Mattel Q&A Round-Up For May 1, 2010

by Jay Cochran
May 03, 2010
In order to make it easier for you to check out all the different Mattel Q&A's that are posted around the Internet, we have gathered up all the questions with links to the actual sites where you can easily go to and see the answers. Here is the round-up for May 1st batch of questions. Click here to check out the TNI ones.

1) Now that the cat's out of the bag in regards to the second MOTUC SDCC Exclusive, can you tell us about the whole Prince Adam as an accessory thing and what exactly was the strategy or motivation to do this? Was it just a simple prank or something else?

2) In regards to the two heads that come with Prince Adam, will the non-smiling head be an identical He-Man head or a slightly different expression?

3) Will a 200X Prince Adam be released as a bonus figure in the near future?

4) We were hoping that this year's SDCC Exclusive for Ghostbusters was going to be an in-scale Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Is that figure still a possibility?

5) Are you going to continue offering only Ghostbuster movie figures in the 6" scale throughout 2010 or will the line expand into animated this year?


1) The Brave and the Bold SDCC exclusive set is fantastic and we cant wait to get our hands on it. Will you be incorporating that same comic cover concept into the retail Infinite Heroes line or even the DCUC 6" collection?

2) It seems that DC Direct will be making action figures based on the Batman Arkham Asylum video game. Does this mean that any hopes for DCUC 6" Arkham Asylum figures is off the table?

3) You have stated that it is unlikely that you will offer DC Universe Classics box sets on MattyCollector after Wave 13 based on weak sales. The Kilowog set sold rather quickly and Wave 12 took a little longer because several retailers had the merchandise a month before matty but sold out as well. Why have you made such a harsh assumption on the lack of popularity of theses sets after just two waves?

4) Have you ever considered selling larger scale figures from the DC 6" line individually instead of having to make them Collect and Connect' figures?

5) If a Doomsday Collect and Connect figure is made in the near future, would it be a larger version of the DC Superheroes figure or would it be more like the suited look from the comics?

Kestors Korner

Kastor: Great job on the SDCC exclusives this year. A question many fans have about the Orko set: will Prince Adam be lonely without his pet kitty for a long time?

Kastor: The last few waves of DCUC have been more focused on b-list characters with A list names ( Alan Scott, Super Boy, John Stewart). It's been fun to see our DC Universe expanding but some are wondering when the DCUC line will be getting back to filling the A list slots. ( ex: Wally West, Kyle Rayner, Martian Manhunter)

Kastor: One issue that has many fans scratching their heads is the recent statement that DCUC 13 may be the last wave of the line sold on Matty Collector. While they do not sell out in minutes like the MOTU line, they do sell out rather quickly from our prospective for a line also available at retail. The Matty collector sets are available so far after the sets are at retailers and online stores that an instant sell out like the MOTU line is very unlikely. So to help fans understand how to help keep the figures on the site, is it a time frame you're using to measure success for the items or is it something else?

Kastor: It appears that the Retro Heroes are doing well. Any plans to give us some cardboard back grounds like the old Mego playsets?

Kastor: The Super Powers version of Try had a firing cannon, and while we know action features are out, will the DCUC version have a solid arm or will it be in two parts like the Super Powers version?

The Fwoosh

1. When can we see carded pics of the DCUC 14?

2. We know the mini Starros will be giveaways at the Mattel booth this year with the purchase of the Brave and the Bold set, any chance these will be made available in another execution somewhere down the line?

3. Will the Retro-Action style be the only execution for the Real Ghostbusters?

4. Adam and Orko are AWESOME! If the Matty Collector versions sell out will you go back into production so everyone has their chance to get these two very important characters?

5. Since so much is being made of the SDCC exclusives, can you tell us what, if anything, you are doing to further improve the buying experience at the Mattel booth this year? Last year had several, um, challenges? Are you working to make the experience better in 2010?

1) SilntAngl asks: Any new information about when the 12″ Movie Masters of Superman or Lex Luthor will join Zod?

2) Mr. Rant asks:What factors into Mattel’s decisions to include certain figures in “best of” assortments? What best of assortments should we be looking for in stores right now?

3) Vault asks: Can you tell us a little more about the Infinite Heroes Starro from SDCC? What material is it made of? Will it have any internal armature?

4) Vault asks: Why was the decision made to “amalgamate” a couple different Starro designs to make the SDCC Starro instead of just going for the classic look (long tentacles / bullseye eyeball)?

5) Noisy asks: We know that Wun-Dar lived a hundred years before Adam, but what era is Scareglow, or more specifically, Karak Nul from? Was Nul around during Wun-Dar’s tenure as the Savage He-Man, from further in the past, or closer to the present?


1) With how powerful Moss Man's smell turned out to be, some seem to be worried that when Stinkor comes, his "stench" will be a little too strong. Is this something Mattel has taken into consideration?

2) Now, that it has been revealed that Orko will be the first figure of the MOTUC line to have an actual "action feature" (turns transparent when placed in warm water -we don't count Moss Man's smell or Scare Glow's glow as action features) can we expect to see action features on characters in the future as well? Mosquitor for example, being the hardest figure to release without an "action feature".

3) We know we are not getting super detailed 200x line figures, but what about Snake Armor He-Man? It may be too early to ask abotu more He-Man variations, but is there a chance of seeing the Snake Armor done in the Classics style?

4) This is a question concering the MOTUC bios. Hopefully you can help shed some light. Who, exactly, is "He"? Will we find out? Apparently all the fuss is over his sword after all! Is it a person? Just a name?

5) The DC vs MOTU 2 pack was a great success and one of these reasons was the comic book packaged inside. will you be looking at comics sometime down the line as a lot of fans love them!


1. Great reveals on Attack of the Show! Some questions of the “grand daddy” of items, the DC Infinite Heroes Starro exclusive – does the large Starro feature any articulation or is it flexible at all? Now that you’re giving us Starro for the DCIH line, how does that affect our chances for getting an even bigger Starro in the DC Universe Classics line, as a Collect and Connect, for example?

2. The Starro reveal also showed a “face-hugger” mini-Starro on a DC Universe Classics Hal Jordan that looked a bit different from the release in Wave 3. What’s new about him and when will we be getting him – in the Wal-Mart Green Lantern 5-pack or as an All-Star Release?ely with editorial from comic companies. What’s preventing Mattel from working closely with the editorial staff at DC Comics?

3. For the Toy Story Lots-O’-Huggin’ – with the timing of the Toy Story 3 movie (opens June 18), this bear should have lots-o-company on retail shelves with toys from the movie. How did you pick Lots-O for the SDCC exclusive, and what can you tell us about the companion products that should be on the shelves?

4. Is the Wrestlemania XV Undertaker considered an Entrance Great, with sound chip and entrance music? Or is this just a special package for SDCC?

5. What are the new accessories that Jake Sully and Colonel Quaritch are getting for the Avatar Final Battle exclusive?

Q1. You have re-issued some of the harder to get characters from DCSH in two packs in DCUC, but there are still some that people would like to see back out in circulation. Is there any chance of the following characters being re-issued in future two packs:

* Cassie Cain Batgirl (black costume)
* Tim Drake Robin (new sculpting where necessary, using the small male teen body base)
* Parasite
* Steel
* Brainiac robot
* Mr Freeze

Q2. As nice as the sculpt is for the wave 13 Superboy, the use of the Sinestro buck body for him seems a strange choice as it makes him too tall for that costume/version of the character. Why was this buck used and not the Robin/Kid Flash base which should be for the younger representations of these characters?

Q3. EVERY MOTUC collector is going to want Orko w/Price Adam accessory. Will there be enough of the NON-SDCC (the non color change version) for fans on We’re you able to raise the quantities on that figure since it is post-Tela?

Q4. I have every figure in DCIH and am enjoying the new articulation with V2 and V3 bodies. My question is when will the females get some V2 and V3 love? Thanks as always for your time, I know you guys are real dang busy.

Q5. MOTUC – If each production run of a figure sells out, does Mattel have any limit on how many re-releases it will produce? For example, is there any chance that Stratos will be re-released even though the figure has already been re-released once?

1.) Are you expecting to have many non-subscription SKUs for MOTUC in 2011? (For example, the army builder two-packs.)

2.) Popular characters such as Prince Adam and Orko are must-haves for most MOTU fans, and many are worried they won’t be able to get them. Without giving any specific numbers, are you producing enough Orkos and Adams to meet the predicted demand? Put another way, will there be as many Mattycollector sets of Adam/Orko as there will be Whiplash (counting the sub figures)?

3.) Given that Count Marzo originated in the Filmation cartoon and never had a 1980s figure, how was he available for the Millennium cartoon and thus MOTUC? (Same goes for Evilseed, actually.)

4.) One of the vintage 1980s Meteorbs was a bad guy named “Gore-iIla.” His name might make for a good Gygor reuse; however, obviously he wouldn’t be able to transform. If you ever got around to the Meteorbs characters in MOTUC, would you want to maintain the transforming gimmick, or might we see a Gygor-ized Gore-illa — Evil Ape of Skeletor?

5.) Incredibly Nerdy Question Alert™: So far, every significant reuse or repaint has either been a new character (Zodak & the Goddess) or just a costume change (Battle Armor He-Man). A Millennium Evil-lyn, however, would have pale skin, raising the question of which is the “real” Evil-lyn in the MOTUC canon. Will there be an in-story reason for the skin tone change, or will repaints just be repaints?


Gardner Grayle asks: Can you share with us the reasons why bucks can't be shared across the various six inch lines? Movie Masters, Ghostbusters, WWE, MotUC, Avatar, and DCUC would all benefit from shared bucks.

Chooch asks: Orko is available for non-SDCC attendees. Is this a deliberate reaction to "Gleekgate?"

MattTobias asks: Starro - Foam or something else?

SleazyMartinez asks: Whose idea was it to make Prince Adam the accessory? I want to shake his hand.

John Moores asks: Are you going to do a Jay Garrick figure with all-brown hair and young features to fit with the young looking classic JSAers so far as well as an old one with white-temples? Could be a good variant and we need both.

Joe Acevedo

1) We have seen a metallic green deco on the DCUC Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure. Will that figure be part of the Green Lantern 5-pack or a running change in the ALL-STAR lineup?

2) Someone suggested that the DCUC Starro mask 4-pack that will be given away FREE at SDCC with the purchase of the DCIH boxed set, be also SOLD on the site after SDCC. Some collectors would like to buy multiples to use on their DCUC figures. Is this possible?

3) Will there be a reserve supply of SDCC DCUC Plasticman and DCIH Starro Box Sets put aside for the site, or if they sell out at SDCC will they no longer be available?

4) Aquaman fans were happy to see him in the DCIH Starro Box Set. When will the DCIH Aquaman figure be released on a single card at retail?

5) What is the DCIH STARRO figure made from? It kind of looks like foam rubber. Are there wires in the arms that will hold the shape if you bend them? Is it safe to toss at my nephew's head when we play "STARRO ATTACKS!"?

Pendragon's Post

1) Will you be RE-releasing the New Gods (Orion & Lightray) 2-pack as well as the Batgirl & Azrael 2-pack? We have seen you recently re-release at retail various 2-packs such as GL & Abin-Sur, Cyborg Superman & Mongul and the Supergirl & Lex Luthor set. Any info on plans for these 2 highly demanded 2-packs would be greatly appreciated.

2) Has a decision been made about whether or not beasts and quarterly figures will be included in the 2011 subscription. Toyguru seems to have indicated that this will be the case but no conclusive statement has been made.

3) In previous posts, Toy Guru has pretty much discouraged talk of either head packs or heads being included in the accessory packs but I am wondering if we will ever be able to get a Zodak head painted black to go with the Wun-Dar armor. Or for that matter purple to go with the armor in the pack. It would be nice to be able to kit bash some generic cosmic warriors and would just be a matter of repainting an existing head mold. What say you?

4) MOTUC Mossman's scent is rather different from the vintage version. We were told that Mattel has the original recipe for the vintage scent but could not reproduce it for MOTUC due to several ingredients being unavailable, and a number of substitutions were made. Could Mattel tell us, without going into specifics, how many ingredients were substituted, how many were omitted, how many were added and how many had their quantities increased or decreased.

5) With the schedule that you guys have presented for MOTUC-12 monthly figures, 4 retooled quarterlies of core characters and 4 beasts-is there room in the line for fan requested figures that are strictly repaints like blue winged Stratos, blonde Teela, the green Trap-Jaw from the 2002 series or other figures that are straight repaints without any new tooling or accessories?

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