Mattel Q&A Round-Up For April 15, 2010

by Jay Cochran
April 16, 2010
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different Mattel Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for April 15th batch of questions. Click here to check out the TNI ones.

1) Although many hardcore MOTU purists may argue that Keldor is not a core character, we strongly disagree. Why was Prince Keldor slated as a quarterly bonus figure instead of being given his well-deserved slot as a monthly Club Eternia figure?

2) When will the packaging for the SDCC MOTU Robot Chicken set be revealed and will there be anything difference between the ones at the show vs. those sold through MattyCollector?

3) Although their riders have not yet been released, is there a good chance that Strydor and Nightstalker may be released as part of the beast assortment in 2011?

4) In regards to the Shadow Beasts, do you have the rights to make the Filmation version of the creatures and if not, will you still make them in the 200X style?

5) You stated recently that there will be a "spirited collection" of Ghostbusters on display at C2E2. Is that in any way a hint that there will be some new ghosts on display or possibly that line's SDCC exclusive?

Kestors Korner

Kastor: With the announcement that there will be no tiered subscriptions, a major question comes up. Those of us who signed up for the 2010 subscription knew what we were getting into, and are able to plan accordingly for the charges, but at the time of sign up for the 2011 subscription will we we told what we will be paying for and when? The $30 to 60 price is a big range, and since there are no other options for fans can we at least know the prices before we sign up?

12 month at $20 plus tax and shipping

4 quarterly at $20 plus tax and shipping

1 bonus at $20 plus tax and shipping?large scale

4 figure some where between $30 and $60 (this could ?potentially a $120 difference) plus tax and shipping

This may influence whether many fans stay with the subs or not based on how much they actually cost. At this point you are essentially asking fans to write you a blank check because there is no way to cancel a subscription and since you have stated multiple times that this line is planned out at least two or three years ahead of time.

Kastor: Is the design team aware of the flocking problem some people have had with Moss Man? Those in humid areas may lose the flocking due to the glue used.

Kastor: With such a fever over the MOTU line, why are other lines and items up for sale on the same day on Matty Collector? There have been instances where you have started items on different days, like Merman, DCUC wave 11 and Retro heroes, so why overload the site with these other items on the 15th of every month?

Kastor: Is the deal with Toys R Us still going forward for the Dark Knight Movie Masters? If so when can we expect them in stores?

Kastor: We asked at Toy Fair if the Green Lantern Box set figure can have one open hand so they could hold lanterns, was it too late or will we see the figures with at least one open hand?

The Fwoosh

1. According to She-Ra’s bio, a group of he allies travel to Eternia in pursuit of Hordak after he abandons Etheria. Does this mean that only a select few PoP characters will make it into the MOTUC line or is this just a part of the history and all the PoP characters will have their time in figure form?

2. Do you have a date for when DCUC 13 will be available on Matty Collector?

3. Do you think a truly giant character like the Anti-Monitor would be acceptable as a regular C&C in the DCUC line or do you think there is a possible better way to release him (not many people got the giant DCIH version)?

4. Quite awhile ago you said that some civilian characters were in the works for DCUC. What is the status on that? Sometime this year? Jim Gordon is the most current obvious hole in the Bat-Family display.

5. Will you be announcing any new properties at SDCC this year?

1) SilntAngl asks: After reading Keldor’s bio, some fans aren’t sure how to feel about the Lord of Destruction’s humble beginnings. What’s your take on the injustices that motivated Keldor to feel he would be a better ruler for Eternia?

2) Manekochan asks: Now that Spring has begun, does Mattel have a shorter timeframe on when TRU will be carrying the last batch of Dark Knight Movie Masters?

3) Mr. Rant asks: Typically, refresher / best of cases of DC Classics go unannounced until some collectors find them in stores. In one instance this year, TRU had an exclusive Batman that caught fans completely unaware. A lot of collectors would like an early heads up on these non-new items, so they’re better prepared to find them. Is that possible?

4) Vault asks: Are you as pained as we are that the MOTU Classics line is to almost forty figures in and still has no Snakemen? Is there any chance this faction will see some love in 2010?

5) Noisy asks: Characters in other DC lines like Bloodwynd in DCIH, Aztek in JLU, or Wotan in Action League leave some of us DCUC collectors drooling for those characters in the line we collect. When a lesser known character appears in one of the other DC lines does that help or hurt their chances to be included in the Classics line?


1) Since you're putting the DC Universe Classics wave 5 set up on, is it possable we will see DC Universe Classics Wave 10 get put up for sale at some point on MattyCollector as well?

2) Why the change to Cheetah's costume? Is their a perceived nudity problem by retailers?

3) Concerning Masters of the Universe, we know that the 2oox style is retired and you have no plans of incorporating that look into the current MOTUC line. But, do you still have the molds for the 200x line? And if so is it possible to reissue figures from that line in a similar fashion to the Commemorative line for the 80's figures?

4) What is Matty's stance on Role Play items, seeing as Diamond has been doing Collectable RP for a few years now with great success? Collectible Role Play items from Masters of the Unvierse or Ghostbusters could be amazing!

5) My son has just discovered the Funkeys line of toys. What is the future of the line? Any new Funkeys on the way? How long will the software continue to be supported?


1. If the demand for Masters of the Universe Classics at mass market is strong enough to support a retail line, what would that mean for and the long-term plan for MOTUC ? Would you want to continue the MattyCollector program with monthly releases with the long-term roadmap intact, or would you have to pull some figures forward to build out the mass market assortments?

2. I think that for many collectors, one of the few big hitters that could make DC Universe Classics even better would be if figures character choices were better aligned with events in the comics. Some toy companies have mentioned working closely with editorial from comic companies. What’s preventing Mattel from working closely with the editorial staff at DC Comics?

3. It seems like every toy company that makes action figures has also started making vinyl figures. What happened to the Attitubes we saw last year at San Diego Comic-Con?

4. It’s tax day in the US. What do you think about an Irwin R. Shyster figure for the WWE line?

5. What are the chances of getting figures based on expanded universe type characters, such as girl Ghostbusters from the recent IDW comics or Extreme Ghostbusters?

Q1. Was there a reason why in the TRU exclusive DCUC vs. MOTU that Superman was exactly the same as the previous release? He was not even given a metallic color treatment to make him a little different, while He-Man got a total repaint. Why not release He-Man exactly as he was originally before as well?

Q2. Is there any chance of a Major Matt Mason line? Any chance it will be 3 3/4"? Any chance of any of the vehicles or other accessories? I would love to see the original figures and accessories in a smaller more managable scale as I had both growing up.

Q3. Is there any chance of a JLU Robin? Robin would likely be a very popular figure (especially if its a new figure instead of the non-JLU Tim Drake figure many of us already own) and could be repainted in several different costumes to allow for multiple releases – Original outfit, Earth-2 outfit, Batman the Animated Series outfit, etc.

Q4. How come ALL my local Targets are recieving case mixes with parts of waves 6,7 and 8 ? (we’re already on wave 12, that’s 5 waves behind) these cases are really clogging the pegs. Will Target be getting new DCUC anytime soon ? Will they ever catch back up?

Q5. Ok so we know we will not get a DCU weapons pack but any chance of us getting Gordon with the Bat signal that saw only a foriegn release. I know a lot of collectors would love to have the Bat-signal. Maybe next years SDCC could be Comm. Gordon with a Bat signal two pack ?


BZZURKK - Do you think that DC Direct's ability to offer figures that are released within the same time frame of the current comic to be a detriment to the success of DCUC? (As you have stated before that it takes at least one year for a figure to become a reality)

BZZURKK - I was reading somewhere that companies purchase space for their products on Wal-Mart aisles. Why hasn't Mattel made more of an offer to feature your product on Wal-Mart shelf space?

BZZURKK - Any news on the Action League figures? Have they done well enough at retail to deserve more waves?

BZZURKK - Do you think that your Movie Superman and Zod figures are comparable to what collectors of this type figure come to expect? I mean it is very hard to compete with Hot Toys and Sideshow in the 12" market. From the SDCC pictures of the 2 figures it looks like there is a fairly big space between Supes/Zod as compared to Hot Toys/Sideshow 12" figures.

BZZURKK - Does Mattel not have the advertising budget to market DCUC/DCIH? The reason I ask is because I haven't seen the first commercial for either product. I remember as a kid seeing Super Power commercials and that was the fire that lit my need for those figures.

1.) Fengschwing asks: Should DCUC Wave 5 prove popular and sell out, will Mattel consider releasing it yet again, as they do with popular MOTUC products?

2.) Grenadier asks: Would you attribute Moss Man’s incredible sell-out time to a lower production run, the fact that he went up for sale several minutes early, or was this an example of the Digital River system working at peak efficiency?

3.) mjturny23 asks: You said a while back that there wasn’t sufficient demand outside the US to have non-US distribution centers, but that you would review it later. Due to increasing purchases, is this a possibility now?

4.) Considering how popular they are and the rush to get them on Mattycollector last time, will you try to avoid selling the Trap Jaw and Battle Cat reissues in the same month?

5.) While Skeletor’s Havoc Staff was given something of an origin in the Millennium comics, it’s still one of the more mysterious aspects of the MOTU mythos. Are there any plans to touch on its history in the MOTUC bios?

Super Hero Times

1. Will the DC Universe SDCC Exclusive be revealed at C2E2?

2. Is it possible that we may see some Blackest Night 6" figures at Comic-Con this year?

3. You guys gave away a DC Universe Classics poster a couple of years ago at Comic-Con. Are there any plans for an updated poster/checklist in the works?

4. Have you ever considered making a working telephone booth accessory with a Clark Kent figure? This would be a very cool concept for Superman fans and would also be a great excuse to update your Clark figure to match the physical attributes of the Man of Steel.

5. The Flash's rogue gallery feature several cool characters that would make great additions to the DC 6" line. Are there any plans to release figures of such characters like Murmur, Girder or Mirror Master in the near future?


Hyperion asks- You've stated that exclusives for DCUC do not sell well enough for you to consider making more exclusive items and large scale products in this line. However, your other exclusives (MOTUC, Ghostbusters) seem to do very well because the business model seems to be a conflict between "make something seem to be super-special by hyping it to death and keep the production run limited to next to nothing so that sales (on the surface) seem great, but the lack of product and the battle to get it angers fans" versus "create enough of something to last a good long time so people can get it at their leisure and be happy with the company but end with a few extra of the product rolling around at the warehouse".

Granted, I'm not in marketing but please, how does this vaguely balance out?

Bigraj asks- Will the re-release of DCUC wave 5 have improved quality control, or are these figures EXACTLY the same ones made for release in '08? I had to hunt down another Atom due to a broken hip, and my Riddler has a gummy hip that I'm afraid to move any more. Thankfully the freezer helped me free up the stuck joints on the other figures, but the QC is definitely a concern for this re-release even though I don't need the figures.

Zeekzin asks- Is there an interest on Mattel's part on continuing the DC license beyond the original "5 year mission"? Have there been any discussions yet with DC regarding renewal? Other than buying product, is there anything we as fans can do to facilitate this?

Mr Blisterfists asks- Surely you don't expect us to accept a repaint of the series 3 Robin as Tim Drake's Classic costume?

Multiple Members Ask- "We loved the black bat insignia All-Star Batman you snuck out, you saucy devils! Are there going to be any more unheralded variants we will need to look out for? We noticed that Hal is in the MA outfit on the back of the package!"

Joe Acevedo

1. All but 5 of the DC Infinite Heroes figures shown at the NY Toy Fair are now available at retail. When do you plan to reveal the next batch of new DCIH figures?

2. The DC Infinite Heroes Ravager figure was the first female DCIH I saw with new hips and knees. How long before a new female upper torso is made to use ball joint shoulders and arms with elbow joints.

3. The DCIH Deathstroke figure was released, but the paint colors did not match what the DCUC 6" version or the comic books have. Are there plans to release a redeco with blue legs instead of silver?

4. When are the DCIH Robin, Dr.Light, Ravager and Heatwave, Flash, Trickster, 3-packs scheduled to be in stores?

5. When are the DCIH redecos, "Gold" Captain Atom, "Black & Grey" Black Hand, and the Reverse Flash, scheduled to be in stores?

Rumor Busters

1) Any chance we could see some more obscure villains in the various DC lines? For instance, a Catman would be great!

2) Even though Music Meister only showed up in the Brave & the Bold TV show, would it be possible to see him in DCIH?

3) Is the current similar style of the Toy Story Buddies and Action League Minis a style that is being planned to carry over into other products as a sort of in-house “Mattel Mini” style? Will we see it again?

4) Have you considered re-releasing repaints of complete C&C figures on Mattycollector or so that collectors of different scales (ok, just IH) can get bigger characters without having to pick up other figures?

5) Several Brave and the Bold figures such as Solomon Grundy (“Zombie Hitman”), and the individual Metal Men have been given name changes. Can you give us some insight into why some figures get name changed?

DC Hall Of Justice

1. Since the JLU male figures now all have peg holes, how come they don’t get stands like the female figures?

2. Can you give us a ballpark number on how many show-accurate requested stuff we’ll be seeing this year for JLU?

3. Are we going to see a tie in with Batman: Under the Red Hood or the next few releases?

4. Are we ever going to see any of the Western Heroes?

5. After the Wonder Twins/Gleek run, what were Mattel’s realizations about convention exclusives? Will a similar pattern of having truly ‘exclusive’ con exclusives occur again or will Mattel try to make the convention exclusives be less ‘controversial’.

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