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DCUC Series 6 Superman
DC Comics: Tom - 2009.01.05

Package Description
When the menace known as Doomsday came to Earth, it fell to Superman to battle him to a standstillÖand the death! Though it cost him his life, the Man of Steel saved his adopted homeworld. Supermanís death activated The Eradicator, an entity from Krypton, who assumed Supermanís identity and placed the body of the fallen hero in a suit designed to reignite the spark of life in the Last Son of Krypton.

Supermanís sculpt is the large male DCUC body with a new head. The black is slimming and makes him look better proportioned than the classic variant. The drawback of the flat black is that all the sculpt details are hidden unless you look at the figure up close. The silver chest symbol and wrists bands stand out nicely though, and are painted cleanly on my figure. The skin tone is brighter than I would like though, which is a little disappointing since Hawkmanís skin tone was perfect. The head sculpt captures the comic look extremely well though. Even the square jaw is very close to the comic art. The face though is an area where there can be some paint slop, as was the case with the classic variant. On my figure the eyes are slightly different, and thereís a smudge.

There is one other quality control problem, and itís probably the biggest problem of wave 6. The biceps on this Superman are switched, but the classicís biceps are not. This may or may not be a widespread problem, but it is nonetheless going to be a pain to fix. Another problem was fixed though, because Superman can now stand with his legs together. On display, this Superman may fade into the background some because of the simple color scheme. Overall though Superman is a great looking figure on display by himself or with other figures.

The articulation is standard for the line. The head doesnít look up at all because of the hair, which is a drawback for flying poses. His torso can bend forward and backward nicely. The right leg is a little stuck at the hip on mine, but otherwise Superman has full range of motion out of his joints.

This Superman looks really good in dynamic poses because the black hides all the joints and body looks very fluid and natural. The lack of motion in the head can be annoying, but you canít have this costume without the mullet, so itís understandable. He looks good standing with other Superman variations, but doesnít fit well next to characters like classic Green Lantern. He does look really nice on the shelf, but needs some appropriate characters to stand next to.

Final Judgment: 7
We have another great Superman out of Mattel, with little room for improvement. The sculpt is perfect except for the underwear line, which is always a problem for DCUC. The only thing I would change is the skin tone, which could be much nicer if Mattel could figure out a way to mold them in the right color like Hawkman. Overall though, this suit is very story specific, so unless youíre a big fan or have some other figures to display him with, I wouldnít recommend him.


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