Sideshow Teases Their G.I.Joe Zartan Figure & A Q&A

by Jay Cochran
February 20, 2010
Sideshow Toy has released a teaser image for their upcoming 12" Zartan figure which you can check out below in our Gallery. No word on when this one will be released but it won't be the next 12" Cobra figure they do.

Side show has also released 3 rounds of Q&A's over the past week which we have rounded up for your reading pleasure.

Your Questions Answered - Toy Fair 2010 - 02/16/10

Question: I know that Sideshow will be doing more Terminator Salvation pieces in the future - are there any plans for a T-600 rubber mask version terminator in Premium Format?

Sideshow: Absolutely, yes. We have big plans for Terminator Salvation and the T-600, possibly including a PF style release.

Question:Before I start, I have to say your company as a whole is producing some amazing things, and I have no doubt after looking at other companies, I don’t think they come close. Pure class and a certain ‘feel’ to them - and I don’t mean touching them ;) I collect the Premium Formats mainly, and I have a couple of Terminators in my collection with the T-600 bust on order. Has there been any talk or plans to have a go at a Premium Format Sarah Connor Chronicles line? I think there would be some serious interest in a Cameron PF along with a few others. Although it was cancelled 2 seasons in, it has a massive following and was never given a chance to shine. I’m pretty sure all the rights would be with the same company as the films. I would be the first to buy them for sure! Keep up the good work - amazing!!!
Are there any plans for Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Sideshow: Truth be told, we’re not entirely ‘in the know’ on the Chronicles, and we’re more likely to focus on the material from the films.

Question: I would love for you to produce a Terminator 1 collectible of Arnold’s half-face ripped off and the skin side from when he’s chasing Sarah in the transport truck. Should be a life-size bust or a 12-incher!!!! And I want to see a figure with those older T1 sunglasses he wore!

Sideshow: We may have some good news to share with you on the T1 front in the near future. Stay tuned!

Question: After finally getting it right, I managed to display my Kirk and Spock Premium format statues. They look great but they were done 4 years ago and it’s like “don’t expect any more coming”. There is Seven of Nine but why not Worf in a Klingon Warrior costume, Data with some lights up of his positronic circuits, Picard as Locutus, Beverly Crusher with a light up tricorder? Seems Star Trek is a highly unexplored universe by Sideshow.

Sideshow: There are certainly some good Trek candidates. Quite simply, Trek sales at the time didn’t justify development on more Trek pieces, and other opportunities caught our focus. It’s not impossible that we’ll return to Trek at some point in the future, but it’s not likely to happen in 2010 or 2011.

Question: With the release of the Rambo Premium Format, will its success in sales determine whether or not a second or third Rambo PF would be produced? IE: if sales are bad and it does not sell well would any future Rambo PF’s be scrapped? Or would Sideshow endeavor to recruit better talent to do any other future sculpts in the line? What does Sideshow take into account in these situations where a line does not have many characters to choose from and the initial PF does not do as well as they would like?

Sideshow: The Rambo PF has done well, and we are discussing future Rambo products.

Question: With the release of the Rambo Premium Format, are we likely to see a Rocky PF as well anytime soon?
Now that you have Sly’s likeness approval for your Rambo line, do you also plan to bring him as Rocky?

Sideshow: At this time, we’re most interested in continuing the Rambo series, especially with the possibility of a new Rambo film on the horizon.

Question: As a premier Rambo fan, I was disappointed in your Rambo Premium Format; I just don’t see the likeness - it just doesn’t look like a top-notch Sideshow Premium Format to me. Are you fixing this issue or are we going to see the same figure that has been shown as the prototype? Oh, and by the way, can I have a Gift Card? The Lord knows I can’t afford some of your popular in-stock goodies this year since I’m on a tight budget until Christmas.

Sideshow: We do believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the in-hand images on the Rambo PF, which should begin shipping in April. We hope you found a Sideshow Gift Card to ease you through the holidays - if not, give us a shout!

Question: A while ago I bought the T3 art print hand-signed by Schwarzie himself; I love it! It seems you don’t have a lot of those types of things. Of course there are many art prints available but none signed by a movie icon as this T3 piece. I realize that it must be difficult getting an actor to commit to do this, but now that you have Stallone rights to develop some amazing Rambo stuff, is there any chance we might see an art print from movie icons such as Rambo or Rocky (even now that reboots of those characters continues), hand-signed by Sly himself? It would be a dream come true for me!

Sideshow: The T3 print was sort of a perfect storm of opportunity, and it’s not terribly likely that we’ll be able to offer such a great piece with a live signature again in the near future. If the opportunity arises, we’ll grab it!

Question: What about Abbot and Costello Pemium Format, maybe color and silver screen? Just an idea; who knows with all of your talented people!

Sideshow: We’re not currently planning any other classic or comedy products like Abbot and Costello, but we will pass along your suggestion!

Your Questions Answered - Toy Fair 2010 - 02/17/10

Question: LOTR I was wondering if there will be any more additions to the Lord of the Rings 1/6 Scale Figure line? It seems as though it has kind of stalled. There are still so many great characters left that have not been made.
What is the full story on why the Lord of the Rings 12al hundred dollars on this collection, that not finishing it is unfair to collectors. You already have the bodies for the hobbits, so Merry and Pippin (and Bilbo!!!) are doable, why not make a limited exclusive 2-pack? A custom body for Gimli might take a little extra work, but there are other applications that having that body format could be useful in the future…like the 13 dwarves in the upcoming Hobbit movie. We still need a King Aragorn, Gandalf the White, Saruman, there are plenty of others too! Come on Sideshow, give the collectors an opportunity to finish what YOU started; don’t abandon the 12-inch LOTR line!

Sideshow: We do hope to return to the 12-inch LOTR line at some point in the later future, and if the Hobbit film gets going, it will greatly help us to do so.

Question: When will the Lord of the Rings Premium Format dry spell end and who will it feature?

Sideshow: Hopefully, you have Legolas in hand now, and you’ve locked your pre-order on Gandalf? We’re currently in development on several other PF LOTR figures, and we have a whole new line to tell you about today! [Watch the Inside Look Video Announcement]

Question Any chance to see a King Of The Dead Premium Format figure?

Sideshow: He does seem to be a good candidate, doesn’t he?

Question: I’ve got a good collection of LOTR from Sideshow (16), and my question is: Are there any chance of these scenes for the next dioramas? Barad-dur tower (preferably falling down), Saruman in Orthanc Tower, Mithlond ship with Galadriel, Bilbo, etc… Gandalf the White, his first appearance, with Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli in Fangorn Forest.

Sideshow: All very interesting suggestions, and very BIG in scope! We prefer to capture more character-centric moments, meaning that your Fangorn suggestion is probably the most likely (and has been discussed). Towers make for very interesting environments, but it’s hard to work in scale characters.

Question: Most of us were overjoyed upon seeing your latest LOTR sneak peek [Thank You!], and ecstatic at the prospect of finally getting a Gandalf the Grey Premium Format!! My question is….Does Sideshow, within it’s LOTR licensing rights, have the ability to produce items [PF, LSB, and dio] with a light-up feature? We as LOTR fans are particularly interested in the prospect of getting a GTG PF featuring a light-up staff exclusive!

Sideshow: Of course! Gandalf will indeed have a light-up feature on his staff, and we will incorporate light-up features where appropriate on future releases.

Question: During a recent Q&A you hinted that, “we have high hopes of returning to Middle-earth in 12-inch form at some point in time”. Is it safe to say then that it has not been discontinued indefinitely? And would this have anything to do with the upcoming release of “The Hobbit”, or can we expect a continuation of the current line of characters? PLEASE SIDESHOW, WE LOVE THE 12″ LOTR LINE! If I could, I would purchase multiple copies of the same figure to support it. I will, however, remain loyal to the line and hope to see more additions to it in the future. I am also a huge fan of your Premium Format figures and Dioramas - but it is the amazing attention to detail, craftsmanship, as well as affordability of the 12″ line that will keep me coming back for more. I cannot praise your talented team enough and I hope that the support and encouragement of your LOTR collectors out there will make a difference!

Sideshow: Thanks for your kind words. While the delay in development is currently indefinite, something like the ‘firm’ announcement of the Hobbit could certainly make a change!

Question: Excellent news on the Ringwraith Premium format figure and now a possible Gandalf the Grey PF??? With money getting tight for a lot of people and collecting having to take a bit of a back seat to other less important things like bills, mortgage, food etc, could Sideshow PLEASE confirm one way or another if the Fellowship is to be completed in the PF line for LOTR? If not, who is least likely to make the cut and why? A detailed answer may help to answer more questions than it will undoubtedly generate (I hope!).

Sideshow: Please ask the majority of your fellow collectors if they would truly be interested in owning Premium Format figures of Samwise, Merry and Pippin. If the answer is yes, then you’re likely to see the full Fellowship represented in due time. Unfortunately, the hobbits, for whatever reason, do not seem to have the same appeal as other characters in collectible form, although we too wish it were otherwise. Similar to our approach with Marvel, characters of less popularity need to be mixed with more popular characters to best balance the line. So, if the line is able to continue long enough, all things are possible!

Question: Is there a realistic chance of ever seeing a treatment of Grond, the evil battering ram, before The Hobbit is released? I have long wondered if that was ever mentioned as a possible project. Perhaps w/ light-up eyes and mouth?

Sideshow: Grond is an interesting challenge and a strongly beloved prop (in house at Sideshow too). He’s MASSIVE. It feels strange to do him without including scale trolls and orcs to man him, but it’s tough to do justice to those characters in scale with Grond. We’ll continue to meditate on the idea and see if any wondrous design springs to mind.

Question: Any chance we will see LOTR 1:1 busts in the future?

Sideshow: It’s quite possible, but not in the immediate future.

Question: I LOVE your 1:1 Salacious B. Crumb statue. Its one of the favorites in my collection. I was wondering if the same treatment could be applied to Gollum/Smeagol? I figured they are somewhat close in size, and I’m sure would be another instant homerun. A life-size Smeagol statue would be precious for the LOTR collectors. Please Sideshow, do it!!

Sideshow: It’s something we discuss from time to time, and is likely to happen at some point! We will share your enthusiasm with the team.

Question: Would you ever consider creating a MIRROR for the Galadriel Statue???

Sideshow: It’s probably too late to create a 1:4 mirror simply as a companion to the Galadriel piece or for the older Sideshow/WETA piece. Galadriel may very likely appear in a future range, and we’d all like to see her include the mirror (finally).

Question: I have been wondering if you are going to produce a Rene Belloq 12-inch figure wearing the Jewish High Priest robes that he wears when they open the Ark of the Covenant at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?

Sideshow: We are currently evaluating more 12-inch Indiana Jones figure development, but our focus is really on Temple of Doom characters currently.

Question: After the release of the Indiana Jones Golden Idol, will the Crystal Skull or Holy Grail prop replicas be a possibility?

Sideshow: Yes, we’re VERY interested in creating Grail and Skull prop replicas.

Question: Sideshow used to be _the_ company for female figures with your Buffy and James Bond lines (you made them look good without being hypersexual). Thus I am sorely disappointed that Marion Ravenwood has not shown up in the Indiana Jones line. Could you explain what prompted the apparent decision to not pursue a major character like her when she appears to be in high demand among collectors?

Sideshow: Fair question. We’ve fallen out of love with our old female body and delayed development on new female 12-inch figures until we sort out an update to the base body or a new body entirely. Things are still cooking at Sideshow HQ, and we’ll reopen the doors to female dev soon.

Question: I LOVE the Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy. Trevor did another amazing job on the face sculpt. I might even prefer it over my PF Raiders Indy, but time will tell. Is Trevor working on any sculpts for the other two Indy movies in the PF format? It’d be great to add to these “bookends”.

Sideshow: Yes! Trevor recently completed the Indiana Jones from Temple of Doom, and we’re working on the prototype now!

Question: I’m so excited to have placed my order for the 1:1 Raiders of the Lost Ark Fertility Idol. What’s next for the 1:1 Indiana Jones relic line? I’d love to see the Crystal Skull (I have your small one that came with the DVD set), the head piece to the Staff of Ra, the eye of the Peacock diamond from the beginning of Temple of Doom, a Sankara Stone (or all 3), the Cross of Coronado and the Holy Grail.

Sideshow: Several of the props you mention are in the works and even another that you didn’t mention. Stay tuned!

Question: With German Indy and Henry Sr. shipping, can we get a hint of what Indiana Jones 1/6 Figures are coming in the new year?

Sideshow: There will be a bit of a break between the shipment of KOTCS Indy and the announcement of our next Indiana Jones 12-inch figure. We’re looking hard at designs from Temple of Doom for the next releases.

Question: I have to tell you, that the Indiana Jones vs. Mola Ram diorama is awesome!!! You said that this is the first from the freshly launched IJ diorama series, so what about the next one? Is it in the works? can you give us some hints ? e.g.: from which installment did you choose? I think the scene, when Indy cures his father with the grail would be great!!

Sideshow: Duly noted! We have not yet selected the next Indiana Jones diorama, but there are several GOOD designs on the table! Stay tuned!

Question: I was wondering if you were going to sell the Indiana Jones Life-Size Bag separate from the Indiana Jones VS Mola Ram Polystone Diorama? I love the bag and want one very badly!

Sideshow: We will not be offering the bag separately from the Diorama, but we will share your interest with Sideshow creative!

Question: I love the Indiana Jones line, all of it…1/6, 1/4, props…all of it. I have purchased every item made for it. Are you going to continue the 1/6 scale line with more figures from the series, or is KOTCS Indy the last of the Mohicans? Also, if it’s not dead, would Sideshow consider the Hot Toys DX route and include a different outfit change with a figure?

Sideshow: We do have plans to continue the line, but we don’t have a firm timeframe to share with you. A deluxe Indy could be very interesting!

Question: Are there any plans to have a Willie Scott figure for the Indiana Jones line, in any format?

Sideshow: Our Creative Director, Tom Gilliland, has a real soft spot for Willie Scott. It’s a safe bet that she’ll appear in some form.

Question: Concerning the Indiana Jones license, does Sideshow also hold the rights to developing characters from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles?

Sideshow: We’re not certain, but we still have a lot of ground to cover from the films before we dip into the Young Indy material.

Question: Ok, you guys really have me freaked out after prior rounds of ‘Ask Sideshow’ questions. Indy fans were told there would be “a pause in the Indiana Jones 12-inch line after Henry Jones” and that Sideshow was “in the midst of evaluating TOD characters.” The Indy freaks require clarification…. Does this mean, in any way, that the 1/6 line is in jeopardy?
I’m very (VERY) disappointed by the news that the Indy 1:6 line is on “pause”. Can you clarify what that means? Does that mean that there will simply be a long wait before the next announcement but that there IS a definite announcement coming, or does that mean that there is no new figure to be announced in the foreseeable future? I have all the figures from the line so far, and it was the Indy line that got me into collecting 1:6 figures in the first place. So I would be incredibly disappointed if the Indy 1:6 line was indeed dead, like many of us fear.
Have you stopped work on the Indy 1:6 line to re-assess whether it is still viable? I know you intend to continue the license with dioramas and Premium Formats. But many of us are only interested in the 1:6 line and were hoping to at least get one or two figures (and personally, at least one Indiana Jones figure) from each movie. We all know what happens when a line is put “on hold”, and “pause” seems like the same thing. What would have to happen for you guys to continue with the line? Please reconsider!
I’m sure you’re getting swamped with this question, but I thought I’d add mine to the pile … What’s the status of the Indiana Jones 1/6th line? Just hoping for some clarification. A few weeks back you mentioned that the line was “paused.” A lot of collectors then leapt to the immediate conclusion that the line is struggling badly and is therefore headed inevitably toward being axed. But I read the “paused” announcement differently. After re-reading it a few times, it seemed to me you guys were announcing a GOOD thing — that you were pausing to consult with Hot Toys so you could figure out how to do shirtless figures. NOT that you were gearing up to pull the plug on a struggling line. Could you please clarify? As a big lover of the 1/6th Indy line, I’m REALLY hoping I’ll need to buy a few more Detolfs in 2010 for a growing Indy 1/6th collection!

Sideshow: Great questions, all of you. The pause is indeed to give us the opportunity to evaluate our future plans for 12-inch Indy, including diorama type environment pieces. In the meantime, our development teams have been working hard on the 1:6 Star Wars and GI Joe lines, and we will redirect their efforts to Indiana Jones in due order. From here out, we’re most likely to develop ‘bursts’ of Indiana Jones 12-inch figures, ie a Temple of Doom subset, then onto other films.

Question: I’m a huge Indy fan and have all the Indy items you’ve put out so far, keep up the great work! One question… I’ve noticed the Indy 12-inch line is “smaller” in proportion to your Star Wars line, as well as the New Line House of Horrors line. In fact, your Indy is “shorter” than your Han Solo! Was the reason for this so the Indy line would work with other 12-inch WWII era military lines like Dragon, G.I.Joe, etc? Or was there a different reason for the different “scale” of the Indy Line?

Sideshow: When we launched Indiana Jones, we also launched the new Pro Body, which ended up a bit smaller than ideal. We’ve since added body parts to the Pro platform allowing additional height, arm, shoulder, and butt configurations - and future Indiana Jones figures will benefit from these advances (and potentially others).

Question: I love the Indy vs. Mola Ram diorama. Please Sideshow, give us an Indy & Marion Well of Souls and Indy with Henry Sr. before all is said and done. I could go on, but these would be very iconic.

: Certainly, we’ll share your wish list with the creative team!

Question: Will the Indiana Jones 1:6 environment pieces continue? I am really hoping we’ll get a Map Room Indy with polystone Map Room environment. What is the possibility of this happening?

Sideshow: Yes, most likely on a basis paired with future 12-inch Indiana Jones offerings. We can’t promise the map room as a certainty, but it’s high on our list too.

Question: Where does the Indy 1/6th ‘paused’ announcement leave us for the 1/6th KOTC Indy? Will we still see this figure?

: We hope that you have him in hand as you read this!

Your Questions Answered - Toy Fair 2010 - 02/18/10

Question: Any chance that you plan to make the rest of the Fantastic Four members in Premium Format? My Thing PF feels very lonely :(

Sideshow: While not currently in development, there is a chance that we would produce all Four members in 1:4 scale in either Premium Format or the Comiquette line. We are working on designs for a complete Fantastic Four team-up in the Comiquette line, but they are likely to be in a smaller scale than the Thing PF.

Question: Sideshow has done an amazing job with the Marvel VS Diorama line. I was wondering if we might see more face-offs from the “Civil War” comics? Maybe a Captain America vs Iron Man, perhaps?

Sideshow: Great suggestion, and it is definitely one that we have considered. It’s not currently in development, but it is possible for down the road.

Question: I love the classic Marvel comics and I would love seeing Sideshow tackling more on the classic Marvel confrontation moments. Are there any plans for Dr. Doom VS Fantastic Four Diorama set from you guys? I would think it will be a great diorama and only you guys can deliver it to us with best quality!

Sideshow: Yes, we have several concepts for how to best represent Doom’s ongoing struggles with the Fantastic Four. It’s not in the cards for 2010, but is possible for some time after.

Question: I love your Marvel line, and I was just wondering if you guys considered making a Thor Comiquette with the modern comic armor.

Sideshow: Thor is definitely due for some attention, especially with the upcoming film and current big Asgardian storyline. Thor is definitely getting a major, BIG representation this year, but we cannot confirm a modern armor Comiquette just yet.

Question: What are the chances of some characters from Marvel Zombies to be in your plans?

Sideshow: Strangely enough, Marvel Zombies does not fall within our existing rights with Marvel. While we might be willing to take it on, we haven’t felt compelled. We’ve still barely scratched the surface of the Marvel Universe without any of the ‘alternate’ storylines.

Question: With the AH!, Brooks and Cho Comiquette lines, it seems we have more room for female figures. Any chance of seeing the following X-babes make it to the Comiquette (or even Premium Format) line in the next year - Psylocke, Storm, Polaris, Dazzler? Also, when will the first Cho comiquette be revealed?

Sideshow: Absolutely. Psylocke will have her reveal very soon, and designs for Storm are in the works. Polaris, Dazzler, and others may come down the road, but no concepts for those lovelies have been drawn yet. There are several other femme fatales in development, so you won’t have to wait long for your next Marvel girl fix. At this point, we’re uncertain when the Cho series will get off the ground - stay tuned.

Question: Shall we wait for new Iron Man products to be revealed in 2010?? Also, what about the Gambit statue?? When will it be available?

Sideshow: Oh yes, there will be more Iron Man product in 2010. Iron Man 2 means lots and lots of greatness - including a few pieces that the collector community has been requesting for a LONG time (1:4 scale, say no more). Gambit is available now - hope you like him!

Question: Is it possible to make a Gambit Comiquette? Also, what about an Iron Man Mark V armor??

Sideshow: Gambit could see Comiquette treatment in 2011 or later but is not currently in development. You will get a first look at our plans for Iron Man 2 very, very soon!

Question: I love all your Marvel lines, whether it be Comiquettes, Premium Format, Legendary Scale Busts, or the ‘VS’ Diorama line. Will we ever see a Jean Grey/Phoenix or Jean Grey/Marvel Girl in these lines?

Sideshow: Absolutely. Phoenix has been on and off our planning for several years, sort of waiting for just the right interpretation - something a little fresh and unexpected. Jean Grey in her original Marvel Girl costume is a little less likely (for now), unless we were to do a team-up of classic X-Men, which is entirely possible.

Question: Are there any plans to release a classic Loki Premium Format Figure to accompany the released Thor figure? Suggestion: Please keep Loki classic in his male appearance. Cheers!

Not a bad idea, but you’ve got to give Loki some credit for his sexy new look too. For PF, male Loki would certainly be the more likely option.

Question: I am a big fan of Marvel’s Asgardian characters. So far, I have Thor Premium Format and Thor vs Loki Polystone Diorama from Sideshow. They are easily my top favorite collectibles. Is Loki (larger scale than VS dio) being planned for the following categories: PF, comiquette and Legendary Scale Bust? I’d definitely wish to see more Asgardians from Sideshow before the upcoming Thor Movie!

Sideshow: We do have several designs for Loki in other formats (non Dio), and we’ll definitely pass your suggestion through to the design team. It seems that we’re not the only ones excited about the coming movie!

Question: Of all the upcoming Marvel products from Sideshow, Loki Premium Format figure is the piece that I am looking most forward to. I really love the line-up so far for the PF line: Captain America PF/Red Skull PF, Hulk PF/Abomination PF, Wolverine PF/Sabertooth PF…etc. They are really great match-ups and I am very excited to see what you guys have in store for Loki PF since he is the first Avenger villain and also the nemesis of Thor. Will a future Loki PF be based on classic Loki (male version) from the comic book?

Sideshow: Yes, a Loki PF would most certainly be based on his classic male look. With the PF line, we really have tried to capture those famous conflicts, and we plan to continue that in the future.

Question: With Bowen Designs recently Releasing a Cable statue, does Sideshow have any plans for a Cable Comiquette? Possibly with baby Hope as an EX?

Sideshow: Cable is in our planning for both Comiquette and Premium Format series. Both are currently in the design phase and are likely to move into sculpture soon.

Question: I just pre-ordered the dynamic Spider-Woman Legendary Scale Bust, which I really love, but I was wondering if we might be fortunate enough to see the rest of her get the Premium Format treatment someday or possibly be featured as an upcoming comiquette?

Sideshow: Certainly possible! Spider-Woman is a great character and a real looker - a winning combination for future release in a large full-figure format.

Question: I’d like to know if we’ll ever see any film-based Marvel characters get the Premium Format treatment, like your Star Wars line? For instance, maybe Hugh Jackman/Wolverine, Wesley Snipes/Blade, Jessica Alba/Sue Storm, Jennifer Garner/Elektra, or Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man Premium Formats, just to name a few?

Sideshow: Our creative team seems to favor the comic interpretations of most characters over their film counterparts, but it’s entirely possible that they will dip into one or more of the 90’s and 2000’s Marvel films for inspiration. If we had to bet, it would most likely be from the X-Men franchise.

Question: Could you tell me if either you or Hot Toys has any plans to create products based on the Punisher: War Zone film characters or has that ship already sailed?

Sideshow: We cannot speak for Hot Toys, but it’s safe to say that the ship left port with regard to Sideshow.

Question: I really like how the cape of Emma Frost PF turns out. The cape itself looks really dynamic in the air. Will we see more caped Marvel characters like Magneto in Premium Format? Magneto PF will look stunning with a real cape.

Sideshow: Agreed! Yes, in fact, our creative leads are currently reviewing another Premium Format Marvel prototype piece with a cape and working at incorporating the same sort of effect from Emma’s cape.

Question: I only collect Marvel Comiquette products because I am not a fan of Premium Format fabrics. Fortunately for me that now some of the characters like Elektra and Punisher are being offered as Comiquettes as well as the previous PF figures. I am curious to know if Sideshow is continuing to offer more Marvel PF characters as Comiquettes? I am most excited to see a Dr. Doom Comiquette piece from Sideshow!

Sideshow: Absolutely, yes. We recognize that different collectors have different tastes, and some do prefer full sculpture while some love the real fabric elements. Popular characters like Doom, for example, deserve to see releases in each format, although we do our best to spread them out so that fans of characters like Doom don’t get hit with four or five Doom products all at the same time.

Question: I finally got the Classic Iron Man Comiquette piece, and I was totally amazed by how the Iron Man helmet turned out! Your Development Team did a fantastic job at making the helmet to look realistic by sculpting the helmet separately from the face sculpt. Is it possible to see the following Marvel characters (with helmets/armors) offered as Comiquettes: Doctor Doom, Iron Patriot, Stryfe (Cable clone). At a 1:4 scale, you guys have done a perfect job capturing all the details on every released Comiquette so far.

Sideshow: Doom and Iron Patriot are very good suggestions and are both on our design team’s wish lists. Stryfe has not been mentioned yet, but Cable certainly is in the works. Thanks for the compliments. We’ll certainly share them with the team!

Question: I know that Sideshow has produced Iron Man Comiquettes in the past and has recently released pre-orders for the Hulkbuster. Just wondering if there are any plans for a War Machine Comiquette in the near future? Or maybe a Captain America Vs. Iron Man Diorama based on the Civil War story. I think they would both make great centerpieces for anyone’s Marvel collection. Any thoughts?

Sideshow: Both are great suggestions and definitely have been discussed internally. War Machine is definitely part of the plans for 2010, thanks to his appearance in Iron Man 2.

Question: The new Premium Format Wolverine statue is a thing of beauty, and as a huge fan of Wolverine, I’d love to have one (doubtful, as it’s way out of my price range) but, I’m puzzled as to why you chose to put him in his blue and yellow Jim Lee era costume and not the more popular brown and tan John Byrne era costume? Especially since Sideshow already did a 1/4 scale version of the blue and yellow Wolverine as a Comiquette? Also is there any chance of Sideshow releasing an alternative costume version of this statue in the future?

Sideshow: Yes, we are exploring the brown costume version of Wolverine, perhaps as an alternate version of this very PF. It’s hard to say which is most iconic - Wolverine is not lacking for good costume options.

Question: How about a 90’s Psylocke and/or a 90’s Rogue Premium Format? I’d also like to see a Black Cat Premium Format! And…here’s an interesting thought…how about a Tigra PF? Rowwwrrr!

Sideshow: You’re definitely more than warm! Psylocke is soon to debut in Comiquette form, Rogue and Black Cat in Premium Format, and Tigra is on our list of candidates for 2011 or later.

Question: I would really like to see you guys make a Sentinel anything. A Legendary Scale Bust, Comiquette, or Diorama. I know you guys did multiple X-Men VS Sentinel dioramas, but I missed out on the best one, which was the first one. I still want more Sentinel statues and would love to see Wolverine cutting open the head of a Sentinel in a diorama. A light up feature would look awesome on EVERY Sentinel statue. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something else featuring this mutant-destroying robot!

Sideshow: We agree. The Sentinel will make an excellent large-size full-bodied piece. While we’re not actively developing a Sentinel yet, it is part of our line list for 2011-ish.

Question: Concerning the Wolverine Premium Format… Many people, including myself, have shown a dislike to the large seams on the front of his pants. Is it possible to remove those seams in production? Also, when are we going to see a Brown suit Wolverine? Either comiquette or PF?

Sideshow: The seams on Wolverine’s costume are an intentional part of the design, intended to give a little more dimension to the costume. Brown suit Wolverine should make an appearance in 2010.

Question: It’s long been a source of befuddlement for me that there are no quality 1:6 Marvel figures out there, apart from the few Medicom RAH figures from a couple of years ago. Especially having now seen the new Premium Format Wolverine, I was wondering if Sideshow had any thoughts of at last producing high-quality 1/6 scale figures of the classic heroes?

Sideshow: It’s something we discuss from time to time. Our hesitation is mostly with the concern about doing it right and doing a very BIG line - we need to complete a number of different body styles to best represent the superhero musculature, and it is prohibitive to do so in 1:6 scale but not impossible. For now, we’re very pleased with what Hot Toys is doing for the film based figure line.

Question: With Daredevil high on your to-do list, can we look forward to a Bullseye Premium Format or Comiquette in the not-to-distant future? I was disappointed to see the Daredevil diorama include Punisher instead of Bullseye or Kingpin. Come on Sideshow, you know DD, and Elektra for that matter, need Bullseye to match up against!

Sideshow: We agree fully! This question was certainly submitted before we unveiled our Bullseye Comiquette, and we hope you like him!

Question: I can’t exactly remember how long ago I saw this dio here on Sideshow, but I do know that I’ll never forget it. The Hulk vs. Spider-Man. The city street was all ripped up and Spidey was perched on a downed street light, ready to spring. It was jaw-droppingly awesome. The sculpting and level of detail was so well done, it was almost frightening. Since then, there have been other great dios (the Capt. America/Red Skull dio comes to mind) but none have quite matched that extreme level of radness, in my opinion. Don’t get wrong, I love Sideshow’s stuff, I just feel that the opportunities are limitless with all the super cool classic characters that have yet to be made. Are there plans for a Juggernaut dio? Anything goin’ on with Nightcrawler, Deadpool, or maybe a Kraven the Hunter vs. Spidey dio from “Kraven’s Last Hunt”?

Sideshow: Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, and Deadpool are all in development, most likely to see release in 2011, but not in diorama form. We certainly understand what you’re looking for, and we’ll pass along the suggestion for another mega-scene sort of Diorama.

Question: Any chance of re-production of Dr. Doom Exclusive Premium Format? The previous quantity sold is too low & it is a great detailed Masterpiece! More collectors should have a second chance at the re-make!
Since interest in your Marvel line has grown tremendously, is there any thought to revisiting older collectibles that are massively sought after today? The demand for the Doom, Hulk, and Captain America Premium Formats are off the scale - making a second run of the regular editions would surely sell much better than Man-Thing, Abomination, or X-23.

Sideshow: We don’t intend to re-release previously sold out collectibles, but we do intend to revisit those characters with new Premium Format figures or Comiquette versions. While Captain America may always outsell Abomination, we believe that those lesser-known characters are essential to the health of the line. Many collectors want a variety of characters not just the big names.

Question: Will you ever make Marvel characters such as Deadpool, Moon Knight, Black Bolt, etc…???

Sideshow: Deadpool is a definite. Moon Knight is likely in the future, and Black Bolt is a maybe (for now).
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