2014 NYCC: Mattel MOTUC - Squeeze, Angella, Blast Attack & Multi-Bot Revealed

by Jay Cochran
October 11, 2014
Ok technically Mattel isn't at NYCC this year but they have been revealing new Masters of the Universe Classics online this week through YouTube. Today they revealed a number of new Masters of the Universe Classics for 2015 including Squeeze, Angella, Blast Attack & Multi-Bot.

- Angella will be released in April 2015.
- Blast Attack will be released in May 2015.
- Squeeze will be released in June 2015.
- Multi-Bot will be the Q2 "beast/oversized" figure for 2015.

Check out the video showing off these figures as well as images below in our GALLERY!

Yesterday they also revealed some new Masters of the Universe Mini figure 2-pack including She-Ra & Horde Trooper, Mek-A-Neck & Jitsu, Trap-Jaw & Ram Man.

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