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DCUC 2 Pack Orion & Lightray
DC Comics: Tom - 2008.12.31

Package Description
When Highfather and Darkseid, the leaders of New Genesis and Apokolips, agreed to a treaty, part of the pact directed the leaders to trade their sons. Orion, son of Darkseid, was therefore raised on New Genesis, the planet of light. Ultimately, he joined the Justice League of America and helped defeat his tyrannical father.

Lightray is the shining star of New Genesis and a high-spirited new god. He is cheerful and optimistic, preferring to solve problems through compromise rather than combat. He uses the speed of light to his advantage in eluding foes. As Solis, his idea of fun is protecting New Genesis from Apokolips, Darkseid, and his minions.


Orion has the same body sculpt from series 1 (that he shares with Red Tornado and Batman). He has a very generic body like most DCUC sculpts, and there are very few details worth mentioning because of the plain red costume without the harness. The red is a nice color, and the paint wash gives him some depth, but thereís simply not enough details on the body to help him stand out. The helmet adds a lot to the character and looks to be about the right size for his head. The face sculpt doesnít add a lot to the figure visually, but it is well done. The face is a little too shiny, but its not very noticeable.

The harness has a lot of details sculpted in, and a few paint colors applied besides the gold for a few buttons. Itís comic accurate as far as I can tell, although it does look a little odd on the shelf. The joints are generally hidden by the harness, and heís well proportioned and nothing is out of place. Overall, Orion looks solid and well made, but heís not an eye catching figure. Nonetheless, he does look just as good as the series one Orion with his helmet on, so heís an adequate replacement on the display shelf.

Lightray has the same body sculpt as series one Batman. He is less generic than Orion because of the gold boots, cuffs, and belt, but Lightray still looks a little plain compared to some figures because of the large unbroken white areas. The bright white and gold do help him stand out on the shelf in a good way. The face sculpt in particular is excellent. The bright smile and prominent cheekbones are unusual for DCUC face sculpts. Combined with the gold trim around his face Lightray has my favorite face sculpt so far.

The joints stand out a little bit on the white uniform, but they are not bad because of the tight joints. There is a little bit of paint slop at the red pant line on the thighs and on the forehead, but overall the paint job is good. When buying this set, the paint on Lightray is something to look closely at when picking him out. Lightray looks great next to Orion and other figures. By himself though, thereís not a lot visually to make him worth getting except for the face sculpt,


Orion and Lightray have standard DCUC articulation. The harness snaps on easily and stays in place. For some reason the left foot holder was a little too small and Orionís foot wouldnít lie flat. Range of motion is standard for these figures with ok, but not great balance.

Orion and Lightray can do the same poses as other DCUC figures. They donít do great dynamic poses, but they can do some. They donít look as much like fighters like figures such as Batman, so they could use more New Gods to pose with. Orion doesnít really stand out on the shelf, but Lightray looks good on the shelf because the white makes his body outline easy to see. Overall there isnít anything special these figures bring in poseing in relation to the rest of the DCUC figures.

Final Judgment: 6
These figures are well made and put together, but thereís nothing to really set them apart from other figures in this line. Unless Lightray is a character you really want, this set may not be worth picking up. Overall though, this two pack is a solid choice.


10. My favorite possession.

9. My favorite action figure.

8. One of my favorite action figures.

7. An excellent action figure.

6. A good, but not exceptional action figure.

5. An adequate action figure.

4. Not worth the money I spent.

3. I'll give it to somebody's kid.

2. I'll give it to somebody's dog.

1. It's going to lose a fight with my car.

Find it @  Big Bad Toy Store - Ebay


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