Mattel Q&A Round-Up For May 15, 2010

by Jay Cochran
May 17, 2010
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different Mattel Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for May 15th batch of questions. Click here to check out the TNI ones.

1) You have stated that there will be an additional 200x figure this year aside from Keldor and Marzo and that it will have a really cool shield. Are you refering to the Grayskull re-release in the fall or is it another character?

2) The vanishing Orko with Adam is a cool incentive for those attending Comic-Con this year but most people are going to want the standard figure as well. Will attendees have the choice to buy the regular or exclusive version at the show or will the standard Orko be specifically reserved for

3) You have mentioned that future large-scaled toys will vary from $30 to $60. Can you throw out a few names of items that you would consider to fall in the $60 category?

4) When will we be seeing the variant version of the Comic-Con exclusive Peter Venkman doll?

5) Since you have already released some slime-covered Ghostbusters, are there any plans for marshmallow-covered versions to go with the eventual release of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?


1) The latest re-release of the 6" DC Hal Jordan figure feature a new metallic paint job. Will you be making additional deco changes/modifications to other future re-released figures or is that just a marketing strategy to build up hype for the upcoming feature film?

2) The DC Infinite Heroes line has been very scarce at retail lately, why is that?

3) Does the Mattel's licensing agreement include alternate realities storylines which would give you free range to produce 6" figures of sush stories as "Red Son"?

4) The Batman and Superman head sculpts have been way overused with all the different versions of these characters. Is there any chance that the Horsemen could sculpt new heads sculpts for future releases?

5) Fourteen waves of DC Universe Classics have passed and yet we still have not seen a Martian Manhunter. What is the reason for this and when will we finally get the opportunity to own this figure in 6" scale?

Kestors Korner

Kastor: We know that the six inch Ghostbusters will extend past the four main guys, but are there plans to do more than the four in the 12 inch line?

Kastor: We know the Dark Knight Movie Masters have run their course, but were there plans to do any of the civilian characters like Gordon or Fox, ?or was this all that the line was going to be?

Kastor: The new Blue Beetle figure in the DCUC line sports all new double ?joints, but the material the figure is made of seems much more rubbery ?than the standard DCCU figure. Is this going to be the standard for ?the line going forward?

Kastor: With the great news that the JLU will continue at Target, has there been any talk with Target to fix the annual fourth quarter ?disappearing six packs? It occurs every year when the packs are ?released late in the year and then are clearaned or marked NCF (not ?carried forward), so new packs never make it to so many stores across ?the country.

Kastor: Are there any plans to see the Christopher Reeves Superman in any ?scales other than the 12 inch Movie Master?

The Fwoosh

1. Will we see more DCUC Waves with 2 females (such as in Wave 13)? Most collectors would be very happy if that became a habit instead of a rarity.

2. Are there any plans to incorporate Elite articulation into the WWE Entrance Greats line? For such detailed pieces, I wish I could do a wrestling move or two with them. Shawn Michaels not being able to do his trademark muscle pose feels like such a crime.

3. We have now seen the Toys R Us exclusive Batman, Green Lantern and Flash figures, can you reveal who the fourth figure is and what deco he/she will have?

4. When you get to an un-slimed Peter Venkman figure in the 6 inch GB line, will he have the same head sculpt as the slimed version, or will it be different?

5. There is artwork floating around online of a proposed Horde “mummy” character that was possibly slated for a release in the line before its cancellation. Any chance of him showing up in MOTUC as an expansion to the Horde sect?


1. Since Battlecat is not really representative of the popularity of the Beast characters as a whole, are you guys going to be basing the future of this sku on the sales of Tytus and Gygor? Is it possible we may not get four beasts after all in 2011 if these two don't sell well?

2. Is there any way you can look at alternate packing/shipping options for any future Battle Paks? While $12 is a fair price for all of those accessories, an extra $8 for shipping seems excessive, especially since my 1 Battle Pak came in a huge box. I appreciate the vintage style packaging but wouldn't mind a small, simple box if it meant a more reasonable shipping price.

3. When it comes to the iconic costumes for DCUC, how do you decide which look of a character to use? Like using Robin’s red & black costume instead of the classic version or Donna Troy as Wonder Girl, as opposed to her current look.

4. Will the issues with the DCUC female figures ever be fixed? The arms are still too skinny, and now there are reports of bowlegs.

5. There is still confusion on the 10 maximum per item issue. You’ve stated “there are only a small percentage of orders that are for even more then four figures”, but this still doesn’t make any sense. You have agreed that there are very few people that would buy more than, say for example, 10 He-Man figures, then why keep the limit that high? Your explanation of lower shipping costs only makes sense if you were talking about 10 different items, not if someone buys 10 of the same item. This just invites scalpers to buy them out before fans can.


1) Will the Ghostbuster figures see a reissue like MOTUC has so that newcomers to the line can have a second chance to collect?

2) The box art on the side of the 12" Ghostbusters is amazing. . . . .but it looks like it's going to take up more then 4 figures to finish the picture. Is this maybe an indiaction of future 12" figures and with the side being Gozer's temple what's the posibility of seeing Ol' Flattop in 1/6th scale?

3) Will the new MOTUC Club subscription be an initial $20 like it was the last time, and will there be an option to have faster shipping available to people not in the USA?

4) Will the new Dark Knight Movie Masters figures be released in the UK?


1. We love the softer plastic that was used for the outfit on the Masters of the Universe Classics Evil-Lyn (see Sandman’s Evil-Lyn review), which really helps when posing her legs. Are you planning to use this softer plastic when you re-issue Teela?

2. If the quarterly and large-scale figures do get included in the Club Eternia subscription for 2011, subscribers would be on the hook for approximately double what the 2010 subscription will cost over the course of this year. This year, subscribers got one Club Eternia exclusive – for 2011 have you considered including two Club Eternia exclusive figures, or including more items like the Map of Eternia to make the rewards commensurate with the increased price?

3. The flip-up face on the DC Universe Classics variant Negative Man (see Buzzy’s DCUC Wave 13 review) was a cool surprise. What was the inspiration behind that idea? Any upcoming figures have any surprises that you can hint at?

4. With the Jonah Hex movie opening in about a month, on June 18, I was hoping we might see a comics-based version as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for DC Universe Classics. Hex has a lot of the same attributes as Lobo, in that he’s a violent character with a devoted but smaller following. Would Jonah Hex work as a standard retail offering, and would it make sense to have him in the line this year to take advantage of the movie buzz?

5. In the past, you mentioned that there was a pretty significant superstar that was originally part of the second WWE Legends series who had to be pushed back to series 3. When will you reveal who that superstar is? Is it the Rock?

Q1. Why is Evil-Lyn’s head cast in navy blue plastic and then painted yellow and not just cast in yellow like her arms and legs? Teela and the Goddess were made with all their skin pieces cast in their skin colour, and as Evil-Lyn a different character, the figure is basically a repaint of those figures, so why the change in the production of her? Also, is their a chance the re-issue could be made with the head cast in the same coloured plastic as the limbs?

Q2. What exactly are the "rules" for success on Now, I’m not asking for, "we will produce X amount and Y customers have to buy the Z% in blah-blah-blah amount of time." I know you can’t and won’t be able to offer up information as specific as that. I understand and it isn’t the issue. BUT, what EXACTLY do you need us to do to make a line "successful" on

Does every collector need to agree to buy every release regardless for a year to be considered viable? If so, why don’t you offer subscriptions for every line? Do you need to sell through 50% of stock on opening day with another 25% the following day and 100% by the end of a week?Month? Or do we really need to see complete sell outs in a matter of minutes ala MOTUC (which to be honest turns away more customers than it brings in I guarantee you)? If everyone knew the rules going in I am certain it would be a much healthier relationship between fans and Mattel. If the response is going to be something along the lines of "we can’t comment on specific numbers…" or "It is now up to you to vote with your wallet…" then I don’t think you read the full question and understand what fans are asking for.

Q3. Will you be making product for the upcoming Young Justice animated series or did the line get picked up by another company as is the rumor? If you are making product can you make sure they are in scale with the JLU line?

Q4. You scared a lot of DC Infinite Heroes fans last month with your grim answers about the line continuing. Will we know the fate of the line by the end of Comic Con? Or sooner? Could that like be picked up as an exclusive line for a retailer like the JLU line?

Q5. DCUC – If a figure has been released as a "Collect and Connect" figure, is there still a chance that a scaled-down version of the figure will be released as a DCUC figure? For example, is there any chance that Giganta will be released as a regular-sized (6") figure even though Giganta has already been released as a "Collect and Connect" figure?

1.) Nicholai asks: Regarding Mattel’s plans for DCSH figures such as Steel, Bane, Mr. Freeze and so forth: should fans attempt to get those in the secondary market, or hold out for a re-release/new sculpt?

2.) Dayraven asks: Why was there no “bio” about the First Ultimate Battleground on the Weapons Pak box? I kind of figured it was a given that we’d learn more about the UB from the pak, especially in light of the “Eternian Secrets” on the map.

3.) Barbecue17 asks: Why were the trademark stamps included on and so obvious on the Weapons Pak accessories? This won’t be a continuing trend, will it?

4.) Paul asks: I’m very excited about the forthcoming Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters line. Do you have plans to expand it beyond our four heroes?

5.) Joe asks: The Flash is experiencing a renaissance of sorts over at DC. Flash Rebirth, talks of a movie and next year, they have a major event called Flashpoint centered around him. Will we see more Flash-related DCUC figures anytime soon?


Zeekzin asks: I have found the last few waves of DCUC to have better distribution. Thank you.
I've recently come to understand that online retailers have to place their orders before a wave is announced to the general public. Can you elaborate on why this is? Might not having retailers gage interest for particular figures improve ordering?

JQ asks: I understand the desire for giving convention-goers something special to take home with them something that isn't available elsewhere, but is it worth alienating the bulk of the people who support the line? It's nice that Starro clones are being made for the DCUC line, but making them SDCC exclusives -- not to mention giving them as gifts to people who buy an expensive set of figures from a separate line -- already has a lot of people disappointed or upset that they'll have to pay a lot of money for them on ebay. And when you see the large amount of Gleeks that were on ebay last year, can you say this is really for the fans? If really want to keep the Starros convention exclusives would you at least make them recurring convention-only items that can be purchased at every convention Mattel attends as long as the line is running?

Josey Wales asks: With Wave 14 due out soon, will more Wal Marts be carrying the wave like we saw with Wave 10? some stores haven't gotten anything in since 10.

John Moores asks: Will any JSA characters being All-Stars? Not only would this be a great way to re-release them, it would be a great opportunity to release variant decos to TRU like the upcoming Hal / Barry variants - black cape Alan Scott and gold Kent Nelson spring to mind.

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