Mattel Q&A Round-Up For December 15, 2009

by Jay Cochran
December 17, 2009
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different Mattel Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for December 15th's batch of questions. Click here to check out the TNI ones.

Cool Toy Review: Are there any plans to re-release older harder to find DCUC figures like Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Black Manta, etc?

Cool Toy Review: Originally, there was supposed to be a November release in the The Dark Knight collection, but that appears not to be the case now. Will more figures be released from this line? I think the line would be successful if there were more original characters like Two-Face released rather than Thug/Joker & Batman/Bruce Wayne rehashes.

Cool Toy Review: Do you plan on updating all of the previous DCIH figures with added articulation like the Target Exclusive Public Enemies Batman & Superman? I feel the females desperately need to be updated, and the core characters should all have it. Also any plans on a Jor-El figure in this scale, the Superman Returns one was awesome!

Cool Toy Review: Any plans for more Batman Beyond figures, in any scale?

Cool Toy Review: I know we ask about the Legion of Super-Heroes quite often, but that's because the Legion is cool! Can we look forward to more figures from the 30th century?

1) You have stated that the 2010 MOTUC line product schedule will be based on how well the bonus figures are selling. Based on the sales of the first two bonus figures (Zodak and Godess), would you say the bonus figure program will continue throughout 2010 or is it too early to tell?

2) A Cringer and Prince Adam gift set would be an ideal candidate for an exclusive next year. When you eventually get around to these characters, will Prince Adam be made up of the same muscular buck body or a more slender one? Would Cringer be produced as an articulated figure or more along the lines of a PVC accesory?

3) The Four Horsemen did a fantastic job with the Jitsu 200X staction. Is this character on tap for the near future or do fans have a long wait ahead of them?


1) Now that the neck joint issue on the latest DCUC figures (double barbell vs triple barbell) has been revealed, will Mattel be switching back to the original neck joint which allowed a wider range of motion? Is there still time to have this corrected before Wave 12 is released?

2) Was there a particular reason why the DC Universe Wave 13 pictures were removed from the web? Have there been any alterations to the sculpts or figures choices in that wave?

3) What is the expected on-shelf date for wave 2 of the Target Public Enemies 6" figures?

1. The.Idea.of.Evil: You have told us that all females will share similar body parts. So, does this apply to female figure height as well? Many fans are concerned about Teela's height, as she appears to be the same height of (maybe even taller than) the male figures.

3. RocketPunch: Since it's supposed to be cloned from the Power Sword in the MOTUC canon, would it be possible for Adora's Sword of Protection to be painted 2-tones of silver in order to match He-Man's (with the gray hilt and metallic blade)?

4. Patreek: Fans are concerned about the availability of Ninjor's trademark/name. Has it been secured so we will get Ninjor, or will we have to settle for a new name?

5. Darkspecter: We have been told that female figures will use the one-piece outfit. Would Mattel consider making it a two-piece outfit instead so they can use the waist-twist feature, especially for female figures that have distinct waists, skirts, pants, etc?


Q1. At what point will ALL 3 3/4” Infinite Heroes DC characters have the updated Public Enemies Superman and Batman style of articulation as opposed to the limited articulation update that figures like the Hal Jordan Green Lantern DVD figure received?

Q2. I love the Batman: Brave and the Bold line,they look great. I love everything you showed at SSDC but where are Bwanna Beast and Gentlemen Ghost? Any chance of seeing more of the Gotham-related characters? We’ve got Batman and Joker, but are Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Scarecrow, Penguin, etc. up for consideration in the line? We saw many of the Dark Knight’s foes in the episode "Legends of the Dark Mite," and I know I’d love to see them immortalized in plastic! Also have you ever considered going old school on the packaging for the line and have a nice visaul checklist?

Q3. With JLU continuing into 2010, will there be a JLU SDCC exclusive again? Obviously you don’t have to say what it is, but will there be one?

Q4. Is there any chance we might see small villain groups for the DCUC line such as Royal Flush Gang, Brotherhood of Evil or Fearsome Five? Each of these have a build-a figure character potential (Ace, Mammoth, Monsieur Mallah & the Brain) that would be awesome to see 4horsemen style!

Q5. Whenever the Legion of Super-Heroes are released for the DCUC line can we expect to see them have a whole wave like wave 8 was for JSA or will they be peppered into other waves? With the announcement of new levels of articulation for the DC Infinite Heroes line in 2010, will you be revisiting characters that have been previously released in the line? DC recently acquired the rights to the classic T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents characters. Can we expect to see toys of these in the near future? Mattel has announced MOTUC Battle Cat and Ghostbusters Walter Peck with containment unit through Can we expect more vehicles/playsets in the future for Mattel toy lines? Joker from the Walmart exclusive wave 10 of DCUC is notoriously hard to find, especially during the holidays. We've heard that Power Girl will be re-released in a later, non-exclusive wave. Will the same hold true for Joker, possibly with different paint apps or accessories? Fans have been waiting for a fully articulated 6" Joker ever since the DC Superheroes line started years ago. Will Mattel have something similar to the Build N Brawl line for WWE figures?

Kestors Korner

Kastor: Could All Star figures be used to get collectors new accessories? For example: the bang gun with Joker, new arrows with Green Arrow, or possible deco variants?

Kastor: With the Legion having such a large roster, Matty, what era is your favorite? Any characters from the team that are your favorite besides the big names (Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5)?

Kastor: With the Walmart exclusive deal with DCUC over at the end of this year, is Walmart planning on continuing to carry the line with it's downsized toy departments?

Kastor: Any updates on the possible MOTU two packs or army builders?

Kastor: Was DCUC wave 10 the last Walmart wave? Will there more store exclusive waves in 2010?

The Fwoosh

1. Regarding Princess of Power in the MOTUC line, we know you have said you have a commitment to PoP characters and while everyone is gearing up for Adora in January and She-Ra later in 2010, that really only represents on character from that mythos so far. Can we expect a full commitment and perhaps another PoP character in 2010? The line needs some ladies!

2. Since the Matty Collector DCUC 2-Packs are going away after the Justice in the Jungle set, any chance of getting a monthly DC figure like the MOTUC scheme?

3. How has the Gotham City 5-Pack performed at retail? Well enough that we can expect to see future DC five packs?

4. Classic Aquaman and Deathstroke remain two of the hardest to find DCUC figures out there, are we going to see either of these as “Best of” figures in future DCUC assortments?

5. If you were to release Keldor as a stand alone figure in the MOTUC would you think he would be best suited as a monthly figure or a bonus figure?

1.) Some collectors received Scareglows with QC issues (such as two left legs), or missing either the key or the entire reliquary. The response from customer service was that there are no replacement Scareglows available, only refunds. In the past, you’ve made it clear that a small percentage of each figure’s production run was held back for exchanges. Why has this changed, and will the option to exchange return? It’s badly needed when collectors aren’t able to check the figures before purchasing.

2.) He-Dan asks: Does the recent move of the Movie Masters line to TRU mean that Mattel may be able to finally open this line up to other DC movie properties such as Superman?

3.) Mark asks: Why are the WWE Entrance Greats figures only getting standard articulation (considering they are over $20) rather than elite/deluxe articulation?

4.) Jaysun asks: So, I’ve spoken to a person within Target and Wal-Mart regarding shipment of products. Decently high levels of authority, and they both told me the same thing: toy line shipments are based on toy companies sending the waves at their own discretion. So, since my city has seen 1 shipment of Wave 8 just last week to a Meijer, they’re saying the problem lies with Mattel’s shipping, not on Target and Wal-Mart not ordering Wave 8 specifically. Do the big boxes actually order specific cases and waves, or is your shipping department having trouble delivering product to fans?

5.) If Battle Cat and Panthor (assuming he gets made) sell well, which vehicle(s) are you most interested in bringing to MOTUC? We’re not looking for promises here, just wondering which MOTU vehicles aside from the Cats you’re thinking might (emphasis on “might”) work for Classics.

1. SilntAngl asks: With Battle Armor He-Man being released next month there’s a lot of talk about Battle Armor Skeletor. One hot topic is what one accessory Skeletor should have to go with his damaged battle plates. Many fans are expressing a desire for Skeletor to come with a purple version of the ax (to mirror the He-Man) instead of an extra sword or staff. Is that something Mattel would consider?

2. Mr. Rant asks: For the last few releases, the handling time (between order and shipping) has increased. Items used to ship out day of or within one day and now they’re being held for multiple days (up to a week, in some cases) before they ship. What has changed?

3. Manekochan asks: I’m still patiently waiting on Zebra Batman making his debut. What are some alternate versions of Batman that you’d like to see in the line?

4. Noisy asks: For a custom, I recently cracked open the chest of a wave ten figure and saw the new tooling that now anchors the neckpeg in place. This anchor keeps the peg from moving and is the culprit behind the decreased range of head articulation in newer figures. I know inner tooling is usually done overseas, but can something be done to move away from this new internal structure? It is making the new figures head articulation subpar when compared to the older figures.

5. Vault asks: The Supergirl & Lex Luthor 2pk is back on the schedule, but does it still include a special accessory as was originally intended? If so, can you give us a hint as to what it might be?

1. The majority of the DC Infinite Heroes single figures hit the stores in February 2009. Until now there have been very few new single figures available at retail. Will all of the single figures shown at SDCC be in the stores before the end of 2009, or will we have to wait until 2010 to see them all at retail?

2. DCIH - The Toys-R-Us exclusive Gotham Patrol 6-pack never showed up in many parts of the country. Has Mattel made plans to rerelease the Jason Todd Hush, Killer Croc and Catwoman figures on single cards or in a 3-pack?

3. DCIH - Why were there so few new 3-packs and 6-packs in 2009? We only saw the Gotham Knight, Shazam, and Public Enemies 3-packs and the Mallah’s Revenge and Public Enemies 6-packs. Was the delay in production or at retail?

4. Do you consider using parts across different toy lines or do prefer to sculpt new ones? Scareglow’s head might be good for a DCUC Mr.Bones or Atomic Skull. The Batman: The Brave and the Bold armored Batman from the Gorilla Grodd set would make a nice S.T.R.I.P.E. for the DC Infinite Heroes. The Action League Black Manta head would go nice on a DC Infinite Heroes body. Consider playsets or vehicles that could be designed for the Batman:The Brave and the Bold toy line or Action League but also compatible with the DC Infinite Heroes figures?

5. I saw the most recent JLU 6-packs at Target, and I noticed that several figures had warped legs in the package. I do not want to buy the figures if they are just going to fall over. Will the weak ankle problem ever be fixed on the JLU figures?

Pendragon's Post

1) Weak joints have been a problem in the MOTUC line from the beginning. Some people are a little worried about Battlecat, as he is going to be heavier and he will have to be able to carry the weight of another figure. Are you guys making sure that Battlecat has sturdy joints?

2) As it’s been discussed many times, distribution is an issue with the DC Universe Classics figures. We know most of the distribution issues fall on the store level, but the way they are viewed in the market, is as collectables and not toys. The assumption would be, that this is why lower volumes are of figures are bought. Is there any that can be done to change this perception?

3) What is the criteria for alternate heads on MOTUC figures? For example, a character like Whiplash, who could be considered a B or C list character, but who had a very different headsculpt in 200X. Would he get an alternate head like Mer-Manor would he be like Webstor get a head that combined elements of both?

4) The Target exclusive Thanagarian and Eclipso JLU 6 packs and singles assortment were said to be released before the end of 2009. Will this happen and if not when (and where) can we expect to see them?

5) When we get to some of the ladies from POP/She-Ra, do the Four Horsemen feel that they have a little more wiggle room to recreate or revamp these characters as they are A) Less iconic than MOTU, and B) Not really going to look like their classic "figure" anyway. Are characters like Scorpia, and Catra going to be "gently reimagined" for this line to make them a little more action-oriented?

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