A New Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Q&A Round Is Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Jay Cochran
December 14, 2009
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Star Trek questions like Which version of phaser might be coming out next? When might we see some old favorites make their returns? When will the Klingons invade the Starship Legends line? Check out all out the entire Q&A below:

Simon Howard
Hi all… A brief question… I recently got a USS Enterprise E model and I was wondering whether the included stand was designed to be removed once attached? Just wanted to check as it is a tight fit and I don’t want to risk damaging the model or the stand. Thanks for listening

DSTChuck: Yes you are able to take the ship off the stand.

Conor Brosnahan
Hi there! I have a few questions for you.
1. Is the Borg wave gonna see the light of day in the coming months or is it totally cancelled? That Locutus headsculpt is too accurate not to get made.
2. Are there any more UQS figures planned, perhaps from the TNG era?
3. When can we get some news on this possible Playmates/DST collaboration?

DSTChuck: The idea of doing Borg figures is not totally dead but there is no release date currently for any of those items. I think the Trek UQS will be left at just Kirk and Spock. As for Playmates, any part DST would play would not be seen at least until the end of 2010.

James Spooner
What is going on with the Star Trek Kang figure? I had preordered it but no longer see it on any site. Has it been cancelled and if so why?

DSTChuck: Kang has been produced and shipped to TRU, unfortunately I don’t know anything about how TRU.com works.

Michael Schinke
I was wondering if the Star Trek Legendary Starships Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Nemesis Version) was still to be released. I have a standing pre-order at BigBadToyStore.Com and the item is still available for pre-order, but it no longer appears on the release schedule you guys provide. Hope you can clear this up, cuz otherwise I have to hope I can find an older release somewhere. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I think at this point we’ve all but decided to produced more but it will not be until Spring of 2010 at the soonest. The factories take a break for Chinese New Year in February and we have them booked to capacity until then.

David Moore
Hi! First of all, I’d like to say how much I enjoy collecting your Star Trek Figures. I especially enjoy being able to go to a store like TRU once in awhile and actually find what I am looking for. I also collect your Stargate & BSG figures and have enjoyed being able to go to TRU & find the BSG figures rather than order them online. However, I am very disappointed that one of your Star Trek exclusives, Kang, has been short packed like the “Khaann” Kirk exclusive was. I finally found one on eBay. I , as a supporter of some of your major toy lines, am wondering why you would short pack an exclusive figure so much so as to make it difficult for a supporter of your lines to be able to obtain it? I even pre-ordered it from TRU and my order was canceled for lack of stock. Is this TRU’s idea of getting customers into their stores and when they don’t find what they are looking for, buy something else? I for one do not usually buy something else instead, especially since it was an exclusive! that I went there to buy in the first place!!!! Sorry for venting. Thanks & keep up the excellent work!

DSTChuck: It was certainly not our intention to frustrate anyone. We produced the same number of figures for that wave as we had any prior wave. For the short packs DST has pledged that unlike other companies we will not make any variant figures rarer then one per case. Perhaps the TRU stores and warehouse have more but need to move out some of the older figures that have been slow to move to make room for the newest wave.

Daniel J. Lyons III
Just finished catching up on the AskDST blogs and, after reading the last answer in #61 about your staff’s desire to do toys from V I had to send this message. I’m a BIG fan of your Star Trek prop toys and would love to see you release a Visitor gun from the original series! Other items I’d love to see would be the add-on parts to convert the hand gun to the rifle as well as “mix and match” kits to build some of the various different types of shuttles seen in the series. Looking forward to the WOK communicator, B series Enterprise and hopefully many more!

DSTChuck: We’ll have to see how the new V does in the ratings when it comes back on TV this spring.

Matt H
I was wondering, I’ve looked around at allot of your Star Trek stuff having become a fan/more of a fan lately, more with the latest movie and was curious on something. Do you re-release some of your ships being interested in the Enterprise E but hard to find it around? And was curious if you are planning to do a release of the new Star Trek movies Enterprise as you have done with other Enterprise ships? And to say real quick, keep up the good work guys, you do make some awesome stuff.

DSTChuck: As I said couple questions ago - it looks like yes we will be making more E. We did have a good stock for quite some time but it seems there is more demand out there. While I would love to get a crack at the JJ Abrams Enterprise we do not have one in development right now.

James White
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
1: Is there any chance of getting more than just TOS figures into Toys R Us? Maybe mix in a TNG, DS9 or Voy figure (one per case) with the TOS stuff?
2: BSG, Marvel and Ghostbusters minimates are flying off the shelves at my TRU. I would love to be able to get Star Trek Mates as well. Any chance? Please??? Thanks and keep on bringing us great stuff. Oh and add me to the list of people that want a STIII Phaser.

DSTChuck: The original idea was that if the first waves of TOS did well in TRU we would start to mix the figures some. However the sales have just been stable, not hot and not bad, just holding their own - so we have no plans right now to mix in the other shows. I’d say there is still a CHANCE we’ll do more Trek MM at some point but nothing is planned right now. Your name has been added to the list.

Andrew LaRue
Unfortunately it seems that TOS wave 5 seems to be lost in limbo, but with Toys R Us apparently doing well with DST TOS figures, couldn’t they pick up the slack where pre-orders have fallen short?

DSTChuck: The idea has always been to have some synergy between the TRU waves and the specialty waves. We just needed to get TRU a little caught up to start. I would not say the figures are blowing out of TRU but yes if they stay with the line that’s one wave we could get the remaining figures into collectors hands.

Jim Graham
Hey guys, Is there a way that I can get the figure “Kang” from you? I have searched Everywhere but I can’t find one. Toys R Us has been a BIG disappointment. Many thanks, Jim

DSTChuck: I am very sorry we can not sell you that figure. Please keep trying your local TRU, they do still have stock from what we can see.

Stephen Totten
I look forward to your second release of TWOK version of the Enterprise. My only question is will it have a different plastic used that doesn’t have the same light bleed through issues that the first one had.

DSTChuck: As you read this the item is in stores. We did make a couple small changes so hopefully your happy with the result.

Mark Dowling
hi, I missed your release of the Enterprise D are you going to rerelease in UK again soon.

DSTChuck: It might be a little while we’re pretty set in the US for stock.

Dennis Shanta
Hey Guys, LOVE your work!…………….The ONE thing that I consistently read over and over in your “Ask a Question” forum is “WHEN CAN WE HAVE A PHASER III!?!?” It seems to me that the masses are CRYING OUT to you! If your customers are wandering in the desert, then the Phaser III is their manna from heaven. I don’t think that I’ve seen ANY OTHER item that is as consistently requested (begged for?) as this model of Phaser. Many fans think that it was the BEST looking phaser design EVER (or at least since the TV series). I can’t understand why you’d put out all manner of weird communicators and Tricorders when you have a SUREFIRE HIT in the Phaser III. What will it take to get you guys to fast-track this item? Please? PRETTY PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP???!?!?!?!?!??! Come on, guys, don’t make me beg. Your ENTIRE Trek customer base is DYING for a Phaser III before any other Tek items. Help a Brotha’ out, wont you?

DSTChuck: I’d like to think most fans like the role-play items we’ve done and are happy to add them to their collection. We’ve not said we’re NOT doing the 3 just that a different item is next, maybe the 3 will be right after that!

Benjamin Rogers
Hi, You said in the last Q&A that the next TrekTek item planned will not be a Star Trek 3 or 5-6 phaser. Could it be a Klingon disruptor? Or maybe even, a TNG Phaser? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: It could be.

Frank Terranova
Are there any plans to make replicas from Capt. Pikes era of classic Trek? Laser Pistol, communicator? Frank T.

DSTChuck: I don’t think those are in the plans for any time soon

David Ellis
Dear DST, Will the news of Playmates holding off on Star Trek for the time being effect your partnership with them? Also can you tell us if the 3 3/4 line is definitely being made with prototypes being shown at TF10? in February. Many Thanks

DSTChuck: It does not so much as affect the deal as the lack of sales or orders from retail affects their plans. Our deal with them does not have direct contingencies. Any updates you want on 3 3/4 though you have to get from them. Our part is over, if they have the support at retail I am sure they will go forward.

Chris Coombs
1) When it comes to the TOS 3 3/4 figures, when might we see a picture of a protype?
2) Would the 3 3/4 figures be released in 2010?
3) Is wave 5 of the TOS (& Salt Vampire) going to happen?
4) Any word on whether or not Sisko w/ command chair is going to be made? Thanks for all your hard work. Chris

DSTChuck: Questions #1 and #2 at this point need to be directed to Playmates. Wave 5 as it was listed will NOT be happening. We’re going to work on other ways to get those characters out there. However it does appear as if the Salt Vampire is not going to happen and neither is the Sisko in Defiant chair.

Bryan Hawkins
OK guys, when are we going to see a new ship to add to our Enterprise collections, yeah, you have lots of variants which are great, but how about the 1701-B, or 1701-C? OK, so we have never seen the C version, but I would like to add the B version to my fleet. Thanks, Marvell

DSTChuck: The new Klingon ship should be in your hands in 2010 the only real question is can we get another ship done for 2010.

Sam English
Hey folks, I was wondering if you are done with Retro Trek as yet? It was really nice of you to include Chekov, & I was wondering if you think there may be a chance of seeing Nurse Chapel in the line? I know toy companies really don’t give a crap about Chapel, but she would be an excellent addition to round out the crew for fans. I know you have released her minimate & you are trying to get her in the 6″ line, but I don’t think we can ever have enough Majel! Soo little love for the first lady of Trek. Take care, Sam.

DSTChuck: Hopefully we’ll have an update on the retro line at Toy Fair in February.

James Norton
I understand that in 2007 you were planning to release a Star Trek Deep Space Nine Promo Card (DTP1) produced by Rittenhouse Archives with a number of Star Trek Deep Space Nine action figures but that this was delayed. Could you confirm if this promo card has been released with any of the action figures and if so, which ones. I a big trading card collector and am desperate to get hold of this promo card. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. James

DSTChuck: I’d have to check but funny story I think we/the factory lost those …

Brandon Giles
In the last Q&A it seemed that Playmates Toy’s decision to postpone their lines of figures would not effect what was discussed between DST and Playmates for the 3 3/4″ figures. Has this changed? Will DST and Playmates have any surprises for us at International Toy Fair? I sure hope for some good news. I am definitely looking forward to some DST designed and Playmates produced Star Trek figures from TOS, TNG, DS9,VOY and Enterprise when this recession goes away! I’ll be happy with at least a few new figures in 3 3/4″ A.S.A.P!! I’m definitely going to buy multiples of these this scale is the best for displaying and collecting so bring them on…..PLEASE.

DSTChuck: The only affect it has is if there is no support at retail for the Playmates Trek product then they might not do the 3 3/4 ” line for now. However you have to ask them , our role in that line is finished. We are hoping to show some new Trek stuff at Toy Fair. Hopefully development goes as planned.

Keaira Finlay
OMG! I was expecting something along the lines of the playmates Enterprise toy or Hotwheels version. It’s utterly stunning. Give your design team a big pat on the back. I will never go back to a model kit again. Thank you to the whole company for all the hard work and effort you put in to these models.

DSTChuck: Ill pass along your kind words to the HK and US teams.

Shaun Baer
Assuming it’s not too late to save this line…has anyone considered Episode tie-ins with digital downloads? For example, an “Encounter at Farpoint” wave with a re-release of the Season One Picard and Riker (as a two-pack), Tasha, Data, and Judge Q with the capability to download that episode from iTunes. Most of the episodes out there, with the exception of TOS, cannot be downloaded digitally (legally, anyway) and it could not only be a perk for current Trekkies and collectors but also a tool to reintroduce the other series to folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea.

DSTChuck: We’ve not really been able to do much with the home video division, just the mail in figures we’ve done, but that does not mean we don’t keep trying!

Damon Klempner
Hi big fan of the ship replicas and I’m dying to see more updates for the enterprise b and excelsior…hope to see more images soon…now I was wondering Ive had a pre-order for the wrath of khan edition enterprise refit at big bad toy store and the arrival dates keep going up a month. Is there any chance you’ll have info on a release date been wanting to get this ship for a long while cause I missed out on its original release. Also I hope we get to see more ships like deep space 9’s Defiant, and the wrath of khan Reliant and I hope we get some good alien ships too!

DSTChuck: We have shipped the TWOK re-order by now so hopefully you have your ship! We’ve go the next two ships planned but to be honest with you we have not planned the one after that yet!

Eric Quigg
Hey there! I was wondering why, when you do the Toys ‘R Us releases, do you have one new figure in each wave which is short packed, and the rest are reissues; then the short packed, new figures sells out instantly, and the reissues sit for months on the shelf? It seems rare these days we get any new Trek figures, and now it’s getting impossible to even find them when they are released. Preordering apparently doesn’t work either, since there were a ton of stories about people doing that through Toys and then their preorders were cancelled.

DSTChuck: It’s very hard to balance the interest of collectors vs casual customers and overall demand, it’s an ongoing process and we’ll all learning as we go. The screaming Kirk figure was one that all the specialty Trek buyers passed on when they were offered it as an exclusive, but then TRU took it and it did very well in stores that had not had Trek toys for sale for years.


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