Hasbro Takes Innovation To The Next Level For Holiday 2005

by Jay Cochran
October 05, 2005

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 5, 2005--Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) offers one-stop shopping this holiday season for consumers looking for fun and innovation in the family entertainment arena. Highlights include an exciting line of tween electronics and new and creative twists to the Company's unmatched portfolio of classic toy and game brands. A wide-range of Hasbro holiday offerings will be on display at the Toy Wishes Holiday Preview being held on Thursday, October 6 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Highlights of Hasbro's 2005 toys and games are:

I-DOG Interactive Music Companion

I-DOG Interactive Music Companion is a sleek and stylish, palm-sized pooch that loves to listen to music and will groove along to any song it hears! Easy to use, simply sit I-DOG Interactive Music Companion in front of a speaker or plug it into the headphone jack of any hand-held music system and I-DOG will move and groove to the rhythm of the song. I-DOG Interactive Music Companion comes complete with a dual jack so that its owner can plug their headphones in and dance along to the music with I-DOG! As soon as I-DOG hears music, its face will light up and its ears and head will wiggle, and sway in sync with the tune. (Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)


FURBY, one of the best-selling toys ever with 40 million pieces sold globally, is back! Hasbro's all-new Furby features EMOTO-TRONICS technology, making him more vibrant, expressive and humorous. Through advanced voice recognition, the new FURBY creature can "listen" to what a child says and respond based on his "mood" in English or in his native "Furbish" language. The new FURBY also has six times the memory of the original, and amazing technology allowing him to sing, tell jokes, dance, and express a full-range of emotions from happy to sad or even mad. And, as a nod to Mom requests, the new FURBY now has an off switch so the chatterbox toy won't break into song or story-telling mode during the middle of the night! Kids and consumers can learn more about the return of FURBY by visiting www.hasbro.com/furby. (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Now)


The VUGO portable multi-media system allows tech-savvy tweens to have access to their favorite TV shows, music and photos all in one sleek and stylish hand-held media system - whenever they want and wherever they go! Each unit contains 128 MB of memory, enough to hold up to 60 minutes of video, six hours of music or over 1,200 digital photos! The VuGo player's internal memory can be expanded with the use of a standard universal memory card (SD). Using their computers, tweens can create and customize a line-up of their favorite television programs, music videos and digital photos for future viewing on their VUGO player anytime, anywhere! Some of the hottest TV shows and most popular programming will be available for purchase at www.VUGO.com - the official download destination for all your VUGO needs! (Approximate Retail Price: $119.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: November)


VCAM NOW is a stylish digital video camera specifically designed for tweens. VCAM NOW is the pocket-size digital camera that lets tweens capture memorable moments with their friends and family in two great ways: by recording a movie or taking still pictures! (Approximate Retail Price: $79.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)


The new CANDY LAND DVD game combines the classic characters of the board game with the interactive nature of DVD technology. The game comes with one pop-and-play DVD, 20 gingerbread tokens and 24 floor mats to recreate the CANDY LAND game board in the home. Familiar characters lead children through three different games: King Candy's Adventure Game (color-matching); Mr. Mint Says (following directions); and the Grandma Nut game (a unique version of musical chairs). Music and character animation bring the game to life and get the youngsters moving as they try to complete the various tasks and collect gingerbread tokens. (Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Ages: 3 to 6; Available: Now)


WILD ADVENTURE MINI GOLF TV plug in game brings a unique golfing experience to the television as you swing the club and control the shots. Grab hold of the included putter and base, choose from 10 different characters and pick one of six different golfing adventures. Fly high into outer space when you bank off a planet and sink your ball into a crater on the moon. Next, tee off a turtle's back into a tide pool of anemones and starfish. Each hole has a different adventure in mind. With your friends or for solo play, golf fun comes alive on your television screen. (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Now)


MX DIRT REBEL(TM) brings the excitement of a real motocross track to the comfort of your home. Just plug the handlebars into your TV and you're ready to speed through eight levels of interactive play. Twist, turn, accelerate and brake as you control the bike with realistic handlebars through an interactive environment. Begin racing in your backyard, and advance to racing in sand quarries, and even Motocross and Supercross races! As players beat each level, they get points, which allow them to upgrade their terrain, environment, and gear! Play against the clock or against opponents. (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 8 to 12; Available: Now)


SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC and SHOUT ABOUT TV invites 4 to 40 players to compete in two teams featuring "Shout Rounds," where players shout out answers and "Whisper Rounds," encouraging teams to huddle secretly to discuss strategies before giving a combined answer relating to music or television. The games are played by inserting a Game Video Disc (GVD) into a DVD player, hitting play on the remote following the direction of an on-screen host. SHOUT ABOUT TV challenges players to answer questions about television shows based on action clips, sound bites and stills. SHOUT ABOUT MUSIC prompts players to identify music titles from portions of songs, fill in missing lyrics as well as arrange music-related events and topics in specific order. (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99 each; Ages 13 to Adult; Available: Now)

NERF DART TAG 2-Player System

Now you can have the fun of paintball anytime-anywhere with the NERF DART TAG 2-Player System! The game is played like paintball, featuring special TAGGER MICRO DARTS that stick to vests worn by each player. Just blast the scoring zones on your opponent to score points. Each NERF DART TAG set comes with two rapid-fire blasters, 20 TAGGER MICRO DARTS, two vests with scoring zones, and two pair of vision gear. Gear up and you're ready for paintball-like action! (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)


The FURREAL FRIENDS SCAMPS: MY PLAYFUL PUP is the most realistic FURREAL FRIENDS plush puppy EVER! SCAMPS is very expressive, with eyes that open and close, a wagging tail, twitching ears and even moving eyebrows! And just like a real puppy, SCAMPS: MY PLAYFUL PUP loves to play games with you! SCAMPS will really respond to your voice - he'll recognize more than 20 voice commands. You can even teach him to do cool tricks. Straight out of the box he will sit, lie down and respond to his name. After a bit more love, affection and training, he'll learn to give a "shake," howl, and "speak" on command. And as he becomes your best friend, you'll be able to get him to beg, count, wave, sing and even add up numbers! SCAMPS also loves to be cuddled -- as you stroke his ears he'll lean in toward you and be happy and relaxed. (Approximate Retail Price: $49.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Now)


For a day of amusement, the LITTLEST PET SHOP pets gather at the WHIRL AROUND PLAYGROUND. Here, pets play on the Merry Go Round, take a ride on the swing and test their speed on the obstacle courses. Pets can ride up an elevator, walk across a bridge, swing on a hammock then slide back down to the ground. Magnets in the pets' feet activate accessories on the playground. The LITTLEST PET SHOP WHIRL AROUND PLAYGROUND playset comes with two exclusive pets--a Maltese puppy and a gray mouse. (Approximate Retail Price: $29.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Now)


This year, there is a tropical place to discover in PONYVILLE - BUTTERFLY ISLAND. On the island, ponies can ride up the rainbow or go surfing down the waterfall. They can take a boogie board ride in the lagoon as dolphins jump in the background, then purchase snorkeling gear at the souvenir shop. Ponies build sandcastles on the beach and relax at the smoothie stand. Watch the smoothies "disappear" as the magnet on the pony's foot touches the drink. The most exciting part of BUTTERFLY ISLAND is that all of the ponies can fly around the island while tropical music plays in the background. HONOLO-LOO, the only baby Pegasus pony, comes with the playset. (Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Ages: 3 & Up; Available: Now)


When Hasbro created the action figure category more than 40 years ago, it immediately ignited the imaginations of kids and forever changed the way boys play. Now, after 40 years, Hasbro's G.I. JOE brand is reinventing the category it created with the introduction of G.I. JOE SIGMA SIX, a new line of action figures featuring an all-new 8-inch scale and a Saturday morning, animated series that debuted in early September on 4KidsTV, which airs on FOX affiliates nationwide.

The initial offering of G.I. JOE SIGMA SIX action figures brings the action of this newly formed G.I. JOE covert mission force and will feature several of the most popular G.I. JOE characters including: DUKE, SNAKE EYES, HEAVY DUTY, SPIRIT IRON-KNIFE and the C.O.B.R.A. ninja STORM SHADOW. Each figure will be fully articulated and will come with their signature gear, as seen on the animated series. (Approximate Retail Price: $14.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available: October)


Hasbro's new B-DAMAN is a marble-shooting toy that combines the strategy of trading card games, the skill and competition of sports, and the fun play of traditional action figures into one great brand. The tournament set includes the "official" tournament board, one B-DAMAN figure, scoring brackets, an IBA Blaster so kids can start B-Dafiring right out of the box, and a game spinner to determine which event kids have to play next. The B-DAMAN Tournament Set allows kids to play ten different B-DAMAN tournament games and compete for the B-DAMAN championship. (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages 8 & up; Available: Now)

STAR WARS Ultimate Lightsaber

The final step in becoming one with the Force is for Jedis to build their own lightsaber. Now kids can choose their destiny by building their own Ultimate Lightsaber, as they decide whether to fight as a Jedi Knight, or join the Sith. Lightsaber parts assemble in different ways to design a customized look. A filter changes the blade color, while the crystal determines the heart and soul of the lightsaber. This easy to assemble and reassemble kit allows for over a thousand different configurations! (Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Now)


Young artists show "flashes" of greatness in a whole new way with LITE-BRITE FX - FLASH ART. To begin, children grab their paintbrush and paint one of many design cards. Next, they insert the card into the LITE-BRITE unit and push the play button. Then watch as the art forms while spinning 'round and 'round to create a unique light show with electronic lights, music and motion! Children use a variety of buttons to start, stop and showcase their masterpiece. Package includes four different bottles of cool paint and seven design cards. Includes four "C" batteries. (Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 5 to 8; Available: Now)


Similar to the well-loved BULLS-EYE BALL game for older children, the new BULLS-EYE BOUNCE & ROLL from PLAYSKOOL provides arcade-style play - but this time, the fun is for preschoolers! The toy has two different play patterns - Roll It or Bounce It. During the game, electronic music and lights flash as players score points. Each game has three modes of play to meet the child's skill level. Parents can easily set-up and store BULLS-EYE BOUNCE & ROLL for anytime rolling and bouncing play. (Approximate Retail Price: $34.99; Ages: 3 & up; Available: Now)


VIDEOWNOW XP is the interactive video system that allows tweens to enjoy top-rated programming and hot music videos, as well as play fun, interactive games anytime, anywhere! The VIDEONOW XP player combines the high-caliber programming and easy portability of the popular VIDEONOW COLOR with the addition of interactive adventures, an exciting all-new format for VIDEONOW! VIDEONOW Personal Video Discs (PVDs) will feature bonus trivia and games playable only with the VIDEONOW XP player. (Approximate Retail Price: $59.99; Ages: 6 & up; Available: Now)


The CHATNOW Two-Way Radio Communicator is the new personal communicator that allows tweens to be in touch with their friends and family in up to a 2-mile range without paying for airtime or signing a calling plan contract. Each CHATNOW unit has its own 'Buddy Number,' which can be used just like a phone number so users can make and receive calls directly. Kids can also create a personalized 'Buddy List' so their best friends are never more than the touch-of-a-button away. With CHATNOW tweens can even take digital pictures, each unit is able to take and store up to 30 digital photos that can be viewed on the unit's black and white screen. Users can animate a photo to make it look like their friend is really 'talking' or accessorize the photo using add-on props like goofy eyes or wacky hair-dos, but cannot send or print a photo taken by CHATNOW. The CHATNOW Communicator also allows tweens to send text messages. (Approximate Retail Price: $74.99 per set; Ages: 8 & up; Available: Now)



This high-quality skirmish game is playable right out of the box. With faithful reproductions of real WWII combat vehicles and fighting units, gamers' can recreate historic battles from World War II with authentic Shermans, Panzers, infantry, and more! The starter kit contains pre-painted, 15mm, plastic miniature soldiers and vehicles from WWII that animate the action on the battlefield, along with game stat cards that dictate the firepower, armor, and abilities of each unit. Releasing on December 7, the Set II expansion for Axis & Allies Miniatures brings additional units and nations into play. (Approximate Retail Price: $24.99; Available: Fall)


Based on the popular cartoon of the same name, XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN Trading Card Game lets players take the role of noble warriors on a mystical journey to protect the world from evil boy genius Jack Spicer. The 2-player starter set contains two 41-card decks, each containing one premium card, rules, a playmat and slide counters for counting wins.

(Approximate Retail: $9.99; Available: October)

Hasbro (NYSE:HAS) is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, TONKA, MILTON BRADLEY, PARKER BROTHERS, TIGER and WIZARDS OF THE COAST brands and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play experiences in the world.


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