A New Diamond Select ToysBattlestar Galactica and Stargate Q&A Round Is Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Jay Cochran
February 25, 2010
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Battlestar Galactica and Stargate questions. Check out all out the entire Q&A below:

Kevin Gomolchak
Are you guys considering re-releasing the 4 main characters from Stargate SG-1 in a 4 pack? I’ve noticed that many people want a second chance to buy them without having to pay the prices in the secondary market.

DSTChuck: We are absolutely considering it but we have nothing planned for sure at this time.

Jonathan Quirk
It’s been a while since the last Stargate figures came out: would it be possible for you to release a single figure — say, the General Hammond as a tribute to Don Davis — and use that to gauge current interest in SG figs, rather than commit to a full wave? If there is a new wave of Atlantis figures, would it focus on characters from the later years of the show (Woolsey, for example, and possibly McKay and Teyla in updated uniforms), or older characters (such as the much-requested Carson Beckett, Ford, Caldwell etc)? Lastly, are we likely to get ANY Stargate-related news at Toy Fair?

DSTChuck: To be honest it cost more to do just one figure in many cases than to do that one figure as part of a wave. We did discuss Stargate with some of the larger buyers of the past lines and there is still not too much interest there but we’re not giving up.

B’ R.
Hey guys, So I’m totally confused, I just ordered my Tigh/Gaeta 2-pack, and Tigh’s got an eyepatch! I was under the impression that would be the TRU exclusive and the 2-pack would be regular ole’ 2 eyes? Will there still be a TRU exclusive, and does this mean we’ll see a regular Adama in the series 4 rather than the mustache? Also, can you give us any more insight as to a Roslin figure and series 5?

DSTChuck: TRU wave 5 should be in stores end of February / Late March. It will contai: Adama with glasses and the Stealth Warrior Cylon. We are still hoping to ship this summer BSG specialty wave 4 which would have; Baltar, Cain and Adam with mustache. Roslin is not on the schedule at this time.

Kevin Gomolchak
In the last Stargate/BSG Q&A, you guys (in my mind at least) implied that both action figure lines were canceled or on on the edge. Is this true? If not, when do you think all the next tbd waves will be out?

DSTChuck: That is correct there are no Stargate figures in production at this time and the last of the BSG lines are in production soon.

Daniel Garcia
A long time ago there was a series of toys for a cartoon that I liked which was Mummies Alive. I really wanted to buy these figures, but noticed that it was useless to even try because they did not make one of the most important characters. There were 4 main characters and they never mass produced one of them, so it was impossible to have a complete set of just the main characters. To this day I still do not have any of those figures, even though, if I ever find that one character through ebay UK or some other foreign website, I will be able to have the opportunity to have a whole set of the main characters. The point of me telling you this is that many collectors do not buy any action figures of a series unless they know for sure that they will get the characters that they want. I just read your most recent Q & A for BSG and I can’t express enough how I feel that you want to wait to see how series 4 and the 2 packs will do in the near future profit wise. I find it extremely ironic that you want to judge a series of toys based on characters that collectors want least. Why are you not judging by characters that everyone wants? This brings me to another statement, your toys are great but not selling well because only (AND I MEAN ONLY) collectors buy your figures. The five year olds that are not allowed to watch BSG do not want these figures. Only the 18-45 year olds who still live with their parents do. Stop judging your sells with the demographic that traditionally buys action figures and judge based on the demographic that puts food on your table. By not giving us a mustacheless Adama and a President Roslin, you are biting the hand that feeds. You are doing extremely wrong on this decision to wait to see how sells will do. I cannot express enough to you how much your sells would go up if you simply made a mustacheless and Roslin. It’s that simple. If you make these figures, there will be more reason to buy all your others. Thanks

DSTChuck: Sorry about your continuing struggles with the Mummies Alive line, it must be of great concern to you for it to still bother you all these years later. As to how we judge sales, we judge them on the retailers that buy from us and they judge if they are going to order more or new waves by how well the product they have sells…I don’t think they are very much concerned about the buyer’s age. As for main characters I think much of that is the eye of the beholder. I would say: Cylons, Starbuck, Chief, Apollo, Tigh, 6 are all pretty integral to the story but if you feel otherwise that’s cool too.

Andrew LaRue
“there is a chance you have seen the last of the 7″ figures from DST” That was very saddening to hear, especially with it regarding SG-1’s wave 5. I was wondering, though, if BSG can survive on 2-packs so well, would there be any chance for wave 5 to be released in such a way as well? You seem to have favored army builders with the Cylons in the BSG line, and even though your customers have been clamoring for more Jaffa, you haven’t released anymore of them. 2-packs seem to hold potential in a way to get wave 5 out, and a way to satisfy the army builders. Something along the lines of… General Hammond with Apophis (new head & device-equipped hand on existing Jaffa body), General O’Neill with Black ops Carter, Ba’al with Jaffa (new generic head with Ba’al’s symbol), Osiris Guard with Her’ur (new head on existing Serpent Guard body), and the Jackal Guard with a full gear version of Black ops Daniel? Not only would this give your loyal customers wave 5, but it would increase the number of their Jaffa armies AND villains, giving a proper end to your Stargate line. Whichever direction you take, I sincerely hope that it results in the release of wave 5.

DSTChuck: It saddens us as well. It is possible SG could live on in some two packs. We’ve not closed the door on anything. It’s a sincere hope that sales will improve this year and we’ll be able to produce some more toys from many of our lines like BSG, SG and Trek!

Kevin Gomolchak
Why did you guys change BSG series 4 to include Baltar instead of “President” Lee Adama?

DSTChuck: Kevin, we saw that there was a very good chance that this line was coming to an end and while Adama is key character, we thought this might be the last chance to get a Baltar figure into collectors’ hands so we made the tough decision to change the series.

Mike L
Ok, so I have a couple questions, and a comment….please don’t shoot me,ha. 1.On the new pics of the Tigh/Gaeta 2-pack, there appears to be a piece of the CIC Computer- does this come with a stand, or is it just a piece? 2. With that asked, does this mean we may be seeing a CIC table with Ad. Adama, or maybe 1/2 with him and 1/2 with Cain (to get people to buy both)?? I’d really love one if we’ll never see a playset! 3. This is the comment….I really love the attention to detail you give these figures, but I must say I’m a little dissapointed in the accessories with the Starbuck/Leoben… we have them all already, I was really hoping to find the backpack and tracker the 2of them used on Earth, or at least the same radio Kendra Shaw came with (b/c Leoben was listening in on Starbuck….and maybe a knife b/c she gutted him on New Cap….. So what’s the deal, are there any new accessories on the horizon? And lastly (to end on a good note) I fracking LOVE that you gave Tight flasks and a whole bottle of Ambrosia…mad props!!

DSTChuck: Not sure I should tell this to fans but I do not carry a gun, so you’re safe.

1. No it does not come with a stand.
2. No sorry it does not, there are no playsets planned for BSG.
3. Yea sorry about that, the recent wave of two packs was done as a way to get some of the figures that were in canceled waves into the marketplace. When doing something like that this is not the budget or space in the manufacturing for new accessories.
4. Glad you like it, some fans just toss the accessories aside when they display their collections but from time to time we like to have some fun with the selection.

B’ R.
So I have some questions/ suggestions about possible upcoming BsG lines… I’ve seen the first “official” episode of Caprica and it’s Amazing! Any chance of a line? Or at least the u-87 prototype, it would be easy using the retro cylon sculpt! 2. Are there any plans to do another toysrus wave? It would be great to see starbuck or even dualla in their dress blues, you’d only have to put the head on the dress blue boomer 3. (lastly) have the tigh gaeta 2packs been doing well? And if so, have you considered continuing the line in 2packs? I would really like to see the final 5 and roslin, so maybe putting her with Tory and perhaps Ellen with cavil would really make our dreams come true! Thanks guys for answering all our questions!!!

DSTChuck: We do not currently have the rights to Caprica, they are considering it separate from the series that just went off the air.

2) Please look earlier in the Q&A, I outlined the last planned releases for the BSG line.

3) It is too early to tell how the two packs are doing, but we are hopeful.

4) My pleasure!

Tray Chester
Will we ever see any Cylon figures done in vac-metalized gold and/or silver?

DSTChuck: Maybe someday but nothing is planned at this time.

Roddy DeHart
With the future of the 7″ Stargate Line in question, could you focus on Stargate Minimates - maybe 2 packs each coming with a 3″ mini Stargate. That allows for a lot of planets with a lot of stargates to explore. You could do SG1, Atlantis and Universe that way without a lot of production costs. Also think about a mini flyer Puddle Jumper please!

DSTChuck: I can’t tell you how many times we’ve considered a Stargate Minimates line so you never know. I doubt it would include vehicles though.

Kushmeer Farakhan
Greetings Chuck! Today I finally received the long awaited Tigh and Gaeta 2pack and it did not disappoint. As I’ve said before, Tigh is my favorite character and oddly enough he has the most accurate face sculpt of all the figures thus far(even better than the prototype). Gaeta’s isn’t 100 percent but it’s still a great likeness. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Quick questions: 1. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a ship date update from you guys so we know when the other two 2-packs are coming. Site still says 1/27/10 and that obviously isn’t happening. I saw the pic of Starbuck/Leoben in packaging. When can we expect those two and the 8’s? 2. Is the leader wave assortment finalized? How’s it coming along? Still looking to hit that 3/31/10 date? Is there any possibility at all that we can have Roslin put in that wave with Adama, Cain, and Baltar. One idea I’ve had is that you include her kind of the way you guys did the Chief Tyrol figure where he was an exclusive to certain sites but not part of a standard wave. Has that idea been floated around? 3. I know it’s early but do you think the Tigh and Gaeta packs and the last Toys R us wave(New CAprica Boomer, off duty Apollo, DAybreak Cylon) are selling well enough for the line to continue past the Leader wave and Cylon 2 pack? Thanks as always, guys! :)

DSTChuck: Greetings Kushmeer! So glad you’re happy with the new figures!

1. Starbuck & Leoben should be in stores as you read this! The #8 two pack I think will be in stores in late April - the factory was not able to get them done before the holiday.
2. The last two full waves planned are outlined earlier in the Q&A - I am sure you have read that by now. There are no plans to change them at this time. To date no retailer has really asked for any human character exclusives, sales has pitched them but no luck.
3. I am skeptical but for sure hopeful!

Mike L
Hey ya’ll, couple questions regarding BsG. 1. I was kinda disapointed to not see any Battlestar figures in the toyfair2010 pictures, will there be any in the coming days? 2. Will you be planning another toysrus wave? If so could you tell us what figures would be included and when they’re scheduled to release? And lastly, sort of tying in with this question… I noticed that the Red stripe Cylon has a MUCH better paint job, and wow does it make a difference….it looks a lot like the “downloaded cylon” from SDCC… Any chance of releasing that cylon without the red stripe so we can have an uber-cool cylon for the “bad guys side” Thanks again!

DSTChuck: Sorry Mike as I’ve outlined the BSG 7″ figure line is on hold right now. The last TRU wave should be in stores any time now. As for Cylons you never know, we’ve done lots of variants and they still sell very well.

Andy Kinnear
Quote from ASK DST 72 - “DSTChuck: Andy - there is a chance you have seen the last of the 7″ figures from DST. We’re not ready to say that but it is possible. Unless something happens to change buyers’ feelings, it’s just not something we can justify in this environment.” I studied media, I can read between the lines. One last “plead.” At least I will know I tried… 1) Is there any chance of a final wave of figures if we are seeing the end? Specifically I am thinking of a mixed wave to round out the characters, and complete SG1’s main cast? General Hammond, General Landry, Dr Beckett, (Base uniform) Major Lorne (Field Ops) and Season 4/5 Base Uniform Teyla? - Three out of five of these would use reuseable bodies from previous releases, and Landry and Lorne have been seen in both SG1 and Atlantis. 2) If the 7” SGate line is officially canned, is there a chance such figures could be released in the future if Bridge Studios get the go ahead on the pending SG1/SGA DVD movies, or would the line simply be dead and gone? 3) Re question No 2, does this also mean the Galactica and Trek 7” ranges are now in jeapordy with no active ongoing tv production to support them? - Word is spreading, and collectors across all three “franchises” are getting nervous. 4) Can I do anything about my faulty Serpent Guard, or is it too late even for that? (As an aside, some new collectors have been asking about the replacement Gatepiece as well.) I know I am not alone in saying its more than a little disappointing if this is the end. (Winces) I had not intended to continue collecting figures, but the SG1 range when launched seemed too good to pass up, esp with the series’s smaller main cast. The prospect of getting Drs Weir and Beckett from Atlantis was wonderful. - Esp after the fight we fans had to get the Beckett character back in the programme. To many he’s the best character in all three Stargate series. I guess we can’t have everything. As I said above, at least I tried.

DSTChuck: Andy sorry if my response created mystery, I try to be as clear as I can but we never like to paint ourselves into too much of a corner at DST because we’ve been surprised more times then I can remember.

1. There are currently no Stargate figures in production.
2. We have been very hopefully over the last year that the DVD movies will happen and do well or the online game will get going and create interest so we’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and that’s a good reason for me not to say never.
3. YES BSG (other then what is outlined earlier), Stargate and Trek 7″ figure lines are on hiatus for 2010– SORRY!
4. As far as I know we still have gate pieces for fans that need them.
5. We’re disappointed as well but we’re not giving up the fight yet.

Callum Templeton
Hi,if you are done with the Stargate figures, do you have any thing else planned for stargate? Thanks.

DSTChuck: We’ve tossed around some ideas but its very possible we will not have a release in 2010.


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