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A New Diamond Select Toys Minimates Q&A Round Is Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

Marvel: Jay Cochran - 2009.12.21
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Minimate questions like could Stargate Minimates be in the works or will we see Marvel army builders? Check out all out the entire Q&A below:

Edward Hellman
hi! I love the new Hydra agents and that you are making troop builders like them and the hellfire guards. Thank you! Any chance we will see 2 packs or box sets of JUST the army builders like a hydra agent vs AIM agent 2 pack? It kinda sucks having 1000 billion bucky capt americas and wolverines….. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to issue Marvel army builders separately.

Brian Felgar
I really enjoyed the Easter Eggs feature on your blog! Lots of interesting tidbits… Along that line, now that you’ve told us what Slimer’s base is really intended for, how about selling bags of those “flight stands” on your site? Seriously… I do *not* need to be hunting down 50 Slimer sets for all of my flying characters… :) As always, thanks for all of your attention to us fans!

DSTChuck: We’re going to start using the flight stand more to get them out there but no plans right now for selling them separately

Brian Petersen
Would you ever consider releasing a minimates box set of Carter, Jackon, Teal’c and O’Neill from Stargate SG-1 to see if there is any interest? I work with a lot of your product and with customers who appreciate it, so I know of a lot of fans who would love SG minimates and I think it would be a good opportunity to prove it. There are also many fan-favorite characters and uniform variants that would allow a great expansion of the line. Not to mention Atlantis, as well. Please consider it? :)

DSTChuck: We have seriously considered Stargate MM in the past but as of now they are not in the plans. They are still under consideration.

Jesse Schoem
Hello, I just read in your ask DST Q&A #63 that the Beverly Hills Cop toys are on hold with no release planned. My local comic shop checked Diamond Select Toys’ website, which says that the set is shipping today, so I payed for them to order the set. As no release is planned for this set, should I get my money back? I would very much like to have the set, so should I keep my pre-order to show that there is a genuine demand for the product, or is that not necessary? Thanks very much, and happy thanksgiving, Jesse

DSTChuck: I’d have to have marketing double check our site but you should go get your money back, that has been taken off our schedule.

Cappy Field
What’s up with number tattooed on the minibutts of the recent Marvel waves? And thanks, Chuck, for spending time with us.

DSTChuck: It’s a change for government requirements, all toys now need a date code.

David Ellis
Dear DST, loving your Ghostbusters minimates, really cool. I was wondering have you thought about these movies/franchises for minimates? Star Trek (2009) Transformers Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (the classic series’) The Dark Knight, Avatar, Watchmen, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz, Harry Potter just some of the few movies/franchises that I think would be wicked as MM’s

DSTChuck: Some of those have been considered, some we’ve even make proposals for but as of now none of those are on the schedule.

Feroz Nazir
Hi, Once again nothing but compliments for the Minimates you have made and will make in the future. The status of the Marvel Secret Wars Box Set seems to be up in the air. Can you give us some more information on when it will become available? Speaking of this set, I really liked the wink you gave to the Dr Doom from the Mattel Secret Wars toy line. Kind regards, Feroz Nazir

DSTChuck: There was a slight shipping delay for the SW box set but it’s never been up in the air and as of now it should be for sale at a TRU near you. Hope you enjoy the set.

Chris Gren
Hi 1). Will there be any more mini-flyers? Not that the ones you’ve produced aren’t of an excellent quality (I own the Viper and the Raider) but will there be anymore? (I.E. Battlestar Galactica or Cylon Basestar) 2). will there be any more waves, as in to get the figures cancelled with the 5th and 6th wave in TRU waves? 3). Will the TRU waves ever make their way over the sea to the UK?

DSTChuck: 1) YES at least one more wave, sales on the BSG wave has been soft but we’re going to give it one more shot because we think the idea has legs and it’s important to the growth of the line. The BSG line of MM is no longer in development. At this point they will not make it overseas. When the line was sold to TRU they did allow us to offer outside of North America but no one picked up the line.

Kevin Connelly
With Marvel Minimates wave 34 being revealed as being a major love of the 90s/Jim Lee X-Men era, would it be possible at some point to see a new Professor X with his hoverchair from that time made at some point or would it not be allowed under the contract with Marvel like the figure height restriction? It is an important part of his character much like the regular version’s wheelchair and just wouldn’t be a complete 90s X-Men grouping with him among a few other characters.

DSTChuck: I don’t see a new Prof X in the plans right now but never say never. We’ve not even at this point checked to see if the hoverchair would be allowed.

Chris Taylor
I’m so excited for Wave 34. 1) I wanted to know if the the Jean Grey Black Queen would have her whip and rose? 2) Would it be too late to add a phoenix raptor base like the one from series 33 to her?

DSTChuck: No she does not come with that base or a rose- sorry.

Justin Brushett
Will we be seeing a Ghostbusters 2 Egon, the Scoleri Brothers, CourtRoom Egon & Ray, or Vigo the Carpathian in Minimates form anytime soon?

DSTChuck: Ghostbusters line is doing pretty well so we do have some surprises in store for fans- keep checking the blog for news and images!

Julian Martinez
Hey,how come you haven’t made ghostbusters wave 3 yet? I mean you have ALOT more characters left,and here is my 2 cents for wave 3 Ghostbusters 2 Egon /Vigo Possessed Ray / Baby Sitter Janosz Poha Fat Scoleri Brother / Courtroom Ray Skinny Scoleri Brother / Courtroom Egon pretty much those are it, but are you going to make any more JUST ghosts box sets?

DSTChuck: Hey you must be friends with Justin! However we do NOT have plans right now for any all ghost sets but …..

Jake Smith
I am a huge fan of minimates because of the x-men and I’m glad you guy are making the 90’s so I was wondering are you guy unable to find the x men evolution rights or why have you not made any. Shouldn’t Cyclops be easy just put 90’s Cyclops’ head on x-factor Cyclops’ body

DSTChuck: We’re big X-Men fans here as well and 90’s / Jim Lee RULES so you never know!

Jen Harrow
I was just wondering if by chance you guys had any Ace of Cakes “Duff Goldman” mini-mates left? I’ve been trying to find one for weeks now and nobody has them!!! PLEASE?? Thanks in advance. - jen

DSTChuck: Sorry we sold all of those to Duff so maybe contact the store/bakery or the website.

Jesse Schoem
I have a question about two accessories: The Silence of the Lambs box set comes with an accessory that is mostly white, with a blue stripe, and two red rectangles - what is this? The newly released Combat T-800 Young John Connor box set comes with a endoskeleton arm - this is supposed to be the arm from the first Terminator that is stolen from Cyberdyne along with the Terminator’s CPU, yes?

DSTChuck: Silence. I’d have to check it’s been years but sounds like the month and YES that’s the arm from Cyberdyne.

Jesse Schoem
Is the Silver T-1000 Battle-Damaged Endoskeleton Toys “R” Us Exclusive canceled? That Silver T-1000 is a must have!

DSTChuck: We have shipped and produced all the T2 product we are going to at this point. There should be a checklist over at Minimates.com you can check. The line had to go though some changes after T4 box office results came in.

Brandon Giles
With the new “A-Team” movie coming out is there any chance that DST could bring us a set of Minimates? I also wouldn’t mind seeing “Magnum PI” Minimates (There’s also a Magnum movie rumored to be coming!) So any chances DST could consider product from these two old shows and their re-imagined movies? If so any chances we could get figures and any other product like License plates? Caps? Model Cars (Like what was done for Back to the Future?) That brings to mind another classic…”Knightrider”?

DSTChuck: We love both those shows! Sometimes its hard to make a deal for just Minimates license- the sales are relatively low as is the SRP so we need to have HIGH sales projections or combine with other categories. As for the cars they are very expensive to develop so we need to really pick our spots carefully.

Brian Petersen
Have you guys ever considered approaching Valve to make minimates of characters from their video game series?

DSTChuck: Nope can’t say we have. We don’t do a ton of video game product so that’s a case of having to have the right property at the right time to make it make sense. We’re close to a new video game deal right now, hopefully we’ll have something for TF.

Patrick Meehan
Will you be reissuing “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” minimates and if yes when will they be available to buy ? Thank you PM

DSTChuck: Sorry that item is long gone, try one of the online retailers that support Minimates.

David Farrow
I see there are iron maiden and kiss minimates about but you don’t have any on this site and I cant seem to buy them any where do you have any ideas where I can get some from

DSTChuck: Those are larger Minimates and made before DST became involved with the project. I’d guess your best bet would be Ebay.

B Malnati
With X-Force Wolverine out now and X-23 due out shortly, are the chances good that the rest of the modern X-Force team (Warpath, Wolfsbane, Elixir, Archangel, Domino and Vanisher) will be made as well?

DSTChuck: Maybe, we’re not committing to completing that team at this point but it took years to finish the Jim Lee X-Men so…

Bobby Light
how come minimates necks are shorter? They look weird now.

DSTChuck: We have not make a conscious choice to change that so maybe some were just sunk deeper in the head area. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

Find it @  Big Bad Toy Store - Ebay


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