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Bionicle Metru Nui: Enter The City - Reveal The Mystery
LEGO: Jay Cochran - 2003.12.26

Much has transpired this year in the Bionicle legend. The Mask of Light was found. Takua the Chronicler fulfilled his destiny and became the 7th Toa, defeating Makuta to lift the shadow from Mata Nui. Now, the Toa Nuva and Matoran of Mata Nui must prepare to journey to the City known as Metru Nui. Turaga Vakama tells them of this long forgotten land which he once called home. Before the Toa Nuva can look to the future, they must learn of the past. It is time to travel back in the time before time to discover Metru Nui, City of Legends... and the jouney of six Matoran heros who eventually became the Turaga.

Metru Nui is a vast city bustling with industry and home to Matoran of all backgrounds and professions. It houses a grand and complex transportation system, responsible for carrying not only Matoran to and from their destinations, but also the endless supply of goods and materials vital to the city's inhabitants

However, a threat is growing... A dark, twisted plant, the Morbuzakh, is appearing throughout the city, wrapping its crushing vines around buildings and transport tubes. Under the relentless pressure of the creeeping menace, even the most powerful structures of Metru Nui crumble and fall. Efforts to strike the plant at its roots have met with failure - and which day, more and more of the city is lost to the spread of the Morbuzakh.

All hope is not lost. Six talented Matoran were summoned to the Great Temple in Ga Metru and gifted with the powers of the Toa, becoming Toa Metru to shoulder the responsibility of stopping the Morbuzakh and save the inhabitants of the City. Their one chance lies with the legendary Great Kanoka Disks. Metru Matoran commonly use Kanoka Disks for sport and defense. But, according to legend, only the power of these six Great Disks hidden throughout the city, when combined can defeat the king root of the Morbuzakh and save the city.

The six Toa Metru team up to search the city for the Great Disks. This daunting task is made even more difficult because they still are mastering their new powers and the conflicts between them run deep. What they do not know is that a dark power has plans of its own for the Matoran, and will stop at nothing to prevent the Toa Metru from finding what they seek. A mystery lies at the heart of Metru Nui - one that will entangle the mighty Toa Metru in a web of danger, and lead them to make the most critical decision of their lives. At stake are the future of Metru Nui and the fate of all Matoran...

The saga of Metru Nui continues in 2004 with new BIONICLE issues from DC Comics, novels from Scholastic, online at BIONICLE.com and much more - including a new movie premiering on DVD and video this fall. Plus, be sure to check out the new Kanoka cards packed inside cans of Toa Metru. Enter the code provided to use your points and unlock exclusive info at BIONICLE.com - beginning next year. The more points you earn, the deeper you can delve into the Legend of Metru Nui!

- Toa Vakama

- Orkahm

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