A New Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Q&A Round Is Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Jay Cochran
January 11, 2010
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Star Trek questions like what are the odds of seeing a Phaser from Star Trek III or when will DST tackle the new Star Trek movie? Check out all out the entire Q&A below:

Ron Russamano
Since TOS has blown up this year with the movie, you can say most of us are kinda over Kirk and Spock (if you already have them that is). But what plans For TNG and DS9 since you guys are not looking at doing Voy. Are you guys going to give use Guinan or the crew in dress uniform from Nemesis? Or people from DS9 like Ensign Nog or Quark, plus since you guys are doing the Capt. Chair well there be a Janeway?

DSTChuck: Right now for the first half of 2010 in the action figure category of the license we do not have any plans for figures from those shows. We plan to judge interest again for the later part of the year and see what the demand at retail is.

Brandon Giles
I would love to see a cross-genre figure of Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” dressed as Spock. He was dressed like this in an episode that also had a cameo of the DST tricorder. How cool is that? All that would be needed is a sculpt of Sheldon’s head on a pre-existing Spock body. Would something like that be possible? Would DST even be interested in doing something like that? It could be an exclusive that could be offered in a future “Big Bang Theory” DVD set! I’d also love to see the cast of the show represented with some Minimates! C’mon DST, share the love Duff from “Ace of Cakes” got a Minimate! Let’s make it happen.

DSTChuck: We’re big fans of the show in the office here as well. The Tricorder he used in that episode came for DST….Keep your eyes on future episodes for more DST products. Right now a cross over like that is not possible. The show is a Time Warner show but it’s on the CBS network so maybe some day…

David Cope
Hey Guys, I love all the hard work that’s gone into all the Star Trek Lines. Some quick questions.
1) I’m glad that you rereleased the TOS bridge crew as twin packs as I’m a new collector. Any plans to re-release Chekov? Perhaps in a twin pack with a new character like Lt. Kyle or with Nurse Chapel or Yeoman Rand from Wave 5?
2) I know that you’re planning to re-release the Enterprise E (which I’m pretty excited about) but I was wondering if there were any plans to re-release the NX-01 Enterprise, or Enterprise A that Art Asylum did on there own? Thanks P.S. Can’t wait for the Klingon ship!!

1. Yea at some point we would like to get Chekov out there as well, we do feel bad that he was left out. The response to the two packs was good not great so there is a chance we’ll do another wave at sometime in the future.
2. I do no think (for the time being) we’re going to put more NX-01’s out there. Never say never but it’s not in the plans right now.

Andrew LaRue
Even though this will most likely be a month after the last Trek Q&A, I want to toss this out there. Last time, you said that the Salt Vampire appeared to not have a chance at happening. But why? You guys apparently put all that work in to find the prototype - which most likely saved your costs by having a whole new alien figure that was just waiting for you to find - so why not toss her in a 2-pack? The partner figure could be Kirk or Spock with a phaser belt painted on. An action-ready Kirk with a creepy alien; how could it not sell?

DSTChuck: While the Salt Vampire has been sculpted, approved and painted (no small expense) we do still need to engineer it and cut the steel tool for it. Those are by far the largest expenses that go into making an action figure. The hope I had was by offering it on it’s own all the fans that said they wanted and alien and stores that did not want to bring in full cases would be able to grab this item. Perhaps a two pack would have been better because the orders for this figure were very low. We won’t say we’ll never do it - maybe in the two pack with the Chekov but right now it does not look good…

Dan Grindlay
First off, I have to say I really love the quality of the figures you’re producing. But I’m having problems getting them. I keep asking my local comic store to order them, but they’re always getting canceled. I have no idea which figures are still available, and the Diamond Comics website isn’t really any help. They still display figures that have been canceled. Is there any list you guys have of which figures I can still get my store to order. Also is there any chance of re-releasing older figures. certain characters (Riker and Worf in TNG uniforms, Geordi in movie uniform) I can’t find. I’ve checked toy websites, even Ebay and I can’t seem to find them. Although, like I said, I love the figures. But is there any chance of possible more aliens? There don’t really seem to be enough of them.

DSTChuck: Dan, there are several good online retailers that stock Trek items. New Force, Action Figure Xpress and Entertainment Earth or you can try Diamondselecttoys.com. Right now we have no plans to re-release any of the TNG figures we’ve done.

Phil Boardman
Are there any plans for Enterprise B replicas any time soon?

DSTChuck: Work is underway on the next ships and Trek Tek items but we really don’t want to promote/advertise them until we’re confident about the ship dates.

Travis Horton
Will u make the enterprise-c and reliant?

DSTChuck: Right now they are not in the planning stages but we’re confident there is fan interest in all of the Enterprise class ships as well as the Reliant so you never know.

David Stoeckel
Are you going to be doing any more of the ALL GOOD THINGS USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-D(or the DOUBLE-NACELLED ENTERPRISE-D)? I have having a BEAR of a Time trying to get either one.

DSTChuck: Yes I am confident at some point (not super soon) in the future, we will get more into the market place.

Patrick Smith
Hi guys n gals, I’m having trouble tracking down your Star Trek series one Phasers here in the UK. Most retailers seems to be out of stock currently. Are they still being produced? Cheers Patrick

DSTChuck: Right now they are not in production but we have gone back in production several times on this item and I am sure we will again as demand builds. Please let your retailer know you are interested.

Will Mac
Any update on the TOS geological tricorder, including release date? I still want TOS Wave 5 and the Salt Vampire!!

DSTChuck: Production/engineering is still underway on the third Tricorder, we’ve had to take some liberties due to the fact it was not really seen on the show so we’re working closely with CBS on filling in the “blanks.”

George Kapral
Hi, First off I would like to say how much I enjoy collecting your Star Trek action figures and Trek Tek. You guys do great work. I know there have been a lot of setbacks with your action figures as of late. I believe this is due not so much to lack of interest but the current economic situation that we are in. My question to you is does DST/AA also agree with this and if so are you hoping to continue to produce action figures and maybe even release previously cancelled items when things begin to shape up with the economy again. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Regards, George

DSTChuck: We’d LOVE nothing more then to be able to bring more Trek figures into the marketplace. Our investment in this line is not insignificant so our sales guys are keeping a close eye on retailer interest.


DSTChuck: Maybe Toy Fair…

Andy Kinnear
Hi Chuck, Re Trek ships, I had an idea in regards to the scaling problem and a way to include the Defiant and Voyager! - You may have considered this already. Mini-ship two packs! These would be in scale with the existing Ent D and E. - Movie pack - Grissom and Klingon BoP, DS9 Pack - Defiant and BOP (General Martok’s Ro’Tarran) and a Voyager pack, Voyager and the Equinox? I was trying to think of TNG, but the Nebula keeps popping in my head as a reuse of the Galaxy moulds! :)

DSTChuck: Our license somewhat limits the sizes we can do and we’d only want to produce a ship in the same quality we’ve done the rest of the line. Seems unfair to give DS9 fans a small PVC Defiant- doesn’t it?

Dennis Shanta
Hey guys, not to put TOO fine a point on it, but these quotes were all taken from different posters who were discussing and commenting on the $500 Master Replicas “Assault Phaser”. I think that it’s very CLEAR what the public wants. This is the FIRST Tek Trek thing that you guys should have on your drawing boards. If there are multiple potential customers that would be willing to shell out $500 for a Phaser III, then I KNOW that a Diamond Select Phaser III would probably end up being one of your best selling products EVER! Here’s the link to the board if you don’t believe me. https://trekmovie.com/2008/08/24/review-master-replicas-star-trek-vvi-assualt-phaser/
1) I still have the Playmates version and for all intents and purposes its pretty damn good minus the funky lights so I prob wont spring $500 for this. If they make the ST3 Phaser now that’s a different story
2) Anyone else nostalgic for the STIII phaser? I admit that when STIII came out, I was at the perfect age - it was summer after 4th grade, and I had been revved up about ‘Trek’ since the summer after 2nd grade.
3) The Star Trek III phaser is my favorite … It’s the One Phaser to Stun Them all! I have a non-functional fan prop version that displays nicely, but if MR really wanted to get my money, that’s the phaser I would shell out for.
4) Oh, yeah, at the con, I told the rep that MR should do a ST III phaser.
5) But the Assault Phaser is too militaristic for my tastes, as the name of it tells already. I prefer the sleek futuristic look of the ST III Phaser. The Assault Phaser looks too much like Rambo-goes-to-space.
6) It looks rather cool and comfortable to hold, though most fans would give that award to the ST3 phaser.
7) My favorite “movie phaser” is still the Trek III version, which really does strike me as an “update” of the classic original. I hope DST eventually gets around to doing that one, but it seems unlikely…
8) Anybody know if DST intends to do a Search for Spock Phaser?
9) I am DYING for a SFS phaser. Inexpensive fun (all I can afford right now) from DST. I can’t wait for the rest!
10) That’s another one of my pet peeves… NONE of the licensees has EVER made that Phaser 3, at least not that I’m aware of. Not Galoob, not Playmates, not Master Replicas, not even Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys. NO ONE, as far as I know.

1) The production numbers to produce a 50.00 VS a 500.00 replica are a large multiple. For example we’ve not even broken even yet on all the D we’ve sold. We need multiple runs to make an item like that at that price point work- so we really have to pick our spots. The capital investment is not small.
2) Yes that is an item that would be on our “short” list we’d be considering.
3) We’ll don’t tell them, lets keep that secret between us.
4) Umm you do know DST and MR are separate companies - right?
5) I think I am getting the idea you like the Trek 3 phaser - just a hunch but, maybe?
6) Do Weapons get fan awards? Is Queen Latifah hosting?
7) Why so down on DST and our love affair with the Trek 3?
8) If I see anyone from DST I’ll ask!
9) We don’t want you to die but I think we would still consider the 3 despite the cost to your future.
10) I think if DST/AA made one I’d know but that’s just a hunch.

William Schweikert
I have a ART ASYLUM product item 85200 STAR TREK ENTERPRISE Broken Bow Captain Jonathan Archer. The box indicates there are/were other items as part of the promotion I have never saw available. One is the USS Enterprise NX-01 the other is a phase pistol and communicator. Do you still have these products available and what is the cost? I would appreciate an email with that information

DSTChuck: Phaser and communicator WERE made but you’d need to look at the secondary market to get one, they have been out of production for some time.

Jason Chirevas
You artfully dodged this question twice in the last Q&A, so I’ll ask it again. Who is scheduled to be in the next wave of TRU Battlestar Galactica figures and when do you estimate that wave will be on store pegs?

DSTChuck: No ducking! I told the truth - we’re not sure IF there will be wave 5 so how would I know when it would come out?

Christopher Henry
Now that Playmates has, once again (and predictably) devastated the mass-market Star Trek toy franchise (I’ll never understand how they were able to re-acquire that license) with their horrible sculpting/proportion, poor paint aps, and ridiculous likenesses (and I use “likenesses” loosely), is there any possibility of DST bringing us some quality figures/ships from the new Star Trek movie?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no rights to the newest movie and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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