G.I.Joe Q&A Round-Up For January 15, 2009

by Jay Cochran
January 16, 2010
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different G.I.Joe Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for January 15th's batch of questions. Click here to check out the TNI ones.


Cool Toy Review: While I do really enjoy the upcomming Snowjob from the POC line, I have to ask how many Snowjobs are too many? From my count, starting from the 25th anniversary line there have been 5 releases of him including exclusives. What about Frostbite, Blizzard, Iceberg, Lifeline, and especially Low-Light? Same thing goes for Scrap-Iron, I count 5 releases for him including exclusives. How about moving on to some of the missing Dreadnoks?

Cool Toy Review: Are there any plans to release characters in regular clothes, like Destro/McCullen SDCC 2009 and Cobra Commander SDCC 2008 in the main line instead of as exclusives? These figures appeal to Joe fans and also to customizers, but these limited-release exclusives fetch crazy prices on the secondary market.

Cool Toy Review: Also, any plans in releasing stands with labels like you do for Star Wars? I can't help but feel the figures without the stands are incomplete.


1) The Official G.I.Joe Collectors Club newsletter unveiled the 2010 Now and Then figure sets. While we are thrilled, we can't help but notice that, while the Target Exclusive Rockslide/Snowjob set used new parts to keep the vintage figure as 100% accurate to the original as possible, the new two packs use the same, relatively new tooling from the 2004 Comic Pack figures. From our past experiences, these figures had difficulty standing or generally having their parts fit together as to hold a pose (for example, Snake Eyes using a Roadblock waist). Will these figures be changed to more accurately reflect their original vintage counterparts or are we going to receive what we saw in the press photos? Call us spoiled, but after the incredible execution on the Rockslide set, we're so excited to see vintage and new figures together.

2) For the 2010 Pursuit of Cobra line, rumors are floating around that the core characters will no longer be using the head sculpts/scans from the movie actors but rather go back to being original designs/sculpts. Can you comment on this potential change?

3) Easy question: can you give us a hint, a teaser if you will, as to what we can expect from Toy Fair? Our imaginations are running wild and out of control for the new year.


YoJoe: We are thrilled with the mixing of Rise of Cobra and vintage themed items showing up in the line, especially with store exclusives. Will collectors continue to see A Real American Hero themed items/themes intermixed with the up coming Pursuit of Cobra line? With Toy Fair just a few weeks away, we know you can't tell us everything.

YoJoe: Are there any plans to have online exclusives like the Assault/Defense of Cobra Island sets or other future exclusives (like Resolute figures) on Hasbrotoyshop.com?

YoJoe: There are rumors everywhere, in all corners of the fandom, that Pursuit of Cobra has been pushed back to mid or late 2010. If that is the case, will we still have new items on the shelves for this spring and summer?


Q) G.I. JOE OPERATION H.I.S.S. - Will there be a Full year 13 Episode 3D Animation series?

Q) In the last Q&A, you stated that the Pursuit of Cobra would hit stores in "the back half" of 2010. Does that mean the products shown at Joecon last year as part of the Pursuit of Cobra theme have been delayed? Or is that product still considered "Rise of Cobra" product and will still ship in the first half of the year, with a full "rebranding" in the later half with product that hasn't yet been unveiled (and probably won't until Toy Fair)?

Q) What happened to the 3rd wave of Mighty Muggs (Shipwreck, Serpentor, Zartan, Trooper) that YOU said in a previous Q&A were "due on shelves soon"?

Kestors Korner

Bill: Based on the last round of Q&A's, the Pursuit of Cobra theme won't begin until the second half of 2010. Will items such as the Desert Ambush Zartan wave, Toys R Us wave 3 (like Arctic Doc) or wave 3 Target deluxe figures, be released prior to this, or will we not see new GI Joe product in stores this Spring?

Bill: Have the Then and Now 2-packs been cancelled, or do the recently-leaked packaging mock-ups suggest these will see retail release in 2010?

Bill: Aside from the Resolute multi-pack, will we see any non-movie Joe toys, such as the prototype Iron Klaw figure revealed several months ago, at some point this year?

The Fwoosh

1. Have you ever considered doing ROC repaints based on original toy colors? I’ve seen some really cool customs where people painted ROC Armor Duke and Scarlet with v1 toy colors, and always thought those would be cool repaints to get.

2. Why has there never been straight v1 colors on vintage figures when you re-issue them? It seems like the v1 color schemes are the most popular and iconic. Plus being vintage the originals are getting pretty old so it’d be nice to have high quality ones.

3. How many new Waves of POC do you plan on showing at Toy Fair?

The Terror Drome

Q1 — Having seen a lot of cool stuff to look forward to in 2010 from ROC and POC, can we expect to see a few classic style figures thrown in to the 2010 lineup? Such as Sci-Fi, Airtight, Low Light, Alpine, Iceberg and/or Lifeline.

Q2 — The Transformers line is getting their own videogame not set in the movie universe can we expect the same for G.I. Joe? Is this something that is being looked into to, to maybe help build the G.I. Joe brand?

Q3 — G.I. Joe is a brand that is rich with history and for the most part Hasbro has always done a great job of utilizing it. But sadly the RoC “ID cards” do not reflect any of this great history and are very boring. Almost all the G.I. Joe and Cobra teams favor the same weapons respectively. The “bios” are very short, and kind of dull. Can we expect any kind of return of the old ARAH style file cards that share more thorough and non-generic details about these great characters?


1. Will waves 1 & 2 originally scheduled for January/February 2010 still be released on schedule or are they considered part of the "Pursuit of Cobra" line that isn't scheduled until fall 2010?

2. Will there be a significant packaging design change in 2010?

3. Any chance of Child Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow being released in the main line? The Child Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow figures released in the kids' Combat Heroes line are a great addition to the collection. However, the fight between Child Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow is one of the most exciting and action-packed in the G.I. Joe movie, and seems like the characters would be well-suited to being released in the main 3 3/4" line of G.I. Joe figures. Will we see these characters released as articulated figures? If not, why not?

General Joes

1 – All evidence seems to point to a delay in release for the Pursuit of Cobra line, yet several store exclusive items have been seen sporting the Rise of Cobra logo (that were formally Pursuit of Cobra items). Can you confirm that the only G.I. Joe items we will be seeing for the first half of 2010 will be Rise of Cobra themed store exclusives? The main line is pushed back to Fall, 2010, is that correct?

2 – Resolute keeps on showing up in various places around the web and seems to be a huge hit with the adult collector crowd, even those folks not as involved in the G.I. Joe fandom as we are. What other Resolute inspired items can we expect beyond the two 7-packs?

3 – We’ve already heard quite a bit of news on the third sequel to the Transformers franchise, yet not a single peep as of yet for the follow up for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. When can we expect some news one way or the other about the motion picture future of our favorite toyline?

Joe Customs

1. Movie Destro Rocks! Looking good in a sharp suit! Any chance at retail?

2. Jinx, Mayday, Mariner, Bombstrike, Vorona, Ruslan, Wong, Make them please?

3. Fifty different Snake Eyes figures soon to be. Big plans for five-oh?


1- At the GIJCC Con in Kansas City we were shown figures from the Pursuit of Cobra line that was due to kick off with waves in Jan, Feb, and April. In the last round of Q & A's you mentioned That POC wouldn't hit until the Fall. Why the push back, Does this mean we won't see the things we were shown, We have seen new Card art Images that make no mention of POC has this been scraped,What new product will we see between now and then?

2-When will the New Cartoon start,What continuity will it be,will there be new figures based on this and if so when can we expect to start seeing them?

3- What kind of figures can we expect to see in the future more ROC,POC, Classic look, or Classic Characters with a new look and how about some Characters from the Cartoons and ALL of TeComic series that have never had figures before such as Big Lob, Sparks, Clay Moore, Mayday, Mariner, Cool Breeze, Teiko, Billy, and Dr Knox Just to name a very few.

Joe Canuck

Joecanuck Asked: Will the Wal~Mart exclusive Battle Stations be sold in Canada?

Joecanuck Asked: Are there any plans that would be of specific interest to Canadian collectors?

Joecanuck Asked: During the last Q&A, you said Pursuit Of Cobra would show up in "the back half of 2010". Does this mean we'll be without new G.I.Joe figures until June 2010?

Joe Sightings

1.) Breaker might not have scored well with your kids’ focus groups, but as you’ve seen in the last few Q&As, a Reactive Armor Breaker is wanted by adult collectors. If you won’t reconsider making him, would you at least make his unique computer chest plate/webgear, headset, and equipment belt and give it to a different upcoming character so those of us who want a Reactive Armor Breaker can swap out the gear for him, and then use his head on a Reactive Armor Duke body? It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

2.) Any chance you'll be thinking outside of the box with character selections and giving us something other than DukeRipcordSnakeEyesCobraCommanderDestroStormShadowSnowJobWildBill this year? For example, since the 25th began, we’ve gotten 19 Dukes. There are currently 39! All the upcoming Past and Present sets feature the same old characters we’ve gotten over and over again without anyone new. This is clearly overkill! G.I. Joe was never about a handful of select people, it was an ensemble group with hundreds of specialists and near infinite variety of skills. But since the relaunch, it seems there is circular thought that keeps revolving around the same ten characters endlessly. And as we’ve seen several times before, when we get too many of these characters done over and over again at the expense of other fresh faces, the line ends or goes on hiatus due to lack of interest from the community. Then the wheel is reinvented once again with the same core characters but with a new team, and the cycle continues. Now that the movie is done, it’s really time to reinvigorate the fanbase with brand new characters that will blow us away, not more rehashes that end up peg warming. How about updating and modernizing characters from 1986 and upward? Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Duke could be changed to Pathfinder, or Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Duke could be changed to Blizzard. That way the molds aren’t wasted, but we get some new faces instead of more of the same

3.) Thank you very much for the fantastic Walmart exclusive battle station playsets! Is there any chance of seeing more of those; as well as the unreleased Resolute comic pack figures (Iron Klaw, Polar Scarlett, etc.) that popped up on auction sites a few months ago, either as a Walmart or other store exclusive?

4.) Can you please elaborate on the Pursuit of Cobra line not hitting until the second half of 2010? Does this mean there will only be store exclusives and nothing mass retail until then, or is the PoC line being repackaged as Rise of Cobra so it can get out earlier? We can understand wanting more time for movie line product to move off the shelves, but this seems a little too long having to wait until next Summer/Fall before we get the Jungle Viper, Zartan, Beach-Head, Ashiko, and the rest of the new characters/vehicles.


1. JOhio: Based the sales of some of the local stores here in Ohio, sales were at best sluggish when RoC toys came out, when retailers dropped the price in to the $5 range, sales really took off. Knowing this, has it affected your plan for 2010, to perhaps lower the MSRP's?

2. JOhio: Looking back over the the Rise of Cobra stuff currently out, was there anything was an unexpected success, and was there anything that was an unexpected failure?

3. JOhio: In a previous q and a, it was stated that larger play sets/vehicles would be considered if the sales on the pitt were good; has the sales of the pitt been good enough to get another large playset?


1. Hypothetical question… If the ROC movie hadn’t existed would you have pretty much stopped the 25th line anyway and rebranded into a new line, or would it have kept going untouched?

2. Have you ever considered doing modern updates of monster type Joes like the Bio-Viper, Monstro-Viper – because the customs you had on display of those were awesome.

3. What was the reasoning behind the new Snowcat’s paintjob? As opposed to the original look.

Articulated Discussion

Articulated Discussion: Word on a new 26 episode G.I. Joe television series has hit the internet. Is there a line of toys in the planning stages for this series, and is it set in an existing continuity (i.e., Resolute/Pursuit of Cobra) or an entirely new continuity?

AD: [From giTom] Hasbro once released pre-production artwork of an African American female figure. The Club exclusive female Doc suffered from limited availability and a restrictive price. Is there any chance an African American female GI Joe could be released?

AD: What were some of the team's favorite figures released in 2009 and why did they top their list?

Coil Club

Q: 1. Anticipation for the Pursuit of Cobra (or whatever it will be eventually called) figures shown at the convention by fans is high to say the least. It's obvious a lot of love went into the designs of the figures and new unique accessories. When designing the figures, how do you decide which figures get additional tooling and which figures need to be cobbled together from existing tooling, and which figures just can't be done?

Q: 2. Among the design team, is there a figure that they really wanted to be done, but just haven't been able to do yet? Any pics of unused designs would be neat!

Q: 3. Any tidbits about the new cable network or upcoming Joe toon you want to let slip? Purely by accident of course.

Joe Reloaded

1.) Why was IDW allowed to use the Adam Hughes Baroness cover, but DDP was not?

2.) How much influence do you have over Paramount regarding the film and its promotion?

3.) With all the publicity surrounding the G.I. Joe Movie, New Comic, the cartoon figures, etc., are there any plans to release a complete series of the G.I. Joe cartoon during this year?


AFN: What's the release status of Mighty Muggs Wave 3?

AFN: What waves of figures can we expect to see released in Canada in 2010?

AFN: Was the sales of the Pit successful enough to see more large vehicles or playsets produced in the future?


Q1. What work goes into recalibrating existing designs into a current or future themes? Is it as simple as a paint or logo change, or is there more to it? If you can, can you please tell us how a theme shifts the creative focus of the design teams?

Q2. For the near future, will characters that were used in the movie use the cast scanned heads or will we see a return to sculptor-created character heads?

Q3. You say that you read the boards, so you have a decent idea of what the adult collectors are thinking. How do you get an idea of what the kids are liking, and what are some surprise hits that the kids enjoyed? What about some surprises that the kids didn’t like?


Q1. ArashikageClan.com asked: The first Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes figure came with a sword but no scabbard, but the bandolier he wore had a curious flap on the back that looked ALMOST like it was intended to hold something, possibly the sword, in place. The problem was that it had no "bottom" to it, poviding instead an unneccesary "top" and a "side", which would allow something to slide in, and then just have gravity pull it right out. Was this flap designed for something else, or just a cool concept with an engineering flaw?

Q2. AashikageClan.com asked: In the "Final Battle" scene in the Rise of Cobra movie, Snake Eyes defeats Storm Shadow while using his tonfas, as he did in the flash back to his childhood. Although his Combat Heroes line "Young Snake Eyes" figure is shown with tonfas in hand, none of his 3 and 3/4" line figures offer a set of these weapons. When will this be corrected to we can properly pay 3 and 3/4" homage to this important scene in the movie?

Q3. ArashikageClan.com asked: There has been much talk about the upcoming 26 episode animated G.I. Joe Cartoon. Although we realize it is pobably to early to divulge much information on this, can we at least know which storyline it will be based on? (i.e. the original marvel universe, rise of cobra, etc.)

Joe Intel

1. As fans, we like to see G.I.Joe flourish in the toy aisle. In many areas, fans are reporting that a lot of product has sold despite the fact that things were still looking rather bleak in November. How have sales during the holiday season affected G.I.Joe items that were planned for 2010?

2. The G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Video game includes many characters and vehicles that did not appear in the movie. Were these character designs created by Hasbro for possible toys or by the game developers and simply approved by Hasbro?

3. Recently, images have appeared online of Jurassic Park vehicles that use the G.I.Joe AWE Strikerand current G.I.Joe figure molds. Will these be released and will Hasbro continue to use Joe tooling for other brands (as this was alsodone with the Hulk Busters) in the foreseeable future? What about combining GI Joe and Nerf? They seem like 2 brands destined to meet.

Joe Dios

1. One of my favorite things about getting a new vehicle is the sticker sheet, especially for Cobra. Can you give some insight as to how the stickers are chosen, designed, and who decides where they should go? Some Cobra designs have what appears to be Cyrillic letters. Are they meaningful or random? Is there any chance you could include extra Cobra emblems on future sticker sheets? Over on JoeCustoms there has been a debate about what the 788 signifies on the original HISS. Is it the vehicles ID number? Is it the unit designation to which the vehicle is assigned? (I figured these fall under the same idea)

2. Considering the success of Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Mega Bloks Spider-Man and Mega Bloks HALO, has Hasbro given any consideration to reviving the Built To Rule toyline, using smaller figurines instead of regular Joe figures with brick connectors on their limbs?

3. The cardboard dioramas that come in multipacks rock! Is there any way to have the designs and building instructions available on Hasbro's website, for those who missed out on the sets or could not afford them?


AFC: Can you give us a quick tease or hint at what Toy Fair 2010 may hold in store for GI Joe? Just something to stir the pot a bit!

AFC: Will their be another chance or outlet for collectors to pick up the 25th anniversary DVD Battle Packs? A lot of fans missed out on the last set and would rather not pay the big bucks on Ebay.

AFC: Would a "classic" style Cobra Commander (hooded) make it into the expanded GI Joe movie line? It would be interesting to see a movie take on the original design.

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