A New Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Q&A

by Jay Cochran
March 08, 2010
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses Star Trek questions. Check out the entire Q&A below:

John Delamere
Hey all, With the recent re-releases of the Star Trek TOS figures and some new ones (Sick bay McCoy,Nurse Chapel,Yeoman Rand etc.) I can’t wait for these and the Kirk as a Romulan. YES! My Holy Grail figure would have to be Marlena Moreau from Mirror Mirror. Such a limited piece is a terrible thing! Will the “Captain’s girl” be re-released????? PLEASE! I CAN NOT FIND ONE ANYWHERE not for lack of trying. WE need Lt. Marlena Moreau! Thank you, John Delamere

DSTChuck: John, glad you like the figures, hopefully we can get to releasing all the ones your looking forward to. Right now we have no plans to release more Marlena figures, we did a show promo for SDCC a few years back and offered some on blister in our web store so I think they are around.

Jason Lim
To whom it may concern, Greetings, I was wondering if there were other model star trek starships being released in the near future. Also I was wondering about the USS Enterprise D if there was another edition of the enterprise d scheduled for release? The windows or complete lack there of on the “neck” is bizarre and frankly lacking the authenticity to the the ship, and reputation of art asylum/diamond select. Thank you for your time. -Jason

DSTChuck: Jason as of now we do not have any more runs of the D planned, when we run low on the standard version we might re-run more AGT at that time and see what else we can come up with but we’re all set for now. As for the windows issue just email customer service and we’ll send you out some sets of decals you can add to enhance your ship.

Sean Curry
The latest pics of the Enterprise B look FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for November for this. I do have a quick pre-quality-control question. The original Playmates Ent-B had a problem due to the length of the ship’s nacelles and their attachment points that leads to the nacelles drooping over time. Have you planned ahead for this by some how reinforcing the piece that holds the nacelles to the hull to prevent its twisting? It would be a shame for this outstanding rendition to suffer the same issues. Thanks. So… many… E-D… jokes.

DSTChuck: Sean we are still working on the CAD files and the model so there is plenty of time for working out potential kinks but thanks for the heads up.

Benjamin Rogers
Hello, I recently saw the new Klingon Disruptor that you are making, it is fantastic! Please don’t cancel this! But does this mean that we won’t be getting a TWOK Communicator? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: It does not mean that at all, the Toy Fair show is for buyers — yes lots of press covers it so fans get to see everything– so we did not show the TWOK to them because we already knew their general interest level from last year. We’re not going to list any role play items for sale until we have a pretty good sample from the factory and we’re not there yet with the communicator.

Dave Cordes
What’s the status of the Classic Star Trek action figures? I was hoping to see new product previewed at Toy Fair and Star Trek was MIA. Is series 5 still going to get released? What about the Salt Vampire? Will you continue to release 2-packs after Romulan Kirk and Spock? Will there be any more Retro Classic Mego-style figures (i.e. “Mirror, Mirror” variants and aliens)? How about ships and phasers? Will we ever get the Reliant scaled ship?

DSTChuck: Right now the Trek traditional action figure line is on hold. We are working on a few things that might allow us to get most if not all the ones we’ve listed into collector hands but we’ll have to see…Salt Vampire is in trouble again and is in fact on hold as well - SORRY.

Daryl Bowlin
I saw the picture of the Ent-B at Toy Fair & it looks great except for the front of the nacelles. The cowling at the front should cut off the wrap-around grille & there should be a glowing blue bar wrapping around the front. Since the model isn’t set for release ’til Nov. is it possible to fix this in time? Also, why no word on the Excelsior? I know you were originally planning to release them together. As I recall the prototype you displayed last year looked perfect. Any chance that it might come out earlier than Nov.?

DSTChuck: Daryl, That is not close to the final model for the ship so we’ve got a good bit of work to go. The November date is NOT something for you to lock down. That was for the buyers at the show. When we’re sure we have a model we like and most or all the kinks are worked out we’ll advertise it for sale- and not before.

Brandon Giles
Hello, I have a few questions about the Star Trek line. 1) No figures were shown for the 7″ scale for Star Trek, BSG or Star Gate, should this be interpreted as no more of these will be forthcoming? The Universal Monters line looked great, by the way! Will the 7″ ones be articulated? 2) The new retro Star Trek figures look like they will have a little staying power with Pike, Chapel, Vina and a Salt Vampire; any chances this line could someday include Talosians, Gary Seven, Redjac, Sylvia and Korob, Harry Mudd, 24th Century and Enterprise Characters??? 3) I love that Minimate Galileo 7! Any chances we could see further expansion of Star Trek Minimates at Toys R Us? I really want a classic bridge set to go with my Minimate crew! I’d also love to see 24th Century and Enterprise characters added to the Minimate roster! What are the chances if that mini shuttle is a hit?

DSTChuck: Brandon, hello again, here is what I can tell you.

1. You are correct there is no new development underway for the Trek, BSG and Stargate 7″ lines. We do not want to say they are cancelled because we are working on ideas on how to get what we’ve developed out to fans.
2. YES they will be articulated some more then others and when we designed this line to emphasize the look more then articulation.
3. We do have some ideas for figures beyond the four you saw from Toy Fair but I think we’re going to wait and see how these to do see the fan interest in characters beyond the bridge crew. We’ve had mixed results in this line with the aliens.
4. I don’t see anyway we’ll be ale to do a bridge set for Minimates BUT if the shuttle does well you might see another vehicle.

Douglas Dorando
I’m really disappointed that the Star Trek Action Figure line is on hold. You guys have been doing GREAT work there. One thing I express to you is the difficulty trying to track down your Figures, as there seems to be no complete list of everything that has been produced in the Star Trek line, and that so many were short-packed or limited release exclusives I have no way of knowing if my collection is anywhere near complete. I hope you’ll take that into consideration as you (hopefully) Continue to produce the 7″ line. Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: Douglas I am so for that and I am sure part of the problem is the fact that we took over for Art Asylum middle stream. In most cases our website has a pretty good visual list. I can check with marketing and see if we can come up with some sort of visual check list.

Shaun Baer
Thank you for your recent answers regarding the 7″ Star Trek and BSG lines. I’m disappointed to hear concretely that they are on hiatus, but it sure beats not knowing what to expect. Aside from saving our pennies in anticipation of your massive and amazing return to Star Trek action figures in 2011 (or 12…I still have hope) is there anything we can do as collectors to help? If this hiatus becomes less than temporary, let me say now a big thank you. I love the Star Trek figures I’ve bought from you over the years and think they’re great. If I have been critical, I hope you know it’s just because I want more of the great product you’ve been providing and I’m disappointed not to see more. I’ll keep checking back in for more info. Thanks.

DSTChuck: No there is nothing really for collectors to do. You folks have been great. Before the latest movie Trek had been off the air and out of circulation for years. Art Asylum had stopped producing for the line but felt there was still a rabid fan base there for product so we were happy to step in. It been and continues to be a true privilege to work on this line. We’re still going with ships and roll-play and we do have some ideas to keep product out there that hopefully work out. If they do and you like the item then plese just be sure to let your retailer know that your interested and assure them that Trek fans are still out there, ready for the product.

Justin Hyman
I enjoy your star trek toys are you planning to re-release the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A toy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of star trek iv the voyage home next year and will you going to release the battle damaged USS Enterprise-d from star trek generations.

DSTChuck: Right now we have good stock on the core releases of those ships. As we run down to the point we’re looking at ordering more, we always look to see if there are variants the fans might be interested in.

Eric Walters
Will the wings on the Klingon Bird of Prey have pivoting abilities ??? The wings need tobe able to pivot in order for the Bird Of Prey to be successful. Will the landing stuts be retractable or removible to depict in flight mode ???

DSTChuck: Yes that is the plan, that the wings will be able to lock in two positions and the landing gear will be able to retract.

Travis Horton
Dear Chuck Travis Here I’m not sure if you know when the Excelsior or the Enterprise-B will come out how much do you think they will be because I have another goal I have to accomplish too with the rediscovery of the original power ranger’s toys of course the remake so what I am asking is how much will the excelsior and the B cost thanks

DSTChuck: Travis, I’d say they will not be out until later in the year and will cost in the 45-50.00 range like our other ships. Good luck with the Power Rangers.

Brandon Giles
Will the recently announced partner ship between Playmates Toys an Diamond Comic Distributors in any way increase the chances of seeing the DST/Playmates 3 3/4″ Star Trek line’s chances of showing up at some near time in the future? The 7″ DST line? How about maybe some DST/Playmates 3 3/4″ Back to the Future figures to go with that awesome Delorean? Please DST, throw us a bone. We fans don’t want to see our Star Trek figures go away forever.

DSTChuck: You would have to ask Diamond Comics or Playmates, I have nothing to do with that arrangement. From what I understand with our dealings with Playmates on the 3 3/4 figures, they pitched them to all their customers and there was not the level of interest required for a company of their size to go forward with the line. The BTTF licensing rights do not include figures- to date the actors have never signed off on allowing them to be made.

Will Mac
How about showing some new pix (prototype, production samples, etc.) of the geological tricorder? Is it still on target for release May 2010? What are the special working features? Is the hand scanner the same as the medical tricorder scanner or all-new?

DSTChuck: Much of the development for that item is being done very closely with CBS because as you know it was never fully shown on the show. We’re getting very close to having something approved to show.


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