A New Diamond Select Toys Minimates Q&A Round Is Up For Your Viewing Pleasure

by Jay Cochran
February 24, 2010
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Minimate questions. Check out all out the entire Q&A below:

Curt Rapala
What’s with all the big crotches? Seriously? They seem over-used. You guys have gone crotch happy. I understand the use of the big crotch piece on minimates like Hulk. On characters where adding bulk is reasonable, I get it. But some of the big crotches on recent minimates have baffled me. There are big crotches on Black Panther, who’s known for being sleek and agile. Any number of Wolverines, a character KNOWN for being a runt, have them, including but not limited too Old Man Logan, Cowboy Logan & X-Force Wolverine. And finally, on the generic Skrull. A Skrull!? Really!? A scrawny little nameless Skrull grunt needed bulking up? Heck, not even the Super Skrull was afforded that honor. So seriously, I know how hard it must be to take this question seriously, but it honestly makes me wonder, what’s the motivation behind all the big crotches? What’s the motivation behind making some of these small characters big below the waste? :P :D

DSTChuck: Hmm how to answer that…ok honestly, you know what? You might be right. I ‘ll check with the designers and product managers and see what they think.

Michael Todd
Hey guys! Just wanted to say again how much I love the mini-flyers! Is there any chance we could get a viper mk ii to really make our collection pop? I like the mk vii, but lets be honest, the older mk ii is wayyyy cooler! You’ve been very good to BSG Minimates collectors, and to me, this would be the crown jewel to round out my set! Thanks for the consideration, we always appreciate it!

DSTChuck: I think we’re done with the BSG vehicles, the sales on them were not great.

Morgan Piersanti
Will there by any Dark X-Men Minimates? Weapon Omega, Dark Beast, Mystique, and Mimic. With exclusive Silver Age Mimic.

DSTChuck: We’ve looked at that a few times but for now none are on the schedule.

Eric Q
Hey there! I’m sure this has been addressed before, so feel free to disregard if so. I was wondering if any thought had been given to stands for the Minimate figures. The ones I have out seem easily prone to falling, and a small, clear base would work wonders. Maybe you could package a bunch of the stands with a few of the “flyer” pieces that everyone seems to be pushing for.. seems like easy money! (heck, didn’t Mattel just recently start selling these two items for their DC Classics figures?)

DSTChuck: We have thought about it and that’s why you see more of the flyer base in circulation. We’ll look at coming up with others as we have ideas. As for selling them as singles or packs- maybe someday but not right now.

Enzo De Palma
On the Minimates website, the “Play” section has said “Coming Soon” since July last year. When will that be up and running?

DSTChuck: We worked so hard to get that address back we wanted to have something to show at SDCC this past year but honestly we were not ready to launch the site fully. We have been working behind the scenes with our designers to come up with a break down as well as create content. Hopefully you will see a more fully realized site before the end of this year.

Mario Candelaria
You guys have some great Iron man ‘mates floating about. Is there any chance of a lab playset for Tony Stark with maybe some display slots for different armors?

DSTChuck: Not right now , we’re still working on the best way to produce the lab set. If that does well I could see us doing more play sets but I don’t think it would be anything that specific.

Angel Gonzaga
Hello, I am a big fan of your Minimates lines and I was wondering since there is a new A-Team movie coming out and you’ve done a Mr.T before, if you will try to get the license for the movie. Thanks

DSTChuck: Sorry, we did not get the rights for the new movie and at this time we are not working on them. For now I think Halo and Universal Monsters will be the new lines for this year- we might add something for later in the year.

James LasagnaBoy
Is it possible we’ll see a X-Force Archangel & Warpath released down the road?

DSTChuck: It’s possible but I can’t say either way right now.

Curt Rapala
Now that the Iron Man 2 single pack boxed set has been formally announced, and the idea of single packed Marvel figures has finally been breached, I thought the timing was right for this comment/question/suggestion… When most people recommend army builders they throw out names like SHIELD, AIM and HYDRA… while I don’t think these are bad ideas, have you considered doing a single packed case of less generic characters? One idea I had was an X-Men Single-Packed assortment. Something along the line of 3x Stepford Cuckoo A, 3x Stepford Cuckoo B, 3x Classic Multiple Man, 2x Obligatory Wolverine, 1x Jubilee. Oh yeah, btw, make Jubilee. Seriously. I’m utterly flabbergasted by the fact that she’s currently the ONLY holdout from the 90’s Animated Series team. And she’s the one I wanted MOST! *Shakes Fist* lol

DSTChuck: Still no plans for Marvel Universe single packs.

Andy W.
Hi, I’m a new collector to minimates but the Ghostbusters and Marvel lines have me hooked. These little dudes are great! I had quite a few questions and wanted to see if you could answer some of them, I’ll understand if you don’t answer them all. 1.) I saw that you re-released some of the Toys ‘R Us exclusive Ghostbusters minimates. I know there were changes to the Peter/Slimer & Louis/Slimer sets, but is there any difference between the Egon/Librarian Ghost set and the first release? 2.) Are there any plans to do the same type of re-release for the Winston/Taxi Ghost or Gooey Ray/Exploding Staypuft? It would be great to do this for the later since the other gooey Ghostbusters will be out soon. 3.) I’m happy to get a Janine, but is there any chance of getting a version of her from the first movie. She is the only missing character from the first film. 4.) With several members of Excalibur popping up in recent series of Marvel minimates, can I expect a new Nightcrawler may be on the way? the previous release is kinda pricey on the secondary market. 5.) Thanks for the Multiple Man minimate, he’s my favorite mutant. Is there a chance of seeing more minimates of the modern X-Factor team? 6.) Are there any plans for the Young Avengers or Marvel monsters in upcoming waves, specifically Stature, Patriot, Werewolf by Night, or Manthing? 7.) Would it be possible for you to acquire licenses to do classic monster movie minimates like Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula, etc? Thanks for taking time out for these questions, I appreciate it.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them and welcome to the family!

1. Those are the only two figures with changes. Its nothing we felt we HAD to do but when TRU gave us the change to “tweek” those two sets we jumped.
2. Later this year if there is still demand we might come up with some sort of best of to balance stock a little more, but we’ll have to see.
3. I think at this point we’re just glad we’ve been able to cover all the major characters and ghost and the key looks of the Ghost Busters. We’ll see how logn the line last before we look at going back for more second versions.
4. I’d say that’s very possible but nothing is planned right now.
5. Not really– it might happen but Multiple Man was more “hey he’d be a cool different army builder- lets see what fans think”
6. None of those are planned at this time.
7. Done and done!

Brian Petersen
I find it neat when you guys include that little poster of Marvel minimates into sets, but now I have about a billion of them laying around. Instead, would you guys consider inserting little posters of the minimate art (like you did for the early BSG and Dark Reign minimates) into the packages? I think it’d be a neat addition.

DSTChuck: Lots of new stuff planned for the MM inserts, we’re going to rotate the images more and are working on content right now. I DO think the massive group picture will stay or at least be in heavy rotation. We think it’s a very important part of converting first time buyers into collectors.

Luis Velazquez
Are there any plans to create an Ecto-1 Vehichle or The Firehouse to compliment the Ghostbusters Minimate series?

DSTChuck: While those would be very cool, neither is in our current license.

Adam Alexander
First off I want to thank you guys for a great 2009 in the Minimates world it was a rockin year. Now to my questions 1 I was wondering if there has been anymore thought put into maybe re-releasing the back to the future minimates in witch ever way would get them back on the shelves 2 I know I am asking allot but there any hints you guys could throw out there as far as movie minimates in 2010 thank you Adam Alexander

DSTChuck: Adam, While nothing is set right now- I’d lay pretty good odds that you will see more BTTF sets from us in 2010. As of now no new movie stuff from DST in 2010 aside from what you saw at Toy Fair.

Damon Klempner
First of all I want to say the Ghostbusters minimates is my favorite of the lines…my big question is with the launch of the vehicle line is there the possibility of seeing the ecto-1 made and biggest question of all and what Id like to see is that the ecto can fit all 4 Ghostbusters and the proton packs to be a true ecto 1 also an easy variant is the Ghostbusters 2 ecto 1a and even a slimed version…my one other question is there a chance to see a mark 2 colonial viper from Battlestar Galactica? keep up the awesome work!!

DSTChuck: Damon, so glad you like the line but I guess I only have bad news for you today. Neither of those vehicles are in the works right now. BUT for the Ecto 1, never say never!

Justin Brushett
I was wondering what you might have in store for future Ghostbusters Minimates. Maybe nothing specific but any hints towards the future would be awesome.

DSTChuck: We’re really going slowly with GB right now. We don’t want to over stay our welcome so we need to balance completing fans collections and going one wave too far. There will still be a good bit of product in 2010, but 2011 we might take a step back and get ready for the new movie. That said plans are very fluid at this point so you never know.

Brad Q
Greetings, Any chance of Real Ghostbusters minimates? It’d be a great way to extend the Ghostbusters line since the movie mates are pretty much done as far as character selection goes. Also, I noticed on the DST site they have the Toys R Us exclusive minimate vehicles listed. Does this mean they’ll be available to purchase there? Thanks, - Brad

DSTChuck: Right now no plans but based on the above question/response, that might be a direction we consider for 2011. There are NO plans right now for a Minimates Ecto1.

Tim Thatbloke
Two quick Minimates related questions for you. 1) Whatever happened to minimates.com, there was a big buildup then a bit of a fizzle and now it’s disapeared? 2) How is the recession impacting minimates ( and toy sales in general), are you seeing lower sales or perhaps planning fewer lines to less the impact on our wallets?

DSTChuck: I wouldn’t say it had a big build up and we have added some new content to it but for a more detailed response see the question earlier in this session. Minimates are doing fine in this current economic climate, however other line are suffering. Minimates deliver a good bit of play value right out of the box at a fair cost so, so far so good.

Brad Martin
I’ve been collecting minimates since I first saw that multipack in Toys’R'Us with the first series Spider-Man, Venom, Goblin and a secret ‘mate. I’ve been hooked since then. I have been buying every single Marvel MM you’ve produced since then. It seems the ‘build-a-figure’ characters from the old Legends figures and now DC figures were/are pretty succesful. 1. That being said, are there any thoughts or plans to incorporate a ‘Build-a-Figure’ into future lines of Minimates as opposed to a variant? 2. With all the different versions of Spider-Man and costume changes for other minimates, have you guys considered doing versions based off of the ‘94 animated SM cartoon. Like the beefed up Dock Ock, the classic look of Chameleon or even that crazy Spider-Man Unlimited costume? 3. WIll we ever see SPIDER-HULK ???? Come on, huh?

DSTChuck: 1) Due to very specific size restrictions in our license a build a figure is not possible and at this time we like Minimates all being a common size.

2) To be honest I am not SURE but I don’t THINK our license covers that.

3) Every Spider-Man figure is POSSIBLE.

Ron Swanson
I know Kick-Ass (the movie) is going to be rated R, but has there been any talk about a minimate 4-pack (Kick-Ass, Red Mist, Big Daddy, and Hit Girl)? Actually, that could be a great idea for a Comic-Con exclusive! (hint, hint)

DSTChuck: Sorry Ron right now there are no plans to sign that license.

Pete Guzzo
Hi,any chance of doing another series of kiss minimates sporting the new sonic boom costumes?

DSTChuck: Sorry Pete right now we have no plans to move back into the music category.

Tom Mcgowan
Dear DST, It’s me! I was wondering if there are any possibilities of a Robocop minimate series. Sincerely, Tom

DSTChuck: Hey Tom how are you doing! Yes Robocop is possible- there was talk of a new movie and I think we’re going to wait to see how that goes. A new movie would create interest and a hook for the buyers for even a classic line.

Brian Petersen
1) With the mini fliers in regular retailers, will there be anymore BSG minimates available outside of TRU this year? 2) Any plans for Caprica minimates? It has a small, but interesting cast that would make a cool transition to minimate form.

DSTChuck: Sorry Brian BSG Minimates from us are pretty much done. We never say never but there is nothing we’re working on. Caprica is a new show and as such all licensing etc..is independent of the older show so we do not have rights to it.

Tina Turlodo
Hi, I’d love to see a She-Hulk Minimate variant. Like maybe wearing the Fantastic Four costume or in her tattered outfit from her early days.

DSTChuck: Tina - its possible. It might even have been on a line plan in the past but I can’t recall.


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