Sideshow Collectibles Q & A - Update: 11/30 - 12/4

by Jay Cochran
December 05, 2009
Sideshow Collectibles has posted their latest rounds of Ask Sideshow, covering their many licences. There were a few hints concerning future Star Wars releases:
Are you able to hint at when a Premium Format of a Stormtrooper or stand alone Clone Trooper will be made and when it would be released? Also would the armor be sculpted or would it have separate pieces, like the Scout Trooper PF?

We've previously confirmed that both Stormtrooper and Clone Trooper Premium Format figures are in development (and not necessarily in that order), but we're happy to say it again. We'll share some sneak peeks with you soon!

What about the option to buy clothes/base bodies/accessories for your Star Wars line? I would be stoked at the option to customize a Jedi, Rebel, or Imperial character and not have to buy things piecemeal on eBay to do so. They could be small runs of clothing and male/female nude bodies that people could choose from. Heck you could even bring in more Hot Toys Truetype bodies (or Sideshow bodies) if you were so inclined and just offer the clothing items you already have.

We love you - you're cut from the same cloth as our design team. Customize, enjoy, and PLAY. We would love to offer more options for accessorizing and redressing your Star Wars figures, but we feel that the best way for us to do that is to bring more and more new characters and figures to market. You'll have to continue to piecemeal them, but you'll have a greater variety to choose from. We may offer more Sideshow body styles independent of other figures - it's an active discussion at Sideshow HQ.

We all know Sideshow has Premium Format versions of Jedi Luke and C-3PO in development, but can you give us any information on other fan favorites, such as Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, R2-D2, are they in development for the PF line? And if so when can we expect them? I would also love a PF Snow Trooper & PF Hoth Han Solo (you could even sit him on a Tantaun for a truly epic PF to rival the PF Speeder bike). Also if and when you do release R2-D2 it would be great if you could released a Duo base that allows C-3PO & R2-D2 to be displayed together, like you did with the Frankenstein & Bride PFs. Thanks Sideshow - keep 'em coming!

We'd be happy to! The Stormtrooper, R2-D2, and others are currently in development. Your other suggestions (and they're well within the realm of likely) are duly noted.

I have a question, as do so other many collectors out there. Will we being seeing any bounty hunters in this 1/6 scale line? Also, any droids R2-D2 and C3-PO anytime down the road in 1/6th? And will you finish off the Jedis, like Agen Kolar and Yoda (of course!) in this awesome 1/6th scale line? And Count Dooku? I just love this series! I'm glad your sticking with the 1/6th scale line and keep up the great job on these special figures!

Most definitely - bounty hunters are an essential part of the Scum and Villainy line! Yes, C-3PO and R2-D2 are coming in 1:6 scale from both Medicom (soon) and Sideshow (later), so you'll have an excellent selection of droids to add to your collection. Yes, we are looking at other Jedi candidates - we've felt their recent absence and hope to add some momentum to the Jedi Order in 2010 and into 2011. Dooku - definitely and sooner than later.

Do you guys have any plans to do any Padme and Clone Wars items in the near future?

Good question. At the moment, Padme is more likely to reappear in Premium Format form than in 12" form, but nothing is definite. Clone Wars is a definite yes, in all categories, including several upcoming 12" figures, some in Premium Format, and likely in Diorama too. Maybe, MAYBE even in Life-Size form, likely bust.

How much "input" did Lucasfilm have on Sideshow's 12-inch Darth Vader? It seems for a lot of people that the helmet is a bit too narrow - or too small for this version. (Were the reference material actual movie stills or promotional material?) Also, how confident can we be that a future "Empire Strikes Back" version will show as much a striking difference from the first release as there were in the films?

We notice a growing trend of blame on Lucasfilm for any detail that isn't well received by the collector community. For the record, our friends at Lucasfilm are fantastic, and some of the most knowledgeable licensing representatives that we've had the pleasure of working with. No other licensor maintains as extensive a reference library as Lucasfilm, nor of any competitive quality. Don't be too hasty to lay blame on licensors. At the end of the day, our design team uses the reference and tools that they provide to make product, to make decisions, and to do their very best in terms of quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

You can rest assured that our creative and production staff members do read the comments and criticisms, always with an eye for righting any wrongs and satisfying the majority at the next opportunity. We'll gladly accept constructive criticisms and take our lumps, and if you look at the history of our product line, you'll see that each exercise helps us to learn and grow and produce visibly better results. Manufacturing is not magic, and there are elements of the process that are beyond complete control, but our trend is ever-increasing ambition and matching quality.

When we do bring a new Darth Vader figure to market, you can be certain that the helmet will be heavily scrutinized by all involved.

Now that the 30th anniversary for "Empire Strikes Back" is upon us, is there a Hoth gear Han Solo in the works? (maybe blue coat like the Hasbro from the 80's for the exclusive eddition) And how about Luke with Hoth gear? Have you guys thought about Taun Tauns or maybe Dewbacks,≠ and maybe a Landspeeder!

Yes, we do have some special plans to celebrate Empire's 30th. We've given thought to all versions of Luke and Han, including Hoth, and even the Dewback and Landspeeder are under consideration.

Will you think to make 1/6 scael Count Dooku and Grievous figures? These 2 figures are very important in Star Wars Universe!

Don't spoil the surprise for anyone else, but the answer is yes. Dooku is underway now, and Grievous is getting a serious look-over as a likely candidate for late 2010 or 2011.

I collect as much of the Star Wars 12-inch line as possible°≠ is there any chance of a 12-inch Cad Bane from the Clone Wars series?
Cad Bane is THE most exciting character we've seen come from the Clone Wars, and we're eager to work him into our plans. We have a semi-clever idea to bring him to a product sooner than later, but we're going to take our time to get a real, meaty Cad Bane figure worked out - whether that is in 12" or Premium Format or something else remains to be decided.

I'm a big fan of Wedge Antilles and believe that he has pretty much gotten the shaft in the world of Star Wars collectibles! Any chance on Sideshow doing him some justice and giving us a 1/6 Wedge?

Yes, we're actively reviewing the Rebel pilot roster for 12" figure development. Wedge is at the top of that list.

I am confused over the answer you gave concerning the question regarding the Darth Vader life-size bust. I was at Comic-Con and pointed out that the stand should be one that lets the face mask be displayed be itself WITHOUT the dome over the face mask because all that great detail on the mask will be covered up by the dome over it. There is so much detail in that face mask it would be an injustice not to see it if the dome has to go over the face mask! A stand should be created for the face mask AND a stand for the dome°™SEPARATELY!! I hope this is what is being planned!

Understood - and we'l show images very soon of the way that the separate display base allows you to display the facemask and dome. They'e not going to display in a connected fashion (as when they're dressed on the bust), so that some of that detailing on the facemask is in fact visible. Stay tuned!

I ordered your Darth Vader Life-Size Bust, and I have a question about this. It is possible to put the head of Anakin Skywalker with the mask and the dome at the same time on the life size bust? I find that it would be something very interesting to be able to have three elements positioned at the same time on the life size bust of Darth Vader. Thank you in advance for your answer.

We gave it a great deal of consideration but found that any solution that allowed you to dress the mask over the Anakin portrait would in fact impeach the quality of the Anakin portrait by forcing us to flatten his ears, reduce the size to easily fit, or to make some other compromise that felt wrong. As it is designed, you will have to choose whether to display the Anakin portrait OR the facemask (with or without the dome).

Are you planning on making a Queen Amidala Premium Format figure anytime in the near future? I've been waiting forever for one and it doesn't seem to come up at all in questions or anything!

You're not the only voice to ask this recently. She is on our list of candidates but not yet in development.

With the Clone Wars Series 2 on Cartoon Network,≠ are you guys planning or hopefully in the process for a 12-inch (or even bigger) Cad Bane figure,≠. how about Bossk, or the assassin droids (IG 88's)?

We're closely watching Cad Bane, and Bossk's reappearance has pushed his name up the list considerably for 12" figure production. We're also evaluating the assassin droids, primarily IG-88.

Will your Star Wars line have any, um, 1:6 scale "remakes"? With the new Prometheus body, and better quality, there is room for improvement on some of your earliest figures. I for one would like to see a new Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. I currently own both yours and Medicom's version, and I want just one more version to take the cake!

Yes. With the newer body options, with our evolved style, and with all that we've learned over the course of the line, we do feel that there are several characters worth returning to. We're not actively involved in any re-do development, but it is something that we expect to do.

I have all of Sideshow's Star Wars Premium Format Figures! I love your work on this license! But an essential character in the 1/4 scale is missing. When shall have we a preview of Obi-Wan Kenobi "Revenge of the Sith" Premium Format? The association with magnificent your Anakin Skywalker would be excellent! I eagerly await your answer. Thank you very much!

Obi-Wan from ROTS has been discussed many times and is very high on our list of candidates. He's not currently in development, but it's really just a matter of when, not if.

In a recent Toyfare magazine, there's a page that shows some of what Sideshow has in the works. On that page there is a few photos of a model of C-3P0. Is that a 1/6 scale or Premium Format? i hope its a 1/6 scale. Photos show different poses, so I'm thinking 1/6. If so, it looks awesome!
The images shown in the Toy Fare article are of the upcoming 1:4 scale C-3PO, which is a really tremendous engineering feat. The piece will also serve to inform our 1:6 scale C-3PO, as some of the development work does overlap.

Will Sideshow ever release a "Revenge of the Sith" Clone Trooper in full white/generic/clean armor? Is really nice to get every armored trooper in his basic look. Thank you, and congratulations for your fine works, especially with SW line!

Thank you for the kind words! Because there are so very few of the clean white Clone Troopers in ROTS, we originally felt them to be very low priority. However, with the more extensive use of the clones in the Clone Wars CGI, and after seeing the inspired custom work that many of you are doing with the clones, we do think there are good reasons to release a 'basic' white trooper. We're currently evaluating several designs, including some that would provide a 'deluxe' basic trooper with multiple helmet styles, so that you could choose your preferred clone style (whether you prefer Ep 2, Clone Wars, or Ep 3).

When will we see Yoda in the Star Wars 12-inch line?

Our plan is to give you a look at Yoda in 1:6 scale within 2010, and you should have him in your hands within 2011, if all goes as planned!

I would love to see a life-size Boba or Jango Fett!

Both Boba and Jango are VERY high on the list of candidates for life-size development.

Any chance you might make an accessory pack for the armored Star Wars General Kenobi figure that would include a jousting lance and Mark I type Clone trooper helmet that we could add on to the figure?

It's more likely that we would focus on General Kenobi's appearance in the newer Clone Wars CGI than return to the previous animated source material for future products. However, some designs including General Kenobi & Durge have been discussed for diorama possibilities.

Since you've tooled the armor for the classic trilogy Stormtrooper action figure, any chance we might get an expanded universe version of the Shadow Trooper in all black armor with silver highlighting?

It's a safe bet.


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