Hasbro Haslab Ghostbusters PKE Meter and Ghost Trap Prop Replicas

by toynewman
October 27, 2023
Hasbro's 1027 Event video has dropped early and the Ghostbusters reveal is a Haslab Ghostbusters PKE Meter and Ghost Trap Prop Replica. The price is listed as trap as $299.99 and will go live tonight
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toynewman - 2023-12-07 @ 1:57 pm

The new Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series HasLab Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter has now passed 18,000 backers unlocking the Psychokinetic Energy Detection Pack on Hasbropulse.com and a suggested retail price of $299.99. Congratulations to everyone for unlocking all tiers and showing we ain't afraid of no ghosts!

JayC - 2023-11-24 @ 3:02 pm

Hasbro's latest Haslab for the Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter continues to chug along. The campaign which launched in October now has now surpassed 15k backers unlocking the second stretch goal for the Highly Secure Receptacle set which includes a secure holster, created with premium soft goods and real metal along with another Ghostbusters patch!As I post this the campaign currently has 15,190 backers with over 17 days to go before it ends. Stretch Goal #3 for the Psychokinetic Energy Detection set will be unlocked when the campaign surpasses 18k backers.

toynewman - 2023-10-30 @ 6:37 pm

The new Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series HasLab Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter is now FUNDED with 10,070 backers currently on Hasbropulse.com and a suggested retail price of $299.99. Congratulations to everyone!Next up is the 12,000 backer tier one stretch goal!12,000 backers to manifest the Supernatural Startup Unlock

15,000 backers to trap the Highly Secure Receptacle Unlock18,000 backers to unleash the Psychokinetic Energy Detection Unlock

Lord_Scareglow - 2023-10-28 @ 5:44 pm

This is so coooool, super rad they did this as the HasLab to compliment the Proton pack that they did first, I have not one doubt this will be funded, this speaks to a lot of people, and 299 seems really reasonable to how amazingly detailed this is. I won't be backing, but I'm kinda gonna be jealous of everyone who will, only because it's rad, but I don't collect prop replicas, and didn't get the pack. Shoulda have a Jumpsuit tier unlock HA!

Outsiders - 2023-10-28 @ 4:28 am

MagnaPrime - 2023-10-28 @ 1:16 am

I love this. And would love to have a trap on my wall. But there's just no way right now I can swing that.

toynewman - 2023-10-27 @ 8:26 pm
2 hours ago, 80sboy4 said:

I think Hasbro is smart to do another prop replica as a Haslab. This will likely succeed as those who backed the last one will want to compliment that with this new one.

I'm disappointed....but happy for those that want this kind of stuff.

toynewman - 2023-10-27 @ 8:26 pm

Shown below is the new Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series HasLab Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter is now live on Hasbropulse.com with a suggested retail price of $299.99.Fan funding for these iconic Ghostbusters 1:1-scale roleplay items ($299.99)10,000 backers to fully fund this creepy campaign

12,000 backers to manifest the Supernatural Startup Unlock15,000 backers to trap the Highly Secure Receptacle Unlock18,000 backers to unleash the Psychokinetic Energy Detection UnlockA lot has happened since we saved the world with our first-ever HasLabthe Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spenglers Proton Pack life-size replica (no longer available). Thats why, here at the Ghostbusters HasLab Lab, weve been working on something special for fans and collectors: the highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit Hasbro Pulse Ghostbusters HasLab, the Ghostbusters HasLab 2!The Ghostbusters Plasma Series has equipped fans with a stunning Neutrona Wand, a breathtaking Proton Pack, and now were pleased to announce that spooky specters and ghosts can run but they cant hidenot from the Plasma Series Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and P.K.E. Meter premium adult collectible set!This crowdfunded project will run from October 27, 2023, to 11:59pm ET on December 11, 2023, and requires 10,000 backer orders to begin production. If the suspension work, shocks, brakes, brake pads, steering box, transmission, and rear end hold up as we drive this campaign to the finish line, the project is estimated to ship in late Fall 2024.40 YEARS OF SUPERNATURAL ELIMINATIONSThe Ghostbusters have been scaring specters off the streets of New York for 40 years, in 2024. Because of this, we wanted to offer fans and collectors a project everyone could get behind, a symbol, something that appeals to each and every Ghostbusters fan; something good, something decent, something pure. What better way to celebrate 40 frightening years than with two of the most iconic, must-have pieces of ghost-bustin tech?!Ghostbusters TM & 2023 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.HASBRO and all related logos and trademarks are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. 2023 Hasbro.TWO IN THE BOX, READY TO GO!In celebration of the Ghostbusters 40th anniversary, we are thrilled to be able to bring you another HasLab first: the second-ever Hasbro Pulse Ghostbusters HasLab! But thats not all! In yet another HasLab first, were proud to announce the first-ever, adult-collectible, supernatural elimination needs twofer! We were borderline for a while, then we crossed the border and went full-on two in the box, ready to go!Now, lets talk seriously. For the entrapment device, were gonna have to ask you for three big ones300 dollars for thatbut we are having a special this month on spectral detection, including hardware, and so well go ahead and throw in the P.K.E. Meter at no additional cost. Tell you what, well even do you one better. Weve been authorized by Peter Venkman to shave a penny off the price, meaning fans can fund the Ghostbusters Plasma Series P.K.E. Meter & Ghost Trap HasLab terrifying twofer for only $299.99! We mustve all gone mad!THE PSYCHOKINETIC ENERGY METER (AKA THE P.K.E. METER)Its no secret Egon Spengler was a very hands-on, DIY kinda scientist, often cobbling together his hardware from common, everyday items, and the P.K.E. Meter is no different. Egon used an old electric shoe polisher for the bulk of this handheld piece of tech, which trades in footwear for phantasms, determining specter location and quantification. The P.K.E. Meter acts like a divining rod when near a spectral being, with a pair of motorized arms extending outward from the sides, embedded lights flashing in sync with detectable spectral frequencies.Fans will be happy to know that not only have the HasLab Lab Lab Techs included classic P.K.E. Meter features, such as Ghost Detection Mode, but theyve also included a very special upgrade. Yes, thats right, the HasLab P.K.E. Meter 1:1-scale premium adult collectible features Egon Spenglers personal upgrade from his time as the Dirt Farmer, in Summerville: Taser Mode! Taser Mode, if youre unfamiliar, turns the P.K.E. Meter into a taser that forces an apparition to reveal itself or explode in a burst of marshmallow goo, as we know from Podcasts dealings with the mischievous Mini-Pufts in the Ecto-1.THE GHOSTBUSTERS PLASMA SERIES P.K.E. METERScanned from the PropInnovative Real Life EMF Detection ModeMulti-LED Display PanelMotorized LED-Lined WingsEntertainment-Inspired Sound EffectsMode Slide SwitchGhost Detection ModeLow Ionization, High Ionization, and Mute SettingsTaser Mode (Spengler Upgrade) with Toggle SwitchDisplay StandTHE GHOST TRAPNeeding something to contain and transport paranormal entities to a more permanent housing facility (namely the Ecto-Containment Unit), Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler designed the Ghost Trap. Consisting of a main chassis and a removable cartridge, the Ghost Trap has limited battery life and was never meant to accommodate ecto-plasmic beings for any extended period.This 1:1-scale premium adult collectible features everything fans love about this vital piece of ghost-bustin gear, including the removable cartridge, high-powered LEDs, premium metal finishes, functioning diecast metal wheels for smooth deployment, and more! This thing is so gorgeous that ghosts will be throwing themselves at you just for a chance to get trapped within this highly detailed, premium collectible!THE GHOSTBUSTERS PLASMA SERIES GHOST TRAPScanned from the PropGhost Trap with Removable CartridgeWorking Activation PedalWorking High-Powered Internal LEDsWorking Multicolored LEDsEntertainment-Inspired Sound EffectsFunctioning Trap Doors and Rumble MotorPremium Metal Finishes9-foot Pedal-to-Trap Connection CableDocking Station Display StandFunctioning Diecast Metal Wheels for Remote DeploymentGhostbusters to Ghostbusters 2 Aesthetic ConversionGhostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife ModesWARNING: Do NOT look directly at the Ghost Traps energy field, when activated, as there exists the potential for stray muons in the body to be drawn out through the eyes, and with them, ones eternal soul.MULTIPLE OTHERWORLDLY UNLOCKS TO MANIFESTAs scientists* here in the Hasbro Pulse HasLab Lab, our research relies heavily on grants. Unfortunately, the United States government has been hesitant to throw their support behind the Supernatural Elimination Needs Act. Because of this, all funding comes via the private sector, such as yourselves!Were calling on all psychic saviors, divine donors, paranormal patrons, and bloodless backers to pledge their support in the quest to rid the world of evil ecto entities! With your help, the Ghostbusters HasLab Lab will be able to reproduce critical ghost-bustin equipment at an affordable price point, enabling startup franchises to realize their dreamsso long as those dreams are PG. Were looking right at you, Dr. Stantz.Anyway, we had Janine crunch the numbers, which can be found below.Fan funding for these iconic Ghostbusters 1:1-scale roleplay items ($299.99)10,000 backers to fully fund this creepy campaign12,000 backers to manifest the Supernatural Startup Unlock15,000 backers to trap the Highly Secure Receptacle Unlock18,000 backers to unleash the Psychokinetic Energy Detection UnlockNow, those are some good-looking numbers! We really should get Janine a raise.*No members of the Hasbro Ghostbusters team are actual scientists, but weve got one hell of an engineer!THE SUPERNATURAL STARTUP UNLOCKBeautiful, youre hired. Welcome aboard. Heres your Supernatural Startup Unlock!If you want to suit up then youre gonna have to study up, because the last thing you want is to be unprepared when in the presence of a nasty, focused nonterminal, repeating phantasm, believe you me, buster. Get to know your supernatural elimination equipment with the Supernatural Startup Unlock. Bust this unlock and youll receive a handy 18x24 P.K.E. Meter and Ghost Trap blueprint poster, which, quite frankly, will look pretty boss displayed on your favorite wall.Speaking of boss displays, you can really spruce up any joint with a few perfectly placed slaps. Thats why weve included some sick sticker designs, inspired by the Ghostbusters universe, including Rays Occult Books, Stay Puft Marshmallows, and more!Think you know what else we have in store? Fancy yourself as an aspiring psychic? Then youre in luck because youre going to love testing the limits of your psychic abilities with a set of five 4.5x7 ESP cards, inspired by Dr. Venkman, and updated with a Dr. Stantz flair. Oh, we also took out a third mortgage on the HasLab Lab to give these cards a premium linen-backed finish!And if thats not enough, you can slap a screen-accurate 84 No Ghost patch replica on your flight suit. Re-created to match the screen-used Ghostbusters patches from the original 1984 smash hit, this patch is the perfect addition to the shoulder of your suit.12,000 backers bust the Supernatural Startup Unlock. We shouldnt have to raise the dead to hit that number, but if we do, dont worry, we handle this kind of thing all the time.THE SECURE RECEPTACLE GHOST TRAP UNLOCKFace it, ghost-bustin is a very active job, boots on the ground and packs on the backs. Sometimes a pesky paranormal pest will flee straight through a wall. A good Ghostbuster will give pursuit, which means regaining lost ground, thanks to that slimy, supernatural shortcut. Its not easy to runor even jogwith a Proton Pack strapped to your back. Thankfully, your pack is secure; your Trap should be, too!When hustling down a hallway to catch up to a fleeing phantasm, your Trap is going to be hanging onto your belt for dear life. You dont want to meet up with your target only to discover your Trap fell off somewhere along the way. That wont be an issue with the Secure Receptacle Ghost Trap Unlock, which comes complete with a secure holster, created with premium soft goods and real metal.Oh, and were throwing in another Ghostbusters patch! Thats right, weve got our very own exclusive Ghostbusters HasLab patch you can slap on your suit, add to your patch collection, or trade with fellow busters!15,000 backers trap the Secure Receptacle Ghost Trap Unlock, ensuring your Ghost Trap will stick to you like glue when on the paranormal prowl!THE PSYCHOKINETIC ENERGY DETECTION UNLOCKCarrying the P.K.E. Meter around in the breast pocket of your lab coat isnt gonna cut it when on a call. Besides, youll have suited up, and the zippered breast pockets of the flight suit are even less adequate for storing this delicate piece of homemade machinery. Looks like were going to need another holster! Designed with premium soft goods and real metal pieces, youll have peace of mind knowing your Psychokinetic Energy Meter is strapped snugly to your waist.Need another patch? Good, because youre getting another patch! You love patches, we love patches, and we want to share the love! Unlock the P.K.E. Meter holster and well toss in an exclusive Mini-Puft No Ghost logo patch. Yep, the adorable image of a Mini-Puft caught in the red No symbol as seen after the end credits of 2021s Ghostbusters: Afterlife comes to life in an exclusive patch!18,000 backers to detect the Psychokinetic Energy Unlock, ensuring you have everything you need to take your Ghostbusters Plasma Series supernatural elimination equipment on all your calls!CELEBRATING 40 FRIGHTENINGLY FUNNY YEARS AND WHATS TO COME2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and with the highly anticipated next installment set to delight and terrify moviegoers with all-new thrills and chills, theres never been a better time to be a Ghostbusters fan. Its almost hard to believe the original Ghostbusters first haunted the silver screen almost four decades ago. Harder still to believe some of us remember being there, all the way back in the summer of 84, crowded into a dark theater, buzzing with anticipation, unaware of the spectacle we were about to fall madly in love with. Whats not hard to believe is that Ghostbusters became something so much bigger than just a movie. For some, it became a calling. An instant classic beloved by audiences around the globe, Ghostbusters continues to excite fans forty years later and their passion is unwavering. A lifetime away from good old 84, we may be creakier in the joints and slower getting up from the couch (we finally understand Venkmans gripes about the weight of the pack) but well still be the first ones to suit up, slide down the fire pole, and race into cinemas for the next spine-chilling chapter of the Spenglers and the OGBs!Here's to 40 years of flight suits, ecto-plasm, and saving the world. Were ready for at least another 40 more. So, back this project today and get geared up for ghost bustin!Ghostbusters HasLab. Yes, were back.

80sboy4 - 2023-10-27 @ 5:44 pm

I think Hasbro is smart to do another prop replica as a Haslab. This will likely succeed as those who backed the last one will want to compliment that with this new one.

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