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DCUC 2 Pack Adam Strange & Starfire
DC Comics: Tom - 2009.02.19

Package Description
To seal a peace pact, King Myandír of Tamaran sold his daughter Koriandír into slavery. Her imprisonment ended when scientists experimented upon her and accidentally imbued her with the power to harness solar energy as destructive force. Now an inhabitant of Earth, Koriandír is known as Starfire and has become a member of the Teen Titans.

Archaeologist Adam Strange was transported to the destant planet of Rann by a random communications beam from outer space. Adam soon became the official hero of Rann, the planetís protector against strange menaces of all kinds. Though without powers, frequently outnumbered and almost always outgunned, Adamís cleverness and innovation have allowed him to overcome every menace and gain a reputation as the ďthinking manís hero.Ē


Starfire shares a body with Harley Quinn with some tweaking. As with that figure, the proportions are good, but tend to do a poor job of hiding the joints. Against the light skin tone in particular the black lines indicating joints stand out. In addition the light skin tone makes it obvious where the clothes are painted on in purple. The color choices are good though and help give the figure some nice texturing. They resemble the colors in the comic quite well, and are applied very cleanly.

The face sculpt is excellent and the best part of the figure. The hair is sculpted in waves, and the face has an equal amount of detail. Most of the body doesnít have a lot of detail though, the exceptions being her forearms and collar. Overall, Starfire looks good but could use some more texturing or detail work.

Strange has a generic DCUC body with most details in the chest piece or the helmet. The white chest straps tend to exaggerate how wide his upper body is, but other than that the proportions on the figure are great. The red colors stand out the most on the figure, and are a good color to show off the sculpt detail in the lower body and legs. The yellow, however, is too bright, and looks a little cartoonish compared to other parts of the figure. A duller yellow might have looked better and added some texture to the figure.

Stylistically Strange fits well with other DCUC figures, but the helmet and rockets tend to make him look a little awkward next to heroes like Batman or Superman. The face sculpt is great, but the shiny paint makes his face stand out in a bad way. While the paint scheme in general is comic accurate, it doesnít really give the feel for the character with the gloves and sleeves, and boots. This is one of the few DCUC figures that I feel doesnít really capture the look and feel of the character very well.

Starfire and Adam Strange have standard DCUC articulation. Starfireís hair limits some movement, but actually has a greater range of motion than I was expecting. Strange is limited slightly by the equipment, but otherwise can do anything other DCUC figures can do. Overall articulation and range of motion are great.

Starfire has some problems balancing with her small feet, but does have pretty good balance compared to some previous female figures. She has some good dynamic poses, and good posing can also help hide some of the joints. Strange similarly has some good dynamic poses, but doesnít have many figures he looks good stylistically with. Starfire, on the other hand, can be placed with Cyborg and Nightwing.

Final Judgment: 5
This is the first time I wasnít really impressed by DCUC figures. With Starfire the painted on clothes and ugly joints give the figure a cheaper look. With Strange the white chest piece and shiny face give him an unnatural shine. These are still good figures to have, but compared to other DCUC figures theyíre lacking a little bit of extra effort that would have made these costumes work.


10. My favorite possession.

9. My favorite action figure.

8. One of my favorite action figures.

7. An excellent action figure.

6. A good, but not exceptional action figure.

5. An adequate action figure.

4. Not worth the money I spent.

3. I'll give it to somebody's kid.

2. I'll give it to somebody's dog.

1. It's going to lose a fight with my car.

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