2011 Toy Fair: Hasbro Panel Presentation - Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers & Marvel

by Jay Cochran
February 12, 2011
We are bringing you live coverage of the Hasbro Brand-Team Panel presentation. Folks from Hasbro's Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel and G.I.Joe lines will be on hand to tell us what we can look forward to in 2011. We are bringing you coverage of this panel live as it happens so be sure to refresh your browser often. Also keep checking back throughout the day as we continue to show you images, video and more from the showroom.

The Panel is about to begin, no photography or recording will be allowed during the panel presentation, but we will be blogging live during the panel and then uploading images from the showroom floor soon afterwords, so stay tuned....

Things start off with the Star Wars Brand Team.

- 2010 was a great year for Star Wars, but there is even more in 2011. Vintage Collection will continue through 2012.

- Hasbro will have some product to go along with the Blu-ray release of the movies in 2011.

- Clone Wars will continue, Ahsoka El-Kes and Anakin from season 3 will be releases ands Aqua Battle Drois and Clone Commander Wolfe in wave 2 for 2011.

- Wave 2 vehicle with mini vehicles Clone and Scout Speeder, Separatist Droid and Speeder and Castas and Speeder

- RC Republic Fighter Tank in August with 6 firing projectiles. Includes Clone Trooper

- 3 3/4" Republic Attack Shuttle that pops open for a playset with scout tower on the top and a pop out recon vehicle. Has cool electronics and interactive mode. If your commander says fire you should.

- Vintage is going through 2012, and 35 figures coming out in 2011. We will see figures from the expanded universe in this line now.

- Look for Vintage figures of characters from the deleted scenes that will be included on the Blu-ray release of the 6 movies.

- Bespin Hon Solol, Barris Offee and Rebel Blockade Trooper coming in Vintage Wave 3 for 2011.

- Bom Vimdin, Captain Fordo with 2 helmets (Trooper Commando) and Logray will also be in wave 3.

- 501st Trooper Dr Evazan(sp?), Kithaba, and Nom Anor who is resculpted and have removable spikes.

- Bastila Shan, Echo Base Trooper and Poda Boba with 2 sets of hands. Human and Hoof and removable arm.

- 12 figures will be released on special variant edition "Revenge of the Jedi" Cardbacks including Slave Leia, B-Wing Pilot, Tie Fighter Pilot. There will be a special comic-con exclusive that has all 12 figures included in a special Death Star package. This set will also have two special mini-figures on special mini-vintage cards. Those two will be a Mouse Droid and Solacious Crumb.

- Fal Mail-In figure will be Prototype Armor Boba Fett. There will be a hint of the beach towel that was shown in 1978.

- Blu-ray Commemorative Packs will be out in August. a set for each movie.

- Galactic Heroes will come to an end and then go through a transformation and rebirth called Jedi Force that will be found on the pre-school aisles. Vehicles will also be released including a new Millennium Falcon.

- New $35 realistic FX lightsaber made specifically for kids, with lights and sounds. Anakin and Darth Vader will be the first two released.

- New Disney Star Tours packs. Ambush Pack with airtroopers, Vader on disc and Fett. Also a Travel Agency Pack with droids.

- Star Wars Endo Pilots coming to TRU. With Sila Kott, Lt Oxixo, R5-P9 Lt Ekelark Yong

- Second set will have Major Mianda, Palso Thern, R2-T7 and a rebel pilot, I missed the smae.

- More Target 2-packs coming.

- Re-releasing the Rebel Transport Speeder and Genoshian Warrior with Speeder to TRU.

- More Vintage 3-packs coming to Target.

- Kit Fisto FX saber with removable blade.

Marvel Portion of the panel begins.

- The Avengers are beginning to assemble.

- Thor, March 1st will see the first products on shelves. May 6 is when the movie opens.

- Role-Play Thor Hammer with lights and sounds and firing projectile.

- Asgardian Foam Sword, Shield and Dagger, Helmet, and foam Nerf Hammer.

- 3.75" Thor figures. 20 figures for Thor this year. Destroyer, Sif and Loki with Helmet, Thunder Ax Thor, Odin and Asgard Attack Thor. Fandral, Hogun Volstaag,

- Thor Deluxe, Hemidall (Exlusive to the deluxe line), Lightning Fury Thor, Blaster Armor Thor.

- Thor Feature 10" figure.

- SHS 3 packs will continue for Thor, Cap and Iron Man for 2011.

- Captain America Toys are in store on May 11. Movie his July 22nd.

- Cap Deluxe Disc Launching Shield, fires 5 foam projectiles.

- Cap Flying Disc Frisbee coming.

- Movie Cap Mask.

- 3.75" figures. Movie Costume, Captain Britian with Excalibur Sword, There will be a mix of movie and comic in this line. Battle Field Cap and Winter Soldier, USAgent, Heroic Age Cap and Cross Bones.

- Jungle Assault and Arctic Cap, Night Landing and Ulitmates.

- Mission Packs with real working parachute.

- Super Hero Squad 3 pack with Hydra figure

- 10" Cap feature figure like with Thor and Iron Man

- StrikeFire Transport vehicle with a motorcycle that comes out the back.

- Iron Man will continue in 2011.

- Armor Charges with real walking action with a price point of 12-15 dollars.

- New 6" figures War Machine The initative, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.

- Iron Man Vehicles with Mark V silver deco race car and figure.

- Mark V role play mask.

- Avengers Toys coming.

- Marvel Universe... 3.75" figures include Classic Avengers super team pack with Iron Man Mark 1, Thor, Classic Hulk, Wasp and Ant Man with winged Ant.

- Team Pack 2 with X-Force.

- Team Pack 3 Fantastic 3 with Invisible Woman and 3.75" Herbie

- Cable with Baby Hope. There will be a running change without Hope, so get the Hope one while you can.

- Commander Rogers is coming in Wave 4 of 2011.

- X-23 is in wave 4 and Darkhawk will also be in wave 4. There will be a variant with classic colors and more modern.

- Namor will be in wave 4 with new sculpt and an updated Ultron. Finally Dr. Strange who will have a clear astro form variant.

- Series 3 will see Falcon w/ Red Wing, Skarr, Dr. Doom with Modern Deco, Scarlet Spider.

- New Comic Packs with Spider-Man and original Captain Britain, Power Man and Iron Fist Original Costumes, Warlock vs. Thanos. I missed one not mentioned here but will come back to it later today.

- SDCC will see a special Sentinel on special cardback like Galactus. The mainline version will include Wolverine.

- GOTG Rocket Racoon is coming with Groot Accessory. They aren't saying how its coming yet.

- No X-Men First Class line but lots of X-Men product, Classic X-Factor Cyclops and Jean Gray and Wolverine vs Sabretooth comic versions comic packs.

- Modern Thor 6" figure will be the first Marvel Legends in the Legends launch.

- Marvel legends for Spring of 2012 will see 6" Ultimate Hawkeye, Heroic Age Bucky Cap,

- Build A Figure will be back with Teraxx, these figures will be in single cards. More to come on these later in the year.

- 6" Spider-Man figures with action features, shown is a Spider-Man.

- All Mission Racer Spidey Vehicle and Spider-Man Mask.

- 2012 will be the year of the Spider with the new movie.

- Marvel Super Hero Adventures will be for pre-school kids like the Star Wars line mentioned earlier. Look for figures and vehicles. SHS will also continue though.

- Derryl DePriest announces new Indian Jones Comic-Con 3.75" Exclusive set. The lost wave with Toht, Marion Ravenwood,, Satipo, German Mechanic, Indy in German Disguise and Indy. They will be in a big special box that opens to reveal all 6 figures on cardback. The Indy figure in this set will have a new head sculpt. Toht will have the melted head and a changeable hand. This will be it for Indy.

- DePriest goes on with G.I.Joe. 2012 will be the 30th Anniversary of the Joe Vs Cobra mythos. A lot of things happening in 2012 so they are starting earlier to celebrate. 30th for 35th. 30 items celebrating this landmark anniversary, 12" are back as well. Brand New look, it will be tightly focused for collectors.

- The 12" figures will be kid targeted and be more military not Joe Vs. Cobra oriented.

Hasbro has listened to fans on the 3.75 line-up for this line.

- Look for a new look for the line, G.I.Joe, Cobra, Renegades will be in one assortment but the differences in the line will be reflected on the cardbacks. So you will know which ones are Renegades.

- Haek, Cobra Trooper looks to be female from the image shown, Steel Brigade, Blowtorch, Jungle BAT and Cobra Commander will be in wave 3 Spring and be on the POC cardbacks. These look like ARAH figures except for Hawk. Lots of accessories.

- Wave 1 of Fall will see the debut of Renegades. Firefly, Techno Viper, Hazard Viper, Cobra Commander, Snake-Eyes and Duke. These will not be done in animated style like say Clone Wars. So they match the animated stylings but using the existing tools though they are creating new tools as well. Basically they will have the costumes of Renegades but be done in 25th/POC style.
Vehicles Black Dragon Vtol, Crimson Hiss Tank, Vamp.

- 25th Anniversary style Skystriker will be on shelves Fall 2011. Looks like the original. Comes with ACE. It is retooled. It will hold 1 figure, not 2 because they couldnt make it to hold 2 of the new figures.No Parachute either.

- Comic Con will be a Transformers/GIJoe Starscream Skystriker with Cobra Commander and Megatron blaster. Doesn't Transform, just a redeco of the regular Skystriker.

- There will be more stuff for this 30 for 35th anniversary line later this year.

- Mike Fogel Jeff Kline is on stage to talk about G.I.Joe Renegades, the cartoon. Show a clip which debuts 2 new characters, Crimson Guard Commander Twins. The Crimson Guard is also introduced. Though they seem to be more of a cult than soldiers, and Scarlett, Duke and Roadblock seem to be members of the cult fighting Snake-Eyes and Tunnel Rat. The twins seems to have some type of memorizing powers which is how they control people in their cult.

- Q&A with the two, one of the reasons why they started at the beginning was because these guys were more fans of the 12" than 3.75" so they weren't as familiar with them so it was a way to learn and develop them as they go from the beginning.

- They also wanted to make Cobra evil. In the original series, Cobra never seemed to win so with this show, in a way Cobra has already one and that makes them more evil.

- Shipwreck is a character that was hinted to we might see in the near future of the show.

- Hasbro plays a tribute video to Clement Sauve - a G.I. JOE: RENEGADES' Character Designer and artist who passed away earlier this year after loosing his battle with cancer.

Transformers portion begins. The Hasbro folks say that Michael Bay has told them that this movie will be better than 2. That it will have a deeper robot story and be less corny. Still have humor but less corny than 2.

Transformers Vault Book is a book that tells the Transformers story and they May 20, behind the scenes stuff for Transformers. Hasbro dug deep in their archives for this book.

Kre-O create it building block line. The blocks will be compatible with other building block brands like Lego. It will have mini-figures with innovation that allows you to add on accessories. The mini figures are called Creons. Bumblebee will have 3 figures, Starscream will have 2 and Optimus will have 5. Prime will include over 500 pieces. Prime will also have two motorcycles.

Transformers Rescue Bots will be a new Playskool line for Transformers. Blades - Helicopter, Chase- Cop Car, Heatwave- Firetruck and Boulder- construction vehicle. They aren't battling Decepticons but helping humans. be around $12.99. They are the Rescue Bots with their own logo, though they will still have the Autobot Logo.

Same studio that brought you the Transformers War For Cybertron will be doing the Dark Moon video game.Play events leading up to the movie with this game.

Movie Toys - Jerry Jivoin has moved over from the Marvel team to Transformers. 3 different lines, Mechtech are like Voyager line. Cyberverse is like the legends and Activators.

Mechtech weapons system is a whole new weapon system for Transformers. The Weapons not only Transform but they interlock and can be used with the vehicles in both vehicle and robot mode.

New Ratchet and Starscream in Deluxe Wave 1. Also Roadbuster and Crankcase will be included.

Wave 2 will see Autobot Topspin, has lots of gear. A weapon where you push a button big claws come out.

Voyager wave 1 will include Megatron. The Shroud is removable and the tank opens up revealing his blaster. Ther will also be a new Ironhide and Optimus Prime in this wave.

Wave 2 Voyager will include Shockwave.

Leader Assortment wave 1 will have Sentinel Prime and a new Bumblebee with lights and sounds. So does Prime.

Fall 2011 will see the Ultimate Optimus Prime that stands over 22" tall and has the trailer. The Trailer combines with the trailer.

More Human Alliance, Basic Human Alliance - Backfire with Spike Witwicky and Ice Pick with Sgt Chaos. These are like triple changers.

Cyberverse Wave 1 will have Bumblebee, Topspin, Crankcase, Sideswipe. They have hands you can put weapons in. Commander Wave 1 will see Iron Hide and Optimus Prime and Megatron and Sentinel Prime.

Action Wave Set 1, Starscream which has triplle change action and Bumblebee. These transform into little battle stations with figures.

The Autobot Ark will see release this Fall with Roller and be a big one for this line. It turns into a battle station. Roller is the pilot. It has a brig, and a repair bay and a ramp that launches vehicles.

Activator Go-Bots will see Bumblebee and Sideswipe.

Role-Play we will see a Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster and Energon Shock Sword. There will also be Cinemasks. These are 3-D glasses made to look like Optimus and Bumblebee masks you can take to see Transformers 3 in 3-D.

Toys come out May 16. The movie hits July 1.

Transformers Prime Toys will include, Deluxe wave 1 - Bumblebee, Arcee, Starscream,

Entertainment Packs include Prime and Megatron in Deluxe scale and has kids figures and a DVD.

The Generations line will continue but nothing new to reveal today.

For more detailed information on the Transformers and images later today, head over to TFormers.com.


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