2012 Toy Fair: Hasbro Brand Presentation - G.I.Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers & More

by Jay Cochran
February 11, 2012
We are blogging live from the Hasbro presentation to the media at the 2012 New York Toy Fair. Be sure to refresh this page often over the course of the next hour or so for the latest information revealed for all of Hasbro's brands including G.I.Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and more. Then keep check back throughout the afternoon as we will be posting product images from the Hasbro showroom.

- No Images are allowed from the presentation but we will be bringing you images from the showroom later this afternoon.

- First up is Stephen Davis (President of Hasbro Studios).

- Hasbro Studios has created over 600 hrs of original programing. Transformers Rescue Bots & Pound Puppies are coming to the HUB.

- Showing a trailer for the second season of My Little Pony.

- Rise of the Kaiudo The Duel Masters trailer which is another new show and card trading game coming from Hasbro and the Hub.

- Transformers Rescue Bots trailer is shown. Prime is voiced by Peter Cullen.

- A new commercial of Transformers Prime second season is being shown.

- Never-Before-Scene footage from Transformers Prime shows the Autobots in a battle waiting for a Space Bridge and the Decepticons taunt the Autobots by saying they will be sure to tell the Big O hi. This pisses Arcee off who starts kicking major butt. She goes through the bridge and kicks a bunch of drones butt looking for Optimus.

- Transformers Brand Team is now up on stage. Jerry Jivon Market Director and Joshua Lamb.

- 2012 - Theme Park Rides, Digital Gaming, Video Games, New TV SHows, Virtual Worlds, Digital Books.

- Transformers The Ride, The Ultimate 3d Battle - A Spot for it aired during the Super Bowl which they are now airing.

- Head over to TFormers.com if you missed the spot.

- The ride launched in Singapore in early February. 6 Transformers toys based on the ride will be coming. EVAC is the main charcater Legion and Deluxe scale with its own unique packaging. Deluxe Bumblebee and Prime and Voyager Prime and Megatron toys.

- Transformers Universe MMO launches this fall from Jagex and a netdragon version that launches in the Chinese market. They are showing a trailer for the game now. '

- War is coming, choose your side, shape your destiny. Shows some bots fighting on a airfield type setting. The bots look like generic versions from Prime.

- Rescue Bots are for younger kids. Heatwave, Chase, Blades and Boulder. Figure 2-packs, Bumblebee Rescue Garage and Prime Fire Stattaion playsets among other sets.

- Kre-O Transformers. Introducing a new theme "Quest for Energon" storyline. Energon Cubes will come with each set. Buld the Ultimate Dark Energon Weapon. New Movie Devestaor. 29 new Kreons, 16 are robots. Now showing a sizzle.

- Transformers Prime - Season 2 premieres 2/8. March 6 season 1 comes out on DVD.

- Enhanced Ebooks for Prime. Tells the Prime story.

- Toyline/ Prime First Edition Update - Prime toys launch March 1st. Will be at all retailers, already started to hit. Wave 2 Deluxe Wave 2 Bulkhead/Prime will not be available in the US. Also Voyager wave 1 and Entertainment pack, but they are trying to find a way to get them out there.

- Movie Trilogy assortment 28738 except for Evac will only be available in Europe.

- Robots In Disguise Deluxe Wave 1 37975 Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper and Soundwave along with Ratchet and Arcee are coming, wave 2 Knockout, Hot Shot and Vehicon.

- Voyagers wave 1 Optimus Prime and Megatron. Wave 2 will have Starscream and Bulkhead.

- RID Weaponizers line will have Optimus Prime. In both modes will be a weaponizing action will have blasters that will pop out and spin. There will also be a Bumblebee.

- Prime Entertainment Pack only available in Canada.

- Cyberverse Commander Wave 2 will have Ironhide and another figure to be announced at a future convention.

- Cyberverse Vehicle Wave 1 will be Star Hammer with Wheeljack. There will also be the Energon Driller with knockout.

- Cyberverse Scale Chart - Legion, Commander and MAXIMUS. Optimus Maximus will be out in the Fall of 2012/ Giant Mech Tech robot, holds 9 cyberverse figures and transformers from robot to battle station mode.

- Botshots Battle Game - Choose your power with a flip mechanism on their chest then transform and battle. There is also an online component to it that launches March 1. May 1 a player vs player mode will go live.

- There are 44 bots to collect with online play codes inside. Online there will be unlockable characters, codes to level up and Player v Player. There will also be in each wave a clear chase figure with a special power. Sentinel Prime is transparent red. Bumblebee is a chase in wave 3. There will also be 3-packs with chase figures. Green jet. There will also be launchers like Primes trailer.

- Transformers Generations - Fall of Cybertron from Activision comes out September 2012.

- New areas for the game created like the sea of rust. Insecticons are in the game.The Combaticons will also be in the game. A combiner is something they really wanted to put in the game. There will also be a toy based off this if you haven't heard. They do combine as Bruticus.

- They are showing the game play for Bruticus and another video showing highlights. The transformation for Bruticus is pretty cool and reminiscent of what you used to see in the G1 cartoon. He is as tall as many of the buildings in the game and kicks major butt.

- Showed a cool sizzle also showing Prime and Megatron going at it.

- For toys besides the Combaticons and Bruticus we can also expect Deluxe Wave 1 Optimus Prime, Jazz and Shockwave based on the game. Wave 2 will be the Combaticons which does combine.

- 8 figures in the Fall for Generations and for 2013 they will be doing over 40 figures. Nothing to show us today but more than 40 Generations figures will be released in 2013.

- Transformers 30th Anniversary is coming in 2014.

- For more Transformers news and images head over to TFormers.com

- Next up is Derryl DePriest and John Warden for GIJoe Retaliation presentation.

- They are starting off with the first movie trailer.

- Movie line hits shelves in early June. The movie opens June 29 (Official May 30). There will be 50 figures including those with vehicles and 4 additional comic con exclusives including those sold with vehicles. 9 vehicles + 1 additional Comic Con exclusive.

- Wave 1 was on shelf June. Roadblock, Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, Duke, Storm Shadow, Zartan, GIJoe Trooper, Cobra Trooper, Red Ninja

- Wave 2 in July with movie accurate sculpts. Battle-Kata Roadblock, Firefly with no mask and scar and Flint with Beret. Firefly actually will have 2 different heads and a sled. Ninja Duel Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow inspired by 1988 Camouflage version. These two will have ankle articulation.

- Wave 3 August will have Joe Colton (Bruce Willis) and Lady Jaye. also have Alley Viper, Cobra Ninja and Dragon Ninja.

- Wave 4 in September, Kim Arashikage (Jinx in Yellow) and Blind Master. They can't call the figure Jinx.

- Wave 5 in October will have Crimson Guard and Night Viper. Crimson Guard will have decals you can use to change rank and affiliation. Looks pretty sweet.

- Ninja Showdown Sets - Wave 2 will have Joe Night Ops with Agent Mouse, Night Ops Snake-Ees and Sgt Airborne (looks like Kwin with a mask) and Cobra Invasion Team with Fire Fly with mask, Storm Shadow and Cobra Invasion Trooper.

- Vehicles - Ninja Speed Cycle with Snake-Eyes with launching front wheel. Brovo has the Cobra Fangboat and Ninja Commando 4x4 with Snake-Eyes

- Tread Ripper with Clutch is part of Bravo wave 2. The Delta wave 1 will include Ghost Hawk II with zipline function and HISS Tank which is movie accurate
apparently. It comes with Cobra Commander. There is a lifesize version they hope to have on display at Joecon.

- 10" Ninja Commandos - Ninja Commando Roadblock and Snake-Eyes out in June. Each one has a vest that has everything they need to combat evil. They have a fluid style of interchangeable weapons.
te sound
- Role-Play items like Battle-Kata and Blade of Justice. Ninja Chucks will be out in August and Ninja Commando Blaster and Snake-Eye Nunja Gear which will be out in June. Look for Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and a generic Joe mask.

- SDCC Kim Arashikage (Jinx) red and white versions as well as the GIJoe/Transformers crossover will be Shockwave HISS which will come with a Destro and B.A.T figure. The B.A.T. will be in a Constructicon deco.

- G.I.Joe Presentation ends and Star Wars begins.

- Star Wars MTT Multi Troop Transport will include 20 Battle Droids (4 articulated) and motorized deployment rack with movie accurate. The rack hold 16 figures.It will also have electronic sounds and effects from the movie. Comes out this Fall.

- Vintage is going over 100. Odd Ball, Grand Moff Tarkin and Nikto in wave 6 due out in June. Starkiller/ Galen Marek and Shae Vizla (TOR).

- Wave 7 Ahsoka, Obi-Wan (Clone Wars Gear and Lumat, Nien Nunb, Weequay and Emperor's Royal Guard (Both training and movie accurate).

- SDCC will have a lost line look on the packaging. A version Lucas almost used for the Kenner line. Carbonite Freezing Chamber package that will have 6 figures (1 from each movie) plus a new exclusive figure. The figures will be sold on single cards at retail afterwards like was done with the Revenge cards this past year. The Carbonite package will only be available at comic con.

- The exclusive figure will be a a carbonite freeze Jar Jar on Vintage Card with no collector number. There are details on both the front and back of the blockand a slide out piece for a look like he just fell out of the block.

- Wave 8 Vintage - E1 Jar Jar Binks with soft good, E2 Clone Trooper Lt, Clone Trooper Ep3, Ep4 Sandtrooper, Ep5 Bespin Princess Leia, Ep6 Darth Vader (Electrocuted), Ep6 Orrimarrko (Prune Face), Republic Trooper (TOR).

- Fan Choice Winner for 2013 is Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi)

- Amp'd, X-Wing and Tie-Fighter, Can convert them into different kind of ships. There is also a AAT with Battle Droid Commander and Jedi Starfighter, AT-RT with Clone Trooper. There will be ships in different price points in this line. STAP with Battle Droid will be a smaller scale vehicle as well as the AT-RT. These are customizable vehicles.

Star Wars ends and Marvel begins with Billy Lagor.

- Spider-Man - R/C Speed Climbing Spider-Man that crawls on the wall.

- Motorized Web Shooting 16" Web Shooting Spider-Man figure.

- Mission Spidey, Wave 1 comic and Wave 2 movie which will have a super articulated Spider-Man figure.

- 8" Lizard Movie figure

- Avengers - Role-Play items sizzle shown

- 10" Ultimate Electronic Figures include, Cap, Ironman, Thor and Hulk

- 3.75" Cap, Ironman and Thor as well as a Ultimate line with Thor, Hawkeye and Cap. Wave 3 will have movie versions of Hawkeye, Black Widow and Villian. Wave 4 will have Nick Fury.

- Flip * Attack throwback to Transformers. Pull back and they roll and transform from a vehicle to a marvel figure.

- Vehicles, Quinjet and Hellicarrier. Quinjet has battle mode and stealth mode. Ironman can clip on the wing. The Hellicarrier is 3-foot long.

- Squad movie 3 packs, 3 different sets as well as mini-muggs.

- Bonka Zonks is fllip, stack, spin and attack game. Small bite size face figures. There will be 102 characters.

- Playskool Heroes is a Marvel line for kids.

- Marvel Universe. David Vonner shows us wave 1 Ultimate Spider-Man, Beta Ray Bill and new Kraven (Grim Hunt). Miles Variant for Spider-Man which will ship first. Astonishing Beast and Hulk.

- Wave 2 Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Punisher, Kang, Future Foundation Spider-Man with a Paper Bag Head Spider-Man.

- Wave 3 - Puck (can stand on his hand) Angel, Hercules and Nova and Nighthawk. Puck will have a Snowbird

- Wave 4 Prof X, Blastarr with a variant that has clear blasting hands and Jubliee

- 2013 will see a Death's Head figure.

- Team Packs Bleedin Edge Avengers, Inhumans with Blackbolt, Karnak and Medusa

- Team Pack Uncanny X-Men with Rogue, Longshot, Wolverine and X-Baby Cyclops

- Comic 2-pack Hulk vs Wolverine and Silver Centurion Iron Man/ Mandarin

- Comic 2-packs Cap with 70's Deco Falcon and Doctor Strange/Silver Surfer

- Marvel Legends - Sales looking good.

- Wave 3 USAgent, Blade, Mystique with ton of guns. That is all they are revealing for wave 2

- 2013 Sneak Peek Hyperion figure is coming.

- End of panel. We will be uploading images from the showroom soon.


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