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Barbie Products For 2006

Girl Power: Jay Cochran - 2006.02.19

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Since debuting at New York Toy Fair in 1959, Barbie® doll has reflected the times and set trends for more than 46 years continually reflecting the aspirations, dreams and possibilities of generations of girls around the globe.

Barbie® doll – fashion and beauty diva – always sports the season’s must-have styles. This year, Barbie® Fashion Fever™ kicks it up a notch with bold, hot, glamorous, beauty and fashion items. Dressed by more than 50 revered designers, this year Barbie® will have Anna Sui, Dooney & Bourke, Monique Lhuillier, and Badgley Mischka create glamorous fashions just for Barbie® Collector dolls.

But there’s more to this diva than style and fashion. Barbie® – the well-rounded teen-ager – shares a fun-filled life with her family pets, homes, cars and careers. Having represented more than 45 different nationalities and 96 careers, Barbie® doll’s resume grows from teacher, three-time Presidential candidate, rock star, and astronaut and adds baby doctor, zoo doctor and teacher to the impressive list. Barbie® will also have several new friends and favorites this year – including three realistic pets, Elmo, the ultimate three-story dream house and even a cool new car.

Barbie® has also proven to be a powerhouse name in entertainment with Barbie® doll – the actress – starring in six chart-topping films. In 2006, Barbie® delivers three new full-length direct-to-DVD feature films, “The Barbie™ Diaries,” ”Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses,” and the sequel “Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™”. With the first Barbie™ live touring stage show opening in April, it’s no surprise that Barbie® is the No. 1 doll property in the world.

Barbie® doll consistently tops hot toy lists winning prestigious toy awards year after year, and www.barbie.com consistently ranks as the No. 1 website exclusively for girls with more than 51 million monthly visits worldwide.

Barbie® is unstoppable – and quite the headline-maker! Barbie®, ever the celebrity, was the talk of the town in 2004 with the announcement of her break up with Ken®, sending shock waves around the world. This year Ken® returns to reveal his “new look.” The big question is: will Barbie® be impressed?

This year, we invite you to take a look at the success of Barbie® – the global phenomenon – and the doll’s fashion, style, life and entertainment.

Barbie® Fashion Fever™

What’s new in the house of Barbie® Fashion Fever™? There is plenty in this year’s collection to buzz about... Fashion Fever™ dolls continue to be instep with trend alerts everywhere, launching the freshest outfits and accessories year-round. This spring, the glamour quotient is higher than ever before with a keen emphasis on the best party dresses and beauty trends. For fall, it’s all about faux fur, “toon” graphic tees and hot new looks designed by a surprise “celebrity” designer. And, for the first time ever with Fashion Fever™ products girls will be able to create hot new make-up looks and hair styles with innovative new Fashion Fever™ products including the Compact Styling Face, Makeup Chic™ dolls, Hair Highlights™ doll and the first Fashion Fever™ electronic hair growing styling head.

So far so cute, but the next big thing for Fashion Fever™ is room décor. The new Fashion Fever™ Room furniture collection allows girls to create the perfect room and includes enough options to satisfy the decorator-at-heart in any fashion conscious girl. Girls can experiment with different spaces -- from glammed up rock-and-roll to sophisticated modern coolness. Fashion Fever™ will offer stylish room décor inspiration to girls everywhere.

Fashion Fever™ Doll Assortment
The ultimate fashion divas and trendy male are back with cool new outfits and chic accessories launching year-round. This spring, Fashion Fever™ dolls are showing their wilder side with fun animal-print fashions and faux fur accents. These “it girls” of fashion are also cozying up with the latest pajama trends including cute short sets with matching “furry” pillows. For fall, the Fashion Fever™ Barbie® doll and friends will just want to have fun with trendy graphic “toon” tees and outrageous faux fur fashions. Word on the street also says that there will be a secret celebrity designer creating special fashions just for them. Girls will want to collect them all!
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Compact Styling Face Assortment
Fashion Fever™ offers a fabulous new way for girls to experiment with make-up on-the go! The Compact Styling Face assortment features unique 3-D faces with beautiful hair that girls can style any way they like. There’s also lots of wear-and-share makeup and accessories that can be stored in the compact.
MSRP: $15.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Makeup Chic™ Doll Assortment
Always on the cutting edge of fashion and sure to be on everyone’s A List, the Fashion Fever™ dolls know what every diva needs – the perfect makeup and dress to make a lasting impression for any glamorous party. The Makeup Chic™ dolls are ready to turn heads in their ultra-glam dresses, handbags and shoes. There is also a fabulous glittery compact with lip-gloss, just right for the girl.
MSRP: $14.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Room Bed & Couch Assortment
The new Fashion Fever™ Room Bed and Couch assortment offers the perfect centerpieces needed to create a stylish environment for Fashion Fever™ dolls. Each piece includes fashionable and realistic detailing. The assortment includes a gorgeous bed for the bedroom and a funky purple couch for the living room. The bed comes complete with “real” mattress and sheets, a reversible cozy comforter and even a tissue box. The couch set includes a folding screen for privacy, trendy lamp and fuzzy rug.
MSRP: $ 19.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Room Doll and Furniture Assortment
Fashion Fever™ extends beyond ready-to-wear trends to room decor. Girls will be able to enhance their Fashion Fever™ experience through the Fashion Fever™ Room Doll and Furniture Assortment. Each set comes with a Fashion Fever™ doll and a stylish piece of furniture. In the spring, girls will be able to choose a dresser and hamper for the bedroom or a modern TV set and ottoman for the living room complete with adorable puppy. In the fall, a lovely armoire with doll will be Available to round out the collection.
MSRP: $ 15.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Room Small Furniture Assortment
By now, all Fashion Fever™ girls know that the perfect accessories can make a nice ensemble a spectacular one! For spring, the Fashion Fever™ Room Small Furniture assortment includes four different pieces for the bedroom or living room so girls can further personalize their Fashion Fever™ spaces. There is a floral vanity, a groovy guitar chair, a funky monkey chair and a computer desk. In the fall, girls will be able to add on to their collection with a floral bathtub and a blue washroom with toilet. Each set also includes smaller accent pieces, great for dressing up the perfect living or bedroom.
MSRP: $ 9.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Room Accents Assortment
Accessorizing is the key to customizing your own style, especially when it comes to room décor. Girls can put the finishing touches on their stylish environment with the Fashion Fever™ Room Accents assortment. The spring assortment includes four different accent pieces for the bedroom or living room. There is a beaded chair or cute kitty house for the bedroom and a cube footrest or modern blue chair for the living room. In the fall, there will also be a blue tea table with tea set, as well as an adorable pink doggie bed. Additional accessories also accompany each accent piece.
MSRP: $ 4.99 each Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Fashion Fever™ Grow ‘N Style™ Styling Head
Fashion Fever™ Grow ‘N Style™ Styling Head is a new electronic hair growing styling head that allows girls to create the trendiest long or short hairstyles just like a real stylist. The assortment includes Barbie® and Kayla® styling heads. Press the flower button to “grow” hair up to 8-inches. Add colorful hair extensions, create hair twists and use the accessories to create the hottest new looks. The Grow ‘N Style™ Styling Head includes lots of wear and share accessories.
MSRP: $34.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Fashion Fever™ Stylin’ Purse™ Styling Head Assortment
Fashion Fever™ Stylin’ Purse™ with mini styling head includes a fashionable purse that opens to reveal a mini styling head and room for accessories and hair extensions. Girls can create lots of hairstyles with the ultimate hair styling kit perfect for on-the-go styling play.
MSRP: $14.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Fashion Fever™ Hair Highlights™ Doll Assortment
The Fashion Fever™ Hair Highlights™ doll assortment includes Barbie® and Teresa® dolls. Each doll has a cool hair-streaking tool for applying three different dry colors to create highlights for the doll and for the girl. The Hair Highlights™ dolls also includes a second glam outfit to show off the new look and additional wear and share hair accessories.
MSRP: $14.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Fashion Fever™ Hair Shop Doll
The Fashion Fever™ Hair Shop Barbie® doll comes with a beauty boutique display stand that holds lots of trendy hair accessories that Barbie® doll can choose from. Barbie® doll is dressed in a trendy graphic print dress and includes fun accessories, including a shopping basket.
MSRP: $12.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Fashion Fever™ Mannequin with Mirror Assortment
The Fashion Fever™ Mannequin with Mirror assortment offers a new twist on play and display. The pink, yellow or blue mannequins are painted with colorful designs in three different styles and include a trendy fashion piece to display, a mirror, and additional accessories.
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Beach Fun™

Barbie® Beach Fun™ dolls allows girls to experience fun in the sun year-round no matter where they live. This year, Barbie® doll and friends are looking fantastic in their new beach fashions as they take a ride to the ultimate pool party in their Beach Fun™ Cruiser… even Ken® doll shows up to reveal his “new look,” but will Barbie® be impressed?

Beach Fun™ Dolls
Barbie®, Summer®, Blaine®, Lea®, Christie® and Steven® dolls look totally cool in the latest beach fashions as they hang out at the bonfire and splash in the waves during sunset. Each doll is sold separately and includes a cool pair of sunglasses and faux suntan lotion.

Barbie® doll wears a pink two-piece bathing suit with shimmery accents and a crocheted sarong Summer ® doll wears a trendy turquoise two-piece swimsuit with a white micro skirt that ties at the side Lea ® doll wears a trendy two-piece bathing suit with a multi-colored weave and a sheer black pleated micro-skirt cover up Christie® doll wears a trendy lavender two-piece swimsuit with a shimmery shawl-style wrap Blaine® doll wears hip tropical inspired beachwear with a blue tee Steven® doll wears hip aqua shorts and a grey tee with cool graphics
MSRP: $4.99 ea Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Beach Fun™ Ken® Doll
Ken® doll returns with a cool “new look” just right for the beach!
MSRP: $4.99 Age: 5+ Available: March 2006

Beach Fun™ Cruiser Vehicle
Load up the sporty Beach Fun™ Cruiser vehicle for the ultimate beach party! This vehicle seats two dolls and has a flip-down tailgate and center console that opens to store soda cans and a pair of sunglasses. Girls will be able to customize the cruiser with colorful stickers. Dolls not included.
MSRP: $9.99 Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Beach Fun™ Pool Playset
Barbie® doll and friends have everything they need for the ultimate pool party. They love to hang out by the pool and relax under the umbrella or swim. There is also a cool deck and a water slide for splashing fun. Dolls not included.
MSRP: $9.99 Age: 5+ Available: NOW

Beach Fun™ Barbie® Doll and Summer® Doll
For fall, Barbie® doll and Summer® doll look totally cool in the latest glittery beach fashions as they hang out with friends at the bonfire and splash in the waves at sunset. Barbie® doll wears a trendy bikini top with glittery accents and matching belted shorts. Summer® doll wears a new glittery bikini and shawl-style wrap. The dolls also comes with a glittery hair tie, awesome body art and “suntan lotion” bottle.
MSRP: $4.99 each Age: 5+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Doll’s Life

For 2006, the Barbie® brand’s focus is on the Barbie® doll’s heritage: fashion dolls and awesome accessories. Barbie® doll’s life is based on all the things girls do in their own lives: loving their pets, celebrating special occasions, dreaming of their careers, driving the best cars and of course… fantasizing about their dream homes! Girls will be able to play out their hopes and dreams with Barbie® doll right there by their side.


Barbie® Doll and Tanner
Barbie® doll is the proud owner of a dog named Tanner who is just like a real dog! Tanner is fuzzy and her mouth, ears, head and tail really move. You can open Tanner dog’s mouth and “feed” her doggie biscuits. When Tanner has to go to the bathroom, Barbie® doll cleans up with her special magnetic scooper and trash can. Barbie® and Tanner also come with a dog bone and chew toys that Tanner can hold in her mouth.
MSRP: $14.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Teresa® Doll and Mika™
Teresa® doll has an adorable cat named Mika™ who is like a real cat! Mika™ drinks water from a bottle and then wets in her litter box. The litter clumps just like real kitty litter and Teresa® doll can scoop up the litter clumps. Teresa® doll and Mika™ come with a kitty litter box, bottle, cat litter in a variety of colors, litter scooper, cat food bowl and cat toys.
MSRP: $14.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Tawny™ Horse
Barbie® doll loves her beautiful horse, Tawny™ who is just like a real horse! Tawny™ really walks, neighs and makes a realistic clip-clop sound. Tawny™ comes with a beautiful pink saddle and a long mane that girls can groom. Doll not included.
MSRP: $24.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Doll And Dream Stable™ Playset
The Barbie® Doll and Dream Stable™ Playset includes a posable Barbie® doll that can actually ride Walking Horse Tawny™. The stable includes lots of accessories for grooming and feeding Tawny™ after a long day of riding. It’s the perfect place for Barbie® doll to take care of her horse.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Groom & Glam™ Tawny™ Styling Head
The Groom & Glam™ Tawny™ Styling Head will be a mane attraction this fall as the head comes with pretty wear-and-share hair accessories, “gems” and a tiara. Girls can brush and style the mane and also change the mane color from blonde to pink by applying cold water. There are so many ways to make Tawny™ glamorous!
MSRP: $29.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Glamour Pup™ Styling Head
For the first time ever, girls will be able to style Barbie® doll’s hair and create a matching look for her puppy! This unique styling head is double the fun because it is Barbie and her pup! The styling head comes with special styling brushes to give Barbie® doll and her puppy pretty ringlets as their hair “magically” holds the curls. Girls can also create cute matching styles with pretty wear-and-share hair accessories.
MSRP: $24.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Pet Friends Playset Assortment
The Barbie® Pet Friends Playset assortment includes two different home environments plus a posable pet for each one. The Dream Puppy House™ for Toffee is complete with furniture to curl up in and lots of other doggie accessories too. The Dream Kitty Condo is perfect for Mika™ with an elegant bed and lots of accessories for spending a relaxing time at home in a stylish room. Each playset opens to reveal a pet-themed room with lots of fun accessories.
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006


Kelly® doll’s Pop-Up Playhouse
Kelly® doll’s Pop-Up Playhouse is a fun play environment that girls can take
on-the-go.  It starts folded up and has a little handle for easy portability.  When girls are ready to play, simply unfold to reveal a great playhouse inside with 360 degrees of play on two levels.  On one side, Kelly® has a bedroom and playroom with furniture and play pieces that pop right up.  On the other side, Kelly® can play “outside” or in her treehouse. Includes a Kelly® doll.
MSRP: $19.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Kelly® and Stacie® Assortment
Playground Sisters- Kelly® and Stacie® are ready for a fun day at the park with their wagon that rolls.  Little puppy Pumpkin is along for some fun too.  The girls can put the puppy in the wagon or Kelly® can go for a ride.  She’s having so much fun that… she giggles!  (Activated by pressing a button on Kelly® doll’s back)

Snoozin’ Sisters - Kelly® and Stacie® are ready for bedtime.  They each wear cute PJ’s, fuzzy slippers and eye masks.  Before they go to sleep with their soft pillows and blankets, they can read a storybook and have popcorn.  Kelly® is having so much fun that she doesn’t want to go to sleep!  But Stacie® finally convinces her, and when she does… Kelly® snores!  (Activated by pressing a button on Kelly® doll’s back)
MSRP: $14.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006


Barbie® Baby Doctor™ & Office Play All Day™ Playset
Baby Doctor™ Barbie® doll comes with two adorable baby patients and everything necessary to keep them healthy. Accessories include a thermometer, clipboard, baby bottle, stethoscope, birth certificates, blankets, little caps for the babies and more. The Doctor's Office features a doctor's waiting area, wash-station, and checkup table with real rolling paper. Dolls included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Teacher™ & Classroom Play All Day™ Playset
Teacher™ Barbie® doll loves to help kids learn. Barbie® doll wears a pretty floral printed dress and comes with accessories that include a little desk and chair for Nikki® doll (also included) and a globe, glue bottle, scissors, map and other classroom accessories. The Classroom includes a chalkboard, computer station with bulletin board, and cubby area for storage. Dolls included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Zoo Doctor & Nursery Play All Day™ Playset
Barbie® Zoo Doctor doll is every animal’s best friend. Barbie® doll wears a cute printed lab coat and has accessories that include a plastic stethoscope, ear scope, animal bed, and food dishes. The Zoo Nursery comes with a check-up station, animal carriers, and four adorable baby animals. Doll & animals included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006


Barbie® 3-Story Dream House™ Playset
For the first time ever, the Barbie® Dream House® has a third story! This big beautiful three-story home is every girl’s dream – and Barbie® doll’s, too! There are five realistic house sounds and so many realistic details, it really is a dream house! The doorbell rings, the stove sizzles, the toilet flushes and there are two songs for Barbie® and her friends to dance to! The grand entrance -- with its dramatic winding staircase -- opens up to reveal several rooms, perfect for entertaining friends or just relaxing. The gourmet-style kitchen has plenty of storage and comes with popular conveniences, decorative touches and realistic details with more than 70 play pieces. The third story is removable for added house play on the go! The entire three-story Dream House™ is over three feet tall and fully furnished. Doll not included, Requires three “AA” batteries, not included.
MSRP: $99.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Hot Tub Party Bus
The Barbie® Hot Tub Party Bus has all the conveniences of home with three complete room areas and lots of transformational fun. There is even a hot tub that lights up and has three sounds for a party that never stops! The living room has an entertainment center with a “flat screen TV,” swivel driver’s chair and a sofa that opens into a bed. There’s even a pull-down second Murphy-style bed and more. The kitchen area includes a refrigerator, microwave oven, built-in sink, and pull-down dinette table. There’s a bathroom with a toilet, built-in sink and shower. Pull down the back of the motor home for a fabulous hot tub that lights up and plays music too. There are more than 30 travel and play pieces. Dolls and batteries not included.
MSRP: $59.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Party Bus Friends Assortment
Barbie® doll and her friends Teresa® and Christie® love to go on road trips in the Party Bus. They are always ready for adventure. Each doll is dressed in trendy casual wear and comes with a bathing suit for the hot tub and a stylish backpack that transforms into a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is designed to fit perfectly on a bed in the Party Bus.
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Ford® Mustang Convertible
It’s a perfect day for Barbie® doll to go cruising with the top down in her pink Ford® Mustang Convertible with realistic chrome-look wheels and a steering wheel that really tilts! Everyone will want to catch a ride with Barbie® doll. Doll not included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

The Barbie™ Diaries

With six chart-topping Barbie™ Princess and Fairytopia™ films under her hit-making belt, Barbie™ has become an entertainment powerhouse and a family favorite among home DVD collections. This spring – for the first time ever – Barbie™ will be featured as a high school student with “real life” fun and adventures with her friends, appealing to the slightly older girl (ages 6-8). The Barbie™ Diaries™ will feature an innovative, distinctive toon-shaded CGI animated look and a hip, contemporary soundtrack featuring the voice of international recording artist Skye Sweetnam. Girls will be able to sing along to a total of eight news songs from the movie.

As the new school year begins, Barbie™ is hoping her sophomore year will behold some exciting changes. Barbie™ is elated when her major crush Todd™ finally shows interest, but all hopes are dashed when Todd™ shockingly asks Raquelle™ to the Fall Formal – especially after he has asked Barbie™! At least Barbie™ has best friends like Courtney™ and Tia™ on her side to help get over her heartache. And when Barbie™ receives a mysterious charm bracelet that opens a special diary, she begins to write about her secret dreams and her luck gradually changes. With the special diary and charm bracelet, Barbie™ finds the courage to truly be herself and learns valuable lessons about friendship, self-confidence and even romance. Barbie™ finally gets the courage to audition her band Charmz (Barbie™, Courtney™, and Tia™) to play at the Fall Formal… and they get the gig, allowing Charmz to take center stage and rock the house.

The Barbie™ Diaries Movie DVD & VHS
The Barbie™ Diaries will launch on DVD and VHS in Spring 2006. The movie features an all-new, distinctive, toon-shaded CGI animated look.
MSRP: $19.98 Age: 6+ Available: Spring 2006

The Barbie™ Diaries Barbie® Doll & Guitar
The star of our movie, Barbie™ doll comes with a “guitar” and butterfly shaped “amp” that plays three tunes from the movie. Barbie™ doll’s outfit (cropped denim jeans, a pink shrug, espadrille sandals and, of course, the butterfly charm bracelet) is also inspired from the movie.
MSRP: $14.99 Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Doll Assortment
The Barbie™ Diaries movie would not be complete without a great supporting cast of characters. Best friends Courtney™ and Tia™ are always there to join Barbie™ in her adventures. While Raquelle™ seemingly “lives” to steal the limelight from Barbie™. Each doll looks fantastic wearing an outfit from a key scene in the movie and also includes a unique charm gift for the girl.
MSRP: $11.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Fashions Assortment
Being fashionable is an essential part of teen life and Barbie™ and her best friends are no exception to the rule. These fashions packs include ultra-hip outfits that Barbie™, Courtney™ and Tia™ actually wear in “The Barbie™ Diaries” movie.
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Pillow & Playset Assortment
Girls will love the look of these soft pillows as room décor, but these innovative pillows transform to reveal two different environments based on the movie. The round pink Bedroom Pillow Playset turns into Barbie™ doll’s bedroom and includes a “canopy bed” and everything Barbie™ needs for a slumber party with Courtney™ and Tia™. The square purple Dance Pillow Playset turns into the high school gym decorated for the Fall Formal. There’s even a backstage dressing area with stage costumes where the girl band Charmz can get ready for their rockin’ performance.
MSRP: $19.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Charm Bracelets & Jewelry Box
This adorable butterfly jewelry box comes with gold-toned and silver-toned bracelets as well as eight charms that girls can customize, just like Barbie™.
MSRP: $9.99 Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Electronic Diary & Charm Bracelet Assortment
Now girls can write down their secrets with the Electronic Diary and Charm Bracelet, just like Barbie™ does in the movie. Each diary has cool electronic features, secret compartments and a deluxe girl-sized charm bracelet that activates the diary. When girls wave the charm over the diary it plays up to three different tunes from the movie (which girls can select) unlocking and activating the diary. The Electronic Diary comes in pink Butterfly or purple Animal Print styling and includes stickers, stencils and a glitter pencil.
MSRP: $17.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Secret Fortune Teller
Girls love fantasizing about their future just like Barbie™ does in “The Barbie™ Diaries.” The innovative Secret Fortune Teller featured in the movie takes this classic paper game to a new level, adding special electronic features with prerecorded fortunes and a recording microphone that allows girls to customize and play back their own fortunes. There is also a sticker sheet so girls can decorate their Secret Fortune Teller.
MSRP: $17.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

The Barbie™ Diaries Secret Message Charms & Purse
In the movie, Barbie™ and her friends love sharing secret notes with each other in order to keep up with the latest dish. The Secret Message Charms & Purse combines fashion and note passing, allowing girls to record their voice messages in their “charms” and pass to their girlfriends. When not in use, the “charms” can attach to the purse. The satin purse has a butterfly design inspired by one Barbie™ has in the movie and comes with two Secret Message Charms (one shaped as a heart and one as a butterfly).
MSRP: $17.99 each Age: 6+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™

Mattel Entertainment’s direct-to-video blockbuster success of “Barbie® Fairytopia™” -- a full-length, animated movie reaching No. 1 on the Nielsen Entertainment VideoScan-- delighted girls with the adventures of Elina™, a wingless fairy who embarks on a journey through the magical land of Fairytopia™ to save fairies and flowers from the evil Laverna™. Along the way, Elina™ learned about friendship and courage and was finally granted the most beautiful wings of all.

In the highly anticipated spring 2006 sequel – “Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™” -- the beautiful fairy Elina™ travels with her trusted friend Bibble™ to a magical underworld called Mermaidia™. The Elina™ adventure begins when she learns that the minions of Laverna™ have kidnapped their mer-friend Prince Nalu™. Elina™ and the mermaid Oceana™ set off to save Prince Nalu™ and prevent Laverna™ from getting the repeller berry. Along the way, fairy Elina™ will have to make the most difficult decision of her life – will Elina™ give up her wings for a mermaid tail to help her friends in Mermaidia™?

Girls will be able to experience the whimsical wonder of Merfairies™, Sea Butterflies™ and other beautiful creatures from the world of “Barbie® Fairytopia Mermaidia™” with a full, all-new line of dolls, other toys and consumer products based on the movie.

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ DVD
MSRP: $19.99 each Age: 3+ Available: March 2006

Barbie® Fairytopia Mermaidia™ Elina™ Doll
As Elina™ takes a journey to Mermaidia™ to save their prince and ward off the evil Laverna™, the beautiful fairy must make a sacrifice and give up her fairy wings for a mermaid’s tail. Elina™ doll has large gorgeous 18-inch wings that transform back and forth into a fantastical mermaid tail and back again.
MSRP: $16.99 Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Shella™ Doll
Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Marissa™ Doll
Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Nori™ Doll

During the quest to save Mermaidia™, Elina™ receives help from several new friends including: the pink mermaid Shella™; the blue mermaid Marissa™; and the purple mermaid Nori™. Girls will be able to reveal “magical” color change features on the dolls’ hair, torso and arms using the applicator and cold water.
MSRP: $12.99 each Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Merfairies™ Assortment
These adorable Merfairies™ show amazing courage as they help Elina™ save the prince and defeat Laverna™. Each one of the Merfairies™ is approximately five inches tall and comes with both a mermaid tail and fairy wings. Each set comes with two delightful Merfairies™, a pet, comb and doll stands so that girls can play and display.
MSRP: $12.99 each set Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Seabutterfly™ Doll Assortment
These whimsical Seabutterfly™ dolls are magical creatures that can transform from fairy to mermaid in a snap. Each Seabutterfly™ comes with a mermaid’s tail and removable fairy wings. Other accessories include a starfish-themed vanity or shell themed wardrobe. The removable fairy wings also double as a girl-sized barrette. All of these items can then be stored and carried in the adorable clear plastic butterfly purse.
MSRP: $9.99 each set Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Little Lands™ Playsets
These highly detailed Little Lands™ micro playsets bring girls into the fantastical world of Mermaidia™ allowing girls to play out the story as told in the animated movie. Each playset opens up to reveal a fabulous undersea world complete with two micro mermaid dolls, moveable pieces and detailed accessories. Both beautiful sets close up for easy storage and have handles for portability, resembling a purse.
Sparkle the Secret Starfish™ Playset
Shelly the Seashell™ Playset
MSRP: $9.99 each Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Bubble Vanity™
Girls will love the Bubble Vanity™, which is shaped like a pretty shell purse and has a beaded handle. The shell case opens to reveal a “mirror” and includes a girl-sized starfish sponge and shell shaped hairbrush. Girls can imagine being in Mermaidia™ as the adorable play fish continuously blows bubbles from the vanity when it is turned on. There is even a bubble wand for the girl. Requires two “AA” batteries not included. Bubble solution included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Barbie® Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Merfairies™ Coral Cabana™ Playset
When the beautiful fairy Elina™ journeys to Mermaidia™ she visits the Merfairies™ and asks for their help in saving Prince Nalu™ from the evil Laverna. The Coral Cabana™ is the home of the Merfairies™ comes with lots of house-themed accessories like a swing, “shellevator”, a vanity, and a shell-shaped bed for the Merfairies™ and their pets. Dolls not included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: NOW

Bubblewing Mermaid™ Doll Assortment
The beautiful Bubblewing Mermaid™ dolls come in orange and purple and can be displayed on a pretty stand that also doubles as a bubble tray. Girls can dip the doll’s wings into the bubble solution and blow bubbles like a “bubble wand”. Bubble solution included.
MSRP: $6.99 each Age: 3+ Available: March 2006

Fairytopia™ Glitter-Swirl Fairy™ Doll
The only Fairytopia™ dolls from the land of Mermaidia™ have beautiful glitter-swirl wings! Press the button on the doll’s necklace to make the glitter and water inside the wings magically swirl.
MSRP: $17.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Fairytopia™ Color-Change Water Fairy Assortment
The enchanting Fairytopia™ Color-Change Water Fairy dolls’ hair and wings change color when dipped in icy cold water. The doll comes in green and blue.
MSRP: $12.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Playset
The Mermaidia™ playset has two levels of play so fairies and mermaids can play together under the sea and in the “coral”. Even Bibble™ can have fun going down the slide. This two foot tall playset includes many features and surprises so girls can play out scenes from the story or create their own storylines. Dolls not included.
MSRP: $29.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Fairytopia™ Mermaidia™ Sea Pixie™ Necklace Assortment
Each Fairytopia™ Sea Pixie™ doll comes in a shell-shaped necklace that girls can wear. The dolls pop out of the case for play or can be worn as rings. With a rainbow of colors to choose from including pink, purple, blue and green, girls will want to collect all of them.
MSRP: $4.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Bubblemaid™ Assortment (Target Exclusive)
These adorable mini mermaids are attached to bubble wands for bubble fun. The wands can be detached and also worn as rings. There are six Bubblemaid™ dolls in the assortment in a variety of colors: pink, blonde, blue, aqua, peach and purple. Bubble solution (4 oz.) included.
MSRP: $4.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses

This fall Barbie™ Entertainment will proudly introduce its sixth full-length, direct-to-DVD princess tale, “Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses,” casting Barbie™ as Princess Genevieve™. With five princess movies each reaching No. 1 on the Nielsen Top Kid Video charts, Barbie Entertainment’s latest release, “Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses,” is sure to be a smash, combining girls’ love of dance with a beautiful princess tale. Girls will dance with delight as they bring this magical new story to life with an entire line of products, including princess dolls, plush, playsets, and consumer products.

“Barbie™ in the 12 Dancing Princesses” DVD/VHS Movie
The “Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses.” movie features Barbie™ as the seventh sister of 12 beautiful princesses who live with their lovable father the King in a music-filled castle. From the tallest to the smallest, all 12 princesses love to dance. The most graceful dancer of all the princesses is Barbie™ as Princess Genevieve™. The King, overwhelmed by raising 12 energetic daughters by himself, enlists the help of his cousin Rowena. The greedy Rowena quickly strips the joy from the castle under the guise of raising “proper princesses.” No more dancing. No more music. No more fun.

The princesses are miserable until Barbie™ discovers a secret entrance to a magical world through a portal in their bedroom. Magical dust from the trees transforms their nightgowns into ballet dresses. In this world the princesses do what they love most… dance. They return each night, dancing until their shoes are worn through. They are happy once again. So happy they decide to stay. With the princesses gone, Rowena gains more power over her ailing cousin and convinces him to name her queen. But all is not lost – the shy, handsome royal cobbler, Derek, secretly in love with Barbie™, discovers the magical world and warns the princesses. Can Barbie™ with the help of the cobbler, her lovable kitten Twyla™, and her sisters stop Rowena’s treachery and save her father while restoring joy, music and dance back to the castle?
MSRP: $19.98 Age: 3+ Available: Fall 2006

Let’s Dance!™ Barbie® as Princess Genevieve™
Inspired by Barbie™ as Princess Genevieve™, the star of Barbie® doll’s sixth princess movie “Barbie™ in the 12 Dancing Princesses,” Let’s Dance!™ Barbie® doll at approximately 15-inches-tall, brings the beautiful choreography from the movie to life. Now girls can dance with Barbie® doll in three different ways: by following girls’ dance moves, teaching girls a new move by demonstrating and saying phrases, or dancing to music while a girl watches. The doll includes two interactive wrist bands and one shoe clip which can be used to show Barbie® new dance moves. The doll’s arms are controlled by Infra Red (IR) and the leg is controlled by Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Barbie® doll wears a beautiful gown and comes with a removable base.
MSRP: $54.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® as Princess Genevieve
In the movie, Barbie™ plays a special role as Princess Genevieve™, the seventh sister of 12. This beautiful Barbie® doll with dramatic features allows girls to reenact scenes from the magical story again and again. Barbie® doll wears a beautiful rose-colored gown with a skirt that spins and lights up! The doll also comes with a miniature Twyla™ kitten figure.
MSRP: $24.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Dancing Twin Sisters Dolls
In the movie, Barbie™ has 12 sisters and these two beautiful dolls are the younger twins, Hadley™ and Isla™. The twins are dressed in lovely tutus with ornate bodices and they dance together or individually. Each doll comes with a gem-inspired dancing stand that girls push to spin the doll. The stands also snap together allowing the twin sisters to spin together.
MSRP: $24.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Triplet Kelly® Dolls Assortment
In the movie the youngest sisters – 10, 11 and 12 – are Kelly®-sized triplets, Janessa™, Kathleen® and Lacey™! As the youngest of the 12 dancing princesses, the triplets love to spin and spin and spin! Each triplet is dressed in an adorable costume and comes standing on a gem-inspired base that “charges” the doll when activated. When the activation button is released the doll magically spins and whirls!
MSRP: $9.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Older Sisters Doll Assortment
In the movie, the oldest sisters, Ashlyn™, Blair™, Courtney®, Delia™, Edeline™ and Fallon™ wear enchanting gowns in different colors matched to their birthstones. Girls will love reenacting scenes from this enchanting story with these beautiful dancing princess dolls. Each one comes with a necklace for the girl! Dolls sold separately.
MSRP: $12.99 each Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Prince Derek™, the Royal Cobbler Doll
In the movie, Derek™ (the Royal Cobbler) joins forces with Princess Genevieve™ in a quest to bring happiness and dancing back into the King’s castle. Derek™ looks majestic wearing a crown, royal tunic with quilted detailing, dark brown pants and high black boots. Prince Derek™ doll also comes with 12 pairs of shoes – one for each sister!
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

“Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses” Magical Dance Castle™
In the movie, the enchanted castle reveals a hidden portal to a world of magic where the 12 sisters can dance and find peace away from Rowena. Girls will enjoy playing out this storyline with the “Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses” Magical Dance Castle™. On one side, there is a traditional castle environment, complete with a bedroom and a dining area and on the other side, a place where four Princesses can dance and dance to music just like they do in the movie. The bed in the bedroom expands to sleep nine dolls and a table converts into a bed for the triplets, too! Dolls not included.
MSRP: $69.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

“Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses” Horse and Carriage
This Horse and Carriage is inspired by the movie. In its original form, it can seat six princess dolls but it can also expand to hold all 12 dolls at once! Dolls not included.
MSRP: $32.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Twyla™ Ballerina Plush
Twyla™, the beautiful kitten from the movie is cute as she can be. When you pet her while she is posed in a sitting position she tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and purrs, giggles and sings. Twyla™ wears a pink tutu and a ribbon collar that includes a ballet slipper charm. Girls will love cuddling and reenacting scenes from the movie.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

“Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses” Princess Vanity™
The Princess Vanity™ is an enchanting place for Barbie® doll and sisters to get ready! There are “magical” shelves to store 12 crowns and a beautiful armoire to store 12 pairs of dancing shoes! The royal vanity itself is special with three heart-shaped “mirrors” and a long elegant bench to seat several dolls. Dolls not included.
MSRP: $19.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Little Twyla™ Plush
Little Twyla™ the adorable plush kitten is soft and lovable and wears a ribbon collar that includes a ballet slipper charm.
MSRP: $9.99 Age: 3+ Available: June 2006

Barbie® Collector

Barbie® doll is stylish, fashion forward, fabulous, and has been a cherished fashion phenomenon for more than four decades. Barbie® doll’s style, panache and distinctive flair have influenced millions of girls and women for generations and has reflected and changed with the individual personality and spirit of each era. Some of the most sought-after designers in the world have dressed Barbie® doll and, this year, Anna Sui, Dooney & Bourke, Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka and Robert Best (just to mention a few) will create glamorous fashions just for Barbie® Collector dolls. In addition, the ever popular Dolls of the World® line will extend its offerings with the Festivals of the World™ dolls celebrating significant festivals around the world including Carnaval, Chinese New Year and Kwanzaa. There is even a fun retro-themed line of Barbie® Collector dolls including Way Out West™ and Hula Honey™ Barbie® dolls that are sure to please collectors everywhere.

Dolls of the World® - Festivals of the World™
Carnaval Barbie® Doll Pink Label™

Every year, for nearly a week, the city of Rio de Janeiro transforms with a frenzy of music, dance, sequins, and feathers. The Cariocos (local inhabitants) and countless others celebrate carnaval! In a tribute to Rio de Janeiro’s joyous celebration, Barbie® doll wears an incredible Brazilian costume featuring a bright purple short skirt and a striking halter-top. Golden platform shoes and a fabulous headpiece complete the hot, hot, hot ensemble.
MSRP: $ 19.95 Age: 6+ Available:NOW

Dolls of the World® - Festivals of the World™
Chinese New Year Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™

Chinese New Year starts with the new moon on the first day of the year and ends the evening of the full moon 15 days later. On the 15 day, called Lantern Festival, there is a parade of children carrying lanterns after dark. Celebrated with firecrackers, dragon dances and red envelopes of money, this ancient Asian festival finds Barbie® doll wearing a red dress featuring traditional Chinese motifs and a mandarin collar.
MSRP: $ 19.95 Age: 6+ Available: NOW

Dolls of the World® - Festivals of the World™
Oktoberfest Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™

Inspired by the world famous German festival called Oktoberfest, our fabulous fraulein wears a colorful “dirndl” costume. Oktoberfest, held in Munich, draws millions of people from all over the world who enjoy listening to brass bands, indulging in traditional German food and drink, and celebrating for days - dancing, marching in parades and singing songs late into the night.
MSRP: $ 19.95 Age: 6+ Available: June 2006

Dolls of the World® - Festivals of the World™
Diwali Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™

The most important and magical festival celebrated in India is Diwali. Homes are decorated with marigolds and mango leaves, thousands of oil diyas or lamps are lit as auspicious symbols of good luck, and everyone enjoys sweets to the sound of firecrackers and revelers. Diwali Barbie® doll wears a traditional teal sari with golden detailing, a lovely pink shawl wrap, and exotic jewelry. The final detail is a bindi on the forehead – a jewel or a mark worn by Hindu women to indicate that they are married.
MSRP: $19.95 Age: 6+ Available: June 2006

Dolls of the World® - Festivals of the World™
Kwanzaa Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™

Kwanzaa is an uniquely African-American holiday that celebrates African values of family and community. Kwanzaa means the “first fruits of the harvest” and is rapidly spreading throughout the world. Kwanzaa Barbie® doll wears a beautiful outfit with an African inspired motif on the borders of her tunic style top, long skirt and tied scarf. Beading on her belt, necklace and earrings add the final touch.
MSRP: $ 19.95 Age: 6+ Available: June 2006

Maiko™ Barbie® Doll - Gold Label™
Inspired by Japanese traditions that began hundreds of years ago, Maiko™ Barbie® doll wears an authentic costume, inspired by the Karyukai, the “flower and willow world” known as geisha society. To become a geisha, girls complete a strenuous apprenticeship as a maiko. For five years, the maiko, which translates as Dancing Child, studies the traditional arts to become supremely accomplished and the image of femininity. The maiko costume follows strict codes. There are only a few prescribed and elaborate hairstyles she may wear. White makeup is painted on her face with pink blush embellishing her cheeks and eye area. A maiko’s kimono is heavily embellished and features long, flowing sleeves. The wide and elaborate obi, or sash, is tied in the back and white socks are worn with Japanese sandals.
MSRP: $ 149.95 Age: 14+ Available: NOW

Anna Sui Boho Barbie® Doll - Gold Label™
The fun, funky, and wildly fashionable Anna Sui Boho Barbie® doll is dressed in an ecru cotton top embellished with pink embroidery, cropped denim jeans featuring signature Anna Sui top-stitching on the back pockets and a pink felt wide-brimmed slouchy hat with silvery stud detail on the hatband. A black crocheted shawl, tan faux suede cowboy boots and matching doctor’s bag with butterfly key, tan belt with silvery stud trim, black choker with cameo, and black and pink aviator sunglasses round out the eclectic style of the renowned fashion designer. Includes a second top and a cool cap - hip accessories to mix and match! The doll features the ModelMuse™ body sculpt.
MSRP: $159.95 Age: 14+ Available: March 2006

Dooney & Bourke Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™
Dooney & Bourke, the all-American handbag and accessory company, originated in 1975. Since then, their trendy, fashionable styles and designs have remained wildly popular with both young and old alike, with affordable prices and brand name appeal. Dooney & Bourke Barbie® doll wears a bohemian style ensemble with an ombré pink skirt and cropped denim-like jacket with prominent Dooney & Bourke emblems. Naturally, the most important accessory is a signature Dooney & Bourke purse from their iconic "It" collection. This fabulous doll, inspired by the casual chic of Dooney & Bourke, wears hoop earrings, three bangle-style bracelets and a pink scarf in her long hair.
MSRP: $ 34.95 Age: 6+ Available: July 2006

Best Models™ On Location™: South Beach Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™
Featuring the dramatic ModelMuse™ body sculpt, the first Barbie® doll in the Best Models™ Collection is dressed in a striking bathing suit and features fabulous accessories and an assortment of mix-and-match outfits. An arty attitude meets the heart of fashion in On Location™: South Beach Barbie® doll, shown wearing a white one-piece with cheeky cutouts connected in the front with a dramatic ring. High-heels with ankle straps, hoop earrings and a headscarf pull it all together. The doll includes a pair of denim-like pants, trendy top with sequined detailing, short orange high-heeled boots, and other accessories plus an adorable halter dress with pleated detailing above a full skirt with matching bag and coordinated high-heeled sandals.
MSRP: $ 39.95 Age: 6+ Available: July 2006

Best Models™ On Location™: Monte Carlo - Pink Label™
Featuring the dramatic ModelMuse™ body sculpt, each Barbie® doll in the Best Models™ Collection is dressed in a striking bathing suit and features fabulous accessories and an assortment of mix-and-match outfits. Sophisticated style meets the fashion runway with On Location™: Monte Carlo Barbie® doll shown wearing a dramatic black wrap-around bathing suit, black sling-back heels and over-sized drop earrings. Also includes a grey suit with tailored slacks, slim belt and attaché-like purse, black chamisole top and scarf with sunglasses. A second outfit includes a slim dove-grey skirt gathered on the sides, purple blouse, tights, handbag and clutch.
MSRP: $ 39.95 Age: 6+ Available:July 2006

Best Models™ On Location™: Milan Barbie® Doll - Pink Label™
MSRP: $ 39.95 Age: 6+ Available: July 2006

Way Out West™ Barbie® Doll - Gold Label™
Barbie® doll wishes you happy trails while enjoying a dream vacation on a retro dude ranch! She's dressed in a cowboy-chic style, complete with denim shorts, red shirt and neckerchief, western vest, cowboy boots and hat, plus a lasso.
MSRP: $39.95 Age: 14+ Available: March 2006

Hula Honey™ Barbie® Doll - Gold Label™
MSRP: $ 39.95 Age: 14+ Available: June 2006

Lady Luck™ Barbie® Doll - Gold Label™
MSRP: $ 39.95 Age: 14+ Available: August 2006

Badgley Mischka - Gold Label™
MSRP: $99.95 Age: 14+ Available: August 2006

Zac Posen - Platinum Label™
MSRP: $ 199.95 Age: 14+ Available: December 2006

Monique Lhuillier Bride Doll - Gold Label™
MSRP: $ 139.95 Age: 14+ Available: June 2006

The 2006 Holiday Doll by Bob Mackie - Pink Label™
MSRP: $39.95 Age: 6+ Available: June 2006

For images of Mattel's Barbie products shown at the 2006 International Toy Fair, Click here.

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Cartoon Network's 'The Powerpuff Girls' Are Coming To McDonald's Happy Meal

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