2010 SDCC - Masters of the Universe Classics Information Round-Up

by Jay Cochran
July 27, 2010
Here is a round-up of information from last week’s San Diego Comic-Con for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Mattel’s Toys R’ Us exclusive line of DC Universe Classics vs. Masters of the Universe Classics figure 2-packs will continue with 4 new 2 packs in 2011. Following the He-Man vs. Superman and Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor sets which are already out on shelves, we can expect new sets to include Stratos vs. Hawkman and Mer-Man (Mini-Comic Colors) vs. Aquaman. The remaining two new 2-packs for 2011 have yet to be determined but one possible pairing could see a Trap-Jaw vs. Cyborg set.

To round out 2010 on Mattycollector, we can expect 1 new figure each month with the next oversized figures, Gygor to be released in September. There will be a second weapons pak (Great Wars) which will see a release in October.

The next quarterly figure, a King Greyskull redeco will be released in November. Also in November we will see the release of Mattel’s first army builder figure 2-pack. We can also expect to see reissues of previously released MOTUC figures each month throughout the 2010, for those of you who may have missed out on earlier released figures.

Subscriptions for Mattel’s 2011 Club Eternia subscription began last Wednesday and will continue to run till July 4. There is a $20 sign up fee which Mattel says covers the cost of the subscription only figure.

Included in your subscription will be:

- Twelve 6” monthly released figures
- Four Quarterly 6” “A-List” variant figures such as Battle Armor Skeletor
- Four oversized Beasts or Army Builder packs such as Panthor (3 will be $30 and 1 $40)
- Subscription only figure like Time-Travel He-Man and a new Map (These will ship in Qrt 1 2011)

Not included in the subscription will be:

- SDCC exclusive figures
- Figure stands which will be returning in 2011
- Weapons Paks
- Figure re-issues

For those not wanting to subscribe, you will still be able to try and order figures individually and the maximum order limit on Mattycollector will remain 10 figures per customer, or while supplies last.

She-Ra fans will have an opportunity to purchase her sidekick with a new version of her horse Swiftwind. Fans at comic-con were able to vote if this would be done in the classic white color or royal pink. The classic white version won with 62% of the vote. Swiftwind will be released towards the end of 2011.

For those who missed out on the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive version of the Orko with Prince Adam figure, a non-color change version will go on sale at the Mattel website starting on August 2nd and cost $25.

Also on sale in August will be the next regular figure, which will be Whiplash. This figure will have two alternate heads and two weapons.

September will see the release of the Chief Carnivus figure along with the oversized figure, Gygor.

In October we will see the release of Roboto. This figure will come with 3 robotic arm attachments along with a regular fist attachment. The gears in his chest will move as you twist his waist, just like with the original Roboto figure. Each of the gears will also be cast in the original vintage colors as well.

In November will see a release of the second weapons pak (Great Wars) which will include:

- Mer-Man’s weapons in gold,
- Gold spear from Whiplash which will go great with your King Randor figure
- He-Man’s Battle Ax and Shield in orange, which will look good with Fakor
- Evil-Lyn’s weapons in a purple which is an homage to the 200x line
- Roboto’s parts in black for Trap-Jaw to use
- Green bird perch and armor
- Optiks’ weapons in black
- She-Ra’s sword in two colors

November is going to be an expensive month for collectors. For the regular figure, look to see the Horde henchman Grizzlor released. He will come with a removable loin cloth as well as 3 weapons that will attach to his back. The loin cloth will be packed separate from the figure so he will have his classic look in the package.

We will see the release of the first Masters of the Universe Classics figure 2-pack which will contain the Eternia Palace Guards. There will be 4 different interchangeable heads included in this set including a snake-man head and one that looks a lot like Mattel’s own Scott Neitlich. Other accessories featured in this set will include 2 removable mouth guards, 4 swappable chest plates (A Lieutenant Battle Damaged and Non-Battle Damaged plate and a Private Battle Damaged and Non-Battle Damaged plate), 2 shields, 2 long axes, 1 club and 1 short axe. This set will cost $40.

Then finally we will see a King Greyskull redco figure released. This version will come with a light sword, 2 halves of the grey power sword, orb of power and it will contain flocking on it. This one will be one of the quarterly non-subscription figures.

In December we will see the release of Buzz-Off. It will come with a removable helmet as well as his 200x long ax and a short ax.

Starting things off for 2011 in January, She-Ra fans will get another nod with the release of Bow. He will have two different heads, classic with the headband and one with a mustache like in the cartoon. He will have a removable/swappable chest piece that will feature either a circle or a hart. Also included with this one will be bow without a string, arrow quiver and a bow.

The first over-sized figure for 2011 will be of a Shadowbeast. Considered to be an army builder, it will come with a very detailed club and be released in January along with Bow.

In February we will see the release of Cona…. Err I mean Vikor, He-Man of the North. Vikor is based on the original concept art for He-Man. It will come with a re-moveable helmet, axe, spike shield, skull necklace, and beast cape. It will also have a real metal chain hanging from his wrist band and come with the other half of the blue power sword (the other half is in the “Great Wars” weapons pak).

Also in February will see the release of the next quarterly figure which will be of Battle Armor Skeletor. This figure will come with a purple axe, and swappable chest pieces like Battle Armor He-Man had. This figure will NOT have a sword.

King Hiss will get his Classics debut in in March and include swappable mid-sections so you can give him human form or snake form. It’s not break-away armor like with the vintage figure which allows both the human and snake versions to be fully articulated, well the snake part has bendy articulation. This figure will come with snake staff and shield.

The 2011 Club Eternia figure will be of a Preternia Disguise He-Man which apparently was designed by Bruce Timm of “Batman the Animated Series” fame. He will come with a cosmic key which was seen in the 80’s live-action “Masters of the Universe” movie. This allows He-Man to travel through time. He will also come with a giant Bionatops gun for hunting Eternia dinosaurs.

Club Eternia subscribers will also get a new map with their subscription. This time it will be a map of Etheria during the Horde occupation. Both the map and figure will ship in quarter 1 of 2011.

Other things to look for in 2011 that will be available to everyone will be the following:

- Greyskull stands will be offered again in Q1
- Reissued figures almost every month
- Small diorama pieces in Q2 like a Castle Greyskull weapons rack
- $25 SDCC exclusive item in Q3
- First vehicle in Q4 like a Battle Ram

For those watering over the Battle Ram shown at the Four Horsemen booth during the San Diego Comic-Con we showed you last week, we should note that this was a mock up created by the Four Horsemen to show Mattel and possibly won’t be the first vehicle released for the line, though we feel the chances are pretty good at least some portion of it will be. Vehicles are their own new category, not considered over-sized figures and will not be included in this years subscriptions.

We also overheard some Mattel folks talking at the Mattel booth last week about Panthor coming in 2011??? This is by no means a confirmation in our eyes that the purple pet of Skeletor will get his day in the sun, but we feel it’s a good indication he will.

As far as Masters of the Universe returning to regular retail, don’t expect anything besides the 4 new Vs 2-packs in 2011. Beyond that, anything is possible, especially if we ever see that new long-rumored Masters of the Universe movie finally make it to the big screen. If or when Masters of the Universe figures were to make it back to retail, Mattel’s Scott Neitlich explains it would be with fewer accessories to keep costs down and preserve the collectivity of the online versions.

Mattel is currently looking at possibly bringing back MOTU playsets and if they do, the first one would likely be Castle Greyskull.

For the VS. figures, don’t expect anything but regular figures, no over-sized or “Collect-To-Connect” figures in this line.

When it comes to the 200x sculpts, if Mattel were going to release characters from that line, it would be those characters in the Classics style. So for example if they were to do a Snake-Armor He-Man for the Classic line, it would be a Classics looking He-Man figure wearing the Snake-Armor. The hyper-details depicted in the 200x line have been retired and won’t be returning any time soon.

When it comes to making Filmation characters into figures, a character like Granamyr is a possibility because he first appeared in the mini-comics, and not the cartoon. Anyone created by Flimation though such as Blizzard Man, Shadow Weaver, Icor and Batros are off limits to Mattel at this time. Even if they appeared later on. The only exception are characters used in the 200x series like Marzo and that window is now closed.

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