either vehicles or role play items for BSG? And if you have, whatís stopping you? -Mark Calcagno

DSTChuck: Mark, we have considered it but its not something weíre ready to move forward with at this time- sorry.

Jason Chirevas
Since DSTís Star Trek figures are dead, Iíll assume the same of Stargate and move on to BSG. The Tigh/Gaeta 2-pack you just released includes a pamphlet picturing a clean-shaven Adama with glasses and Stealth Cylon Warrior as upcoming Toys R Us releases. Since youíve indicated you have no idea whether there will be future TRU BSG releases (though youíve also said TRU wants them to be Cylon-based going forward and you agree, so forgive my confusion), let alone who would be in them, can you shed any light whatever as to whether these two figures will see release at TRU, or anywhere else?

DSTChuck: Those two figures are in TRU locations now. In the past we have packed three different characters in their assortments. For this assortment they asked us to pick the best one and remove the other human character and pack in more cylons- which is what we did. That is the last series of BSG figures going to TRU, for the time being.

Stephen Pegg
I just got my latest two-packs and I have to say the Starbuck and Leoben pack are some of my favorite figures Iíve ever owned, you took two of my favorite characters and made them extremely well sculpted and theyíre just greatĖ just like all the other toys in this wave. A got a few questions throughout in this letter that I and many others would love to see some answers to! That being said, I really appreciate you guys putting out a mustache-free, glasses Adama with the Toys R Us wave you mentioned in the last BSG Q&A. That announcement seemed to have came out of nowhere but it was one excellent surprise; Iím certain we will look at TRUís website and call them up on a regular basis now to know when theyíll be arriving. A lot of companies just shrug off people with delays but I was very impressed and happy to see that the two-packs you put up truly came out and more to come with the Boomer/Athena and the Leaders 3-pack, which is for sure going to be coming out, right? I was also just wondering, whether this is rhetorical or not I donít know, but if the President Roslin figure was released, would it be released as an exclusive to some site? I recall one of the Helo figures as an exclusive to a store or site, would making a certain figure an exclusive reduce production costs or manufacturing involved with the figure? As you can tell from these fan e-mails, how important it is that we get that Roslin figure. Iíd put her over the other figures that people have requested, such as Cavil, Ellen, Tory, etc. although theyíd all be great and excellent to consider for the future. Were these figures ever planned or considered or did the fans just kind of request them? Anyway, Iím sure that all of our fan outcries over it just goes to show you how many people are for sure to buy her figure and add it to our collections. Thank for the constantly great toys and the complete attention youíve given BSG in waves, especially in the figures and Minimates and statues and such, it means a lot to us diehard BSG fans. The prototype sculpt that was shown for her was really great, if you do release her I know Iím not the only one that would love her in her glasses. A figure of our beloved dying leader is just so important to have!

DSTChuck: Stephen, thanks for the kinds words. I am not sure what you mean by a leaders three pack- DST has never done a three pack of figures (aside from the old Buffy books). Right now Roslin is in limbo but we would love to find a way to get that figure in collectorsí hands to truly complete their sets. I canít really say an exclusive LOWERS cost, many times itís more expensive due to the smaller production runs. There has never been much interest from our traditional retailers to take on a BSG exclusive but if one of them wanted Roslin, weíd be happy to talk to them. Some of the characters that became more important as the last season moved along weíre never really given a chance to be considered.

Thanks for the updates! 1. Have you actually offered the BSG Roslin figure itself as an exclusive to any retailer? 2. Why did you not put Admiral Cain into the Razor line two years ago? She was already on hold from her initial release and I bet sales would have improved had the dynamic central character been released. What happened there? 3. Why did you put into production the two variant Adamas and not the regular version? What happened there? 4. What happened to Eyepatch-less Tigh? Is he cancelled? 5. Please release a Roslin/Regular Adama two-pack. Please? 6. A Stargate two-pack featuring the cancelled General OíNeill and General Hammond would sell excellently. They use the same body, and one head already exists. Jack was always your strongest seller and one of the hardest to find, and Hammond would be a great thank you to the fans who want to give you their money for these two. 7. You mention you would like to release a four-pack Stargate set of the main characters, and that a one-off release is more expensive than a full-wave. Why not release the four main characters with exclusive General Hammond in a boxset? No one would pass up that opportunity. You could even shape the box like the Stargate, including the Stargate. I have always loved your Stargate figures but never bought one, but I would buy that. Thanks! I would really like to give you my money, please let me! JP

DSTChuck: 1) Weíve never really had much luck getting a retailer to take on a BSG figure, but our sales guys are not in the habit of turning down sales. So I think they have that pretty well covered.

2) The Cain figure was not approved by the licensor in any time that would have allowed her inclusion.

3) I am not sure what you mean by your question , the variation is something thatís subjective in this case, isnít it ?

4) With sales of the line fading we had to re-structure many of our releases in order to get as many of the characters as we could.

5) Itís possible if the recent two packs end up having some steam.

6) Yes Jack does sell very well but no Hammond is a much larger man so the same body would not work and thatís not the way we designed the figures. The SG 2 packs have not moved great for us but itís something weíve kept an eye on and more could be possible at some point.

7) A five pack would carry a retail price of close to $80.00. Thatís just not something weíre confident the majority of the fans can afford / would want to support.

Sam English
Hey Chuck. Very sorry to hear about all your toy lines dying this year. Iím surprised with BSG wave 4 being re-worked & now itís being the last BSG wave, that your company would see Admiral Caine as more important to keep in the wave than Laura Roslin. I gather it has something to do with Lauraís body needing new molds & Cainís just being straight re-use? Either way I personally found Laura being kicked out of the wave a horrendous slap in the face to all the fans who had been waiting soo long for her inclusion while at the same time we have other releases hitting stores. Tigh & ÖÖ.Gaeta??? Starbuck (again) &Ö..Leoben??? Itís cool to see new characters, but it is somewhat bitter sweet knowing B characters are going to see the light of day when someone as important as Laura will be nothing more than a prototype sitting on your shelves. SOrry for the rantÖ.I just needed to get that off my chest. And donít get me started on Nurse Chapel!! :-D

DSTChuck: Sam, I am sorry for your disappointment but youíre right a lot more goes into it then just who do we like and who is an ďAĒ character. Something to keep in mind as well is its up to a point very subjective as to which characters are ďAĒ and which are ďBĒ. Even harder is who is a ďBĒ VS a ďCĒ. We do the best we can and try to keep the fans in mind as much as possible.

Jerem Van Pelt
Will you please create a visual checklist of all the BSG 7″ figures (including exclusives)? It would really help the collectors. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Thatís a good idea and something Iíll try and put on the marketing/graphics to do list.

Kushmeer Farakhan
Greetings Chuck and company! So, I received my Starbuck and Leoben 2pack today and oveall iím happy with it. I did notice that the Starbuck doesnít look quite as good as her prototype. Her neck looks kind of stunted and her eyes are so brown they almost look red, too red. Other than that, decent figures. Happy with them. Questions as usual!.. 1. So Iím up at Toys R us about once a week looking for this new TRU Adama and Stealth Cylon and still no luck. Was there a third figure? If not, why? You guys usually do 3 figs for TRU. Wasnít there supposed to be a second Tigh or is that not happening at all now? Iím happy with the one I got but if thereís a patchless, iíll gladly scoop it up. 2. I know you mentioned a release date last time of end of April for the Athena/Boomer 2 pack but what of the series 4 leader wave? Baltar, CAin, and Adam still going to hit 3/31/10 or are they going to be much later? Will they come before the 8 2 pack now? 3. Iíve seen this talked about in regards to the trek and stargate figures as well as BSG but I had a new variation on this question. WE all now know these lines are on hold for the rest of 2010 but I must ask, if the 3 lines come back in 2011, what characters might we see for BSG? Has there been any discussion as to what that wave might look like and could we the fans possibly have some input into it as well? Maybe something akin to what Star Wars, He-man, GIJoe, etc do and maybe you guys pick 2 figs and we get to choose the third or something? 4. When initially asked if you guys were doing product for Caprica, I think you said something about it being a wait and see thing and then during the last Q and A you said you didnít have the license for it. My questions is did you have it and then give it up when you put all the figure lines on hold or did it just get snatched up by another toy company? Thanks again, Chuck :)

DSTChuck: 1) I think this is covered in an earlier question.

2) Baltar will be later- we had to push them back to get the two packs taken care of. They tool a little longer then anyone expected.

3) No thought has been given to these lines for 2011 yet but Roslin would be top of the list if she is not out before then.

4) We do not currently have the rights to Caprica and based on content I have seen so far I doubt another company will jump in there, but you never know.

Con Romanello
Dear Toy Gurus, Any chance that youíll produce Stargate Atlantis Dr Becket figure in 2010? Iíd love to have Todd the wraith, Zelenka and Lorne figures as well. However, I have been waiting for Becket to complete the SGA line-up. So if you could be so kind to produce him, Iíll love you guys forever.

DSTChuck: I do not think you will see any Stargate figures from us in 2010.

JP Chism
1. Just to clarify - the Baltar/Adama/Cain wave is still being released? Whatís the new ETA on those? 2. Just found the new TRU figures Stealth Cylon and COMMANDER ADAMA, who is AWESOME! Thank you for finally getting us an Adama! When I went to TRU what I found was one Adama and three Stealth Cylons. Cylons are great (though I only own one), but one per case of the STAR of the show? Was that your idea or TRUs? Because Adama would outsell the Stealth Cylon 3-to-1. 3. What about a Vac-Metal Cylon/President Roslin two-pack? Itís an un-done Cylon variant that would look awesome (I would want one!), plus you could finally get us Roslin! I know Iíve sent a lot of questions, but I REALLY want to complete my collection with the full cast of characters and we are so close itís driving me nuts! Thanks for that! :) JP

DSTChuck: 1) we are still doing development on that wave, I do not have a good date right now but I hope to shortly.

2) So far on the figures we have done before this wave, the Cylons seem to be far and away leading the pack.

3) Weíre aware of your interest in Roslin.

Callum Templeton
Hi, I am a big fan of your Stargate figures, On Gateworld there is an article saying that for the Series 5 figures to get released we have to convince retailers that the fans will buy them,and I live in the UK Iíve emailed Forbidden planet, but I donít know any US retailers so I was wondering if you could tell me who would be best in the US to email about them Stocking the figures? thanks

DSTChuck: In the early days of the line the EU was a big part of the success, in later waves their orders decreased so youíre doing just fine by letting them know your still interested.

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