Power Rangers 4" Ranger Slayer Custom Figure By Dravenheart

by Jay Cochran
November 03, 2019
This week's TNI Cool Custom is of a 4" Power Rangers Ranger Slayer figure. This was done by Dravenheart. Here is how they describe the making of this figure:

For those who don't know, in an alternate reality in the Power Rangers comic, Tommy remained evil and became Lord Drakkon. After this, he killed most of the Rangers and turned Kimberly into his main soldier, the Ranger Slayer.

Sculpted up the right arm gauntlet, belt, morpher, left arm, shoulder pad, collar, upper torso, bracers on her upper legs, knees, and hands. Modified and resculpted the helmet a bit, too. Second head was also from BossFight with the hair sculpted on. Cape was cut from material and glued on. Need to find a different kind of material to work with. Bow was a random one I had on hand, completely resculpted. I'll be posting a before and after short of both the figure and the bow on Instagram later this week. Dravenheart2012 for those interested. Full repaint, and finally all done!


Base - BossFightStudio Female Blank
Bow - possibly a Lord of the Rings figure?
Helmet - MMPR 2010 Pink Ranger

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Dravenheart - 2020-01-06 @ 1:39 am

I've been talking about trying to revisit this guy for ages. I made a couple renditions of him ages ago, but was never quite satisfied with them. Finally, recently got to go back and not just remake the two I did before, but fix up all of his variations. Stone, Crystalline, Metallic, and the Magma transformation in the Metallic variation.

After I swapped out all the parts, everything was sculpted. Boots, pants, skirt sections, stone arms, stone chest, straps and shoulder pads, facemask, and hood. After all that, full repaints, and all done!


Head, Upper Torso, Arms, Upper Legs - MU HyperionLower Torso, Lower Legs - MU Wonder Man

49147667803_5693a1a13e_z.jpgtremor22 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49328146352_9bd34f12a5_z.jpgtremor23 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162681_37a233e404_z.jpgtremor27 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162551_fc5c77a753_z.jpgtremor31 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49153221763_f095b9008b_z.jpgtremor35 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2020-01-06 @ 1:39 am

One of the very first customs I ever made was a Dexter Morgan. That was back when I was focusing a lot of my work on the Wolverine Origins bodies and was still trying to work out what paints I liked. That one was a bit more of a casual wear design. Since I've been revisiting a ton of old projects this year, I decided to give him another go. It helped that AngryNomad shrunk a Dexter head.

Sculpted up the full shirt and the pants. Swapped out the lower legs, and made the pants a little bit baggier over the boots. Also had to redo the boots slightly to they were a little shorter. Full repaint, topped off with a random knife, and done!


Base - MU Steve RogersHead - AngryNomad castLower Legs - random Joe

49327447458_cdd8c25625_z.jpgdextermorgan5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49328146367_6827f3e91e_z.jpgdextermorgan6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49327447453_b1976740ed_z.jpgdextermorgan7 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49153927607_dc14fbff34_z.jpgdextermorgan8 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-12-03 @ 12:17 am

I've been considering this off and on for a while, and I've finally tried my first diorama piece. At one point a couple years ago I considered switching to display pieces so I could focus more on the details than the mobility. Coming off making a commission where I had to sacrifice some aspects of the design to maintain articulation, and it bothered me a bit. But, I didn't like the idea of trying to ship a diorama. Anyway, I was asked locally to fix up a She-Ra and we went all out with a full display. The idea was to mimic the image of her standing on a cliff with the Crystal Castle framing her in the distance. It was a ton of fun, and I have more ideas I want to try, but not sure when I'll get to them.

Figure first. Resculpted the bracers slightly. Sculpted up the shirt, collar, and armor sections across the torso. Cut and glued the skirt in place. Rounded out the back with sculpt, then sculpted on the belt. Sculpted up the boots, and resculpted the headpiece. Had to cut and resculpt the sword a little bit, and add the gem. Cut out some cloth, glued it to her back, gave her a full repaint, and all done!

And the display. Started with a wooden base. Something from a craft store. Sculpted everything on top of it. Started with the stone look, then fixed up the castle base. After that, I sculpted up the central tower piece, and then painstakingly sculpted on every single other detail on top of that. I actually did use a couple small gems at the top. I keep forgetting about those. Glued them on to make my life a little easier. It is most definitely the most complex and intricate thing I have ever made from scratch. It's not perfect, but She-Ra hides the major flaws and she's happy with the final product, and that's what matters. Full repaint, and all done!


Body - BossFightStudio Female BlankBracers - BossFightStudio armorHeels - MU Emma FrostHead - MU EnchantressSword - AngelForge castSkirt - Infinite Heroes Mary MarvelCape - craft cloth

49148162566_9303a22aea_z.jpgshera by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162696_04713845a7_z.jpgshera2 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162561_857540348a_z.jpgshera3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-12-03 @ 12:15 am

This is not an easy figure to get ahold of. And while I've gotten better at sculpting, I still don't really want to make the helmets from scratch. Or Saba. The White Ranger is the one Ranger from the original series that I haven't made. I mean, unless you want to get really technical and count the Alien Rangers too. But I don't. I think the only other original based Rangers I want to make now would be a gender swapped set. At least for red, blue, yellow, pink, black, and green.

Sculpted up the full chest armor, which took a couple layers to get on there. Sculpted on the armbands, bracers, leg bracers, and the belt. Dremeled into the head a decent bit so it would sit properly, too. Gave him a full repaint, including some very tedious detail work on Saba, and all done!


Body - MU DaredevilHead/Saba - MMPR 2010 White RangerLeft Hand - MU Spiderman

49148371267_934bca2bba_z.jpgmmpr42 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162621_42a02dda27_z.jpgmmpr43 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162771_d5e9b02d5f_z.jpgmmpr44 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148371102_1246d82419_z.jpgmmpr45 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148162606_768716523b_z.jpgmmpr46 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-12-03 @ 12:14 am

I've made the original Power Rangers team three times now, but only once have I tried the Green Ranger. Back during my first run through the group. I've wanted to revisit him for ages, but have consistently kept putting him off. Getting better at sculpting has definitely made this concept a lot easier.

Sculpted up the full chest armor, armbands, belt, morpher, and the bands around his boots and gauntlets. Dremeled in the head a bit so it would fit better, gave him a full repaint, and all done!


Body - MU MysterioHead/Dragon Dagger - MMPR 2010 Green RangerGauntlets - MU Captain America

49147667688_3430941c1a_z.jpgmmpr48 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148371252_4741c040a5_z.jpgmmpr49 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148371242_1509fd5698_z.jpgmmpr50 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49148371237_49b6e57105_z.jpgmmpr51 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 49147667843_bf89f2ae69_z.jpgmmpr52 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-11-11 @ 12:34 am

Man, this was a crazy piece to work on. And expensive. Whew. I was asked to try an Infinity War Thanos on a Shao Kahn body and initially I loved the idea. The problem, however, was the material. Various pieces on the Storm Collectibles figures are soft rubber, which is tough to easily sculpt over. So, this became quite the endeavor. I was still determined to get him finished, though.

Picked up the head cast from eBay, but PlasticCurves also has it available, along with variant heads. Since the torso was so annoying to work with, I had to sculpt the suit in layers. I smoothed over the upper torso bit by bit, then sculpted another layer that I could actually cut into. Then I sculpted the last over the armor over it. Added sculpt to the upper legs and lower torso, as well. Sculpted up the belt, waist, kneepads, and the full boots. Sanded down the straps that remained on the shoulders, then sculpted on the full gauntlets. Hands are made soft too, so I stuck with fists for simpler modifications. Cut off the blades and properly resculpted the hands. From there, a full repaint, and all finished!


Base - Storm Collectibles Shao KahnHead - Thanos cast

48284455162_31bda7728b_z.jpgthanos by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48284455077_b3c6b304db_z.jpgthanos2 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48284357686_eeb9610bd4_z.jpgthanos3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48284454907_69f85749b4_z.jpgthanos5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48284357416_ffbe39669a_z.jpgthanos6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-11-11 @ 12:33 am

My favorite character from Infinity War. Ebony Maw was definitely the stand out member of the Black Order. They gave him powers of telekinesis in the movie, and I think it was a great improvement on him from the comics.

Sculpted up the pants, sleeves, full torso, and skirt sections. The head was a Frankenstein cast. I wanted something a bit larger than I used for his comic look. Or, more specifically, something longer. Cut the nose off, reworked the head, and sculpted up the hair. Gave him two larger hands, a full repaint, and all finished up!


Body - MU AngelHead - AngelForge castRight Hand - MU GladiatorLeft Hand - one of the original MU figures

46721718525_8509aa5a6c_z.jpgblackorder29 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 46721718425_0b9ed7175a_z.jpgblackorder30 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 46721718225_8ddf4f9425_z.jpgblackorder31 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 46721718055_9569a261b5_z.jpgblackorder32 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-11-11 @ 12:33 am

Avengers Endgame is coming up, so this was good timing to finally fix up some more Black Order figures. Seems like I'll have a few of those in the lineup, this time also focusing mostly on the movie lineup. Interestingly enough, pretty much everyone else is pretty close to their comic designs, save for Proxima Midnight. She's actually pretty immensely different.

Swapped out the lower legs then moved into the sculpting. Sculpted up the armor on both arms, the bands on her right leg, her knees, and her gold boot. Smoothed over her torso, front and back, and sculpted up the horns and hair. Cut the blade off the spear, then sculpted up the trident section and the bottom. Full repaint, and all done!


Base - BossFightStudio Female BlankLower Legs - MU DaggerSpear - Star Wars figure

46721717925_b7faaf8c5c_z.jpgblackorder33 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 46721717755_e1bb11c06e_z.jpgblackorder34 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 40670810283_6045dbc8b5_z.jpgblackorder35 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 46721715555_d6efe38297_z.jpgblackorder36 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 40670810213_be11fc2dea_z.jpgblackorder37 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-11-11 @ 12:32 am

So, this was an unplanned concept. Last year I fixed up each member of the Black Order just in time for the movie release. This year, around the time of Endgame's released, I got commissioned to make all the movie designs. In the mix of things I got to make a Black Swan, a different approach to Black Dwarf, and there has been some discussion about trying a movie concept Supergiant. I realized if I did another rendition of Black Swan, a properly updated Corvus Glaive, and a movie Supergiant, I could actually consider myself 100% fulfilled with the Black Order. And that brings us here!

Used the black blank, but I did swap out the upper arms for the white blank. Sometimes you just gotta be a little lazy on the joint work. Added some sculpt to the lower legs and lower arms. And then I sculpted up the top of her pants and her upper arms. Used the bald head, and fully sculpted on the hair. Used some material strips for the strands coming off her arms. From there, a full repaint, and all done!

Base - BossFightStudio Female Blank

48916182981_d924b278b7_z.jpgblackswan3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48916389307_be341301c7_z.jpgblackswan4 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48915655443_97f89f0071_z.jpgblackswan5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48915655448_cd0e26f068_z.jpgblackswan6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

Dravenheart - 2019-11-11 @ 12:32 am

After working on movie designs for the Black Order, I was asked about the idea of doing a movie concept Supergiant. The idea intrigued me, so I checked into it. Turns out, there was concept art for adding her into Infinity War. So, using it as a general guide, I was able to pull this together. And with her and Black Swan out of the way, there's only one more Black Order design I need to fix up before I've checked every box!

Smoothed over the upper torso with sculpt. And sculpted up the hood. I love how the head was way too small for the body, but once I added the hood, it was a perfect fit. This was also my first attempt at sculpting a cape. I'm having a hard time finding stuff I like to work with, so if I can get better at sculpting them, that will cut out a lot of concern. I really need to find something I can drape the sculpt over and properly shape into the position I want. But, after all that, a full repaint, and all done!


Body - BossFightStudio Female BlankLower legs - MU DaggerHead - Star Wars figure. Can't remember exactly who

48964105138_8c2e44e21d_z.jpgblackorder51 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48964658546_99cd7889df_z.jpgblackorder52 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48964658511_288b7786db_z.jpgblackorder53 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr 48964105233_8dfbefe80a_z.jpgblackorder54 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

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