A New Diamond Select Toys Minimates Q&A

by Jay Cochran
September 13, 2010
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses on Minimates questions. Check out the entire Q&A below:

Matthew Killen
Howdy minimate guys! Are you guys gonna make 2 pack villain sets like the Owl or the Trapster (Paste Pot Pete)? OR like a Black Knight (with his both of his helmets)/Grim Reaper (human and dead face) minimate set? What about a Wrecking Crew or Marauders, Revers or alternate universe minimate teams like the Frightful 4 minimate sets? Thanks for your time and keep coming up with more awesome minimate sets!

DSTChuck: Matthew I don’t think we’re OPPOSED to doing a villains 4 pack again or a two pack but for the two packs we do sometimes worry that the two villains might not be strong enough to carry the sales. However, there is no rule set in stone against it.

Alan Pursell
Will we ever see a Hood, Madame Masque, or Song Bird? I’d love to finish my Cabal set of Minimates and Thunderbirds set. Also, what about the rest of the Inhumans?

DSTChuck: I don’t think any of those are in the planning right now but I do think at some point we’ll finish the Inhuamns.

Matthew Killen
I have another question. Has there been any talk of New Mutants minimates? What about a Nimrod/Bastion minimate set. Thanks again :)

DSTChuck: AFX will have a four pack for sale at this year’s NYCC and I think they have said they will also offer any left on their website. How’s that for quick service?

Worldwar Hulk
At various conventions through out this past year you have been giving away samples for Battle Beast Minimates. Personally I love these little guys, I got the San Diego Comic Con figure, and I would love nothing more than to see this line at a mass retail store like Toys R Us. What is the current plan for the Battle Beast Minimates? When will we see these figures on retail shelves? Or simply, how can we get more of these figures, aside from the convention freebies? There doesn’t seem to be much news or info out there about this line. I think that getting these figures into a big store would certainly generate a lot more buzz, than the few freebie samples that have been passed out at the conventions (which are drawing pretty insane prices on ebay by the way). Oh and before I forget, PLEASE for the love of All that is 80’s… please add the “heat rub” logos to these figures. It was such a huge element to the success of the original brand. It’s like playing Paper, Rock, Scissors with your toys. It matters, A LOT to the fans of this brand.

DSTChuck: Right now we’re not ready to roll out any full release for BB, we’re going to be sure we are ready for it when we do anything. We don’t think just putting a couple figures out is the way to go. We are still looking into the heat rubs, nothing has been decided yet except that whatever it is we release will not be just re-issuing the old figures.

James LasagnaBoy
Hey guys! Just wondering… With the release of Iron Man 2, and all your recent comic Iron Men in TRU series 7 and Marvel Minimates series 36, can we expect to see a modern comic Whiplash appearing anytime soon?

DSTChuck: With the third movie in 2013 and the Avengers 2012 we’re going to pull back a little on Iron Man for right now, BUT we do now consider him a core member of the Marvel family so he won’t disappear.

Stephen Pegg
Hello again Chuck! I’m big into your Minimates series, the Marvel series in particular. I got into the collecting game of them a little later than most, and well after the redesign of them. Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite heroes are only in the older and cruder forms of Mate designs. I am a big fan of the Fantastic Four so I was very happy with the recent Mr. Fantastic “stretch attack” version as that was a very well detailed recreation of Reed Richards, as well as the upcoming Thing figures I am very looking forward to. I was a little surprised to see older versions of Mates, even the “bigger” characters looked pretty slim without any kind of masking that. Recent releases have tried to change that and I think it’s a great step to really put scale into perspective. That being said, can we expect an Invisible Woman figure down the road? The only ones you made of her were back in the era when the Mates were not as fine-tuned as they are now and can we expect her suit to match Reed’s. She is a huge part of the Marvel world and her face should definitely grace future waves. Also, on that, any hopes that we can get a non-flamed Human Torch? While I haven’t seen it up close, the Johnny Storm figure recently released in a boxset seems pretty good, but I would like to know if we can get the whole gang together in matching attires. Matching the FF attire has always been a problem with their figures… The first family is huge in Marvel so it’d be great to have them in proper form with a good rogues gallery. Another question: Can we expect a Mole Man mate or Super Skrull in the future? They are definitely not as unknown as a lot of villains you’ve featured recently.

DSTChuck: A new Sue Storm will be part of TRU series 8. I don’t think we have any plans right now for a non flame Johnny but you never know. Mole Man is also part of TRU series 8. I think that’s it for right now with FF but we are aware they are a big part of the MU and that’s why you can see we’ve gone back and brought the team back out this year.

Juan A
Before I ask my question, I just want to say I am loving what you guys are doing with the brand. Minimates are my favorite toyline. Moving along: What are the chances of seeing Scott Pilgrim vs the World minimates? I think this might be one of those cases where the film might be better, visually, then the source material. Maybe near the DVD release?

DSTChuck: I think the time for Scott Pilgrim MM has passed but I can say before the movie arrived in theatres we did consider them.

Hi Chuck, just wanted to ask if Songbird is on the short list? She’s the last character needed to finish the Ellis era Thunderbolts, so her absence is pretty noticeable. Hope she comes out soon.

DSTChuck: John, I don’t think she has come up in talks. From time to time we do make up a list of teams and groups that might be missing a character or two so its possible down the road.

Harvey Bradshaw
I am a avid minimates collector and i would like to know if any minimates based on the masters of evil or lethal legion such as another radioactive man, grim reaper, goliath, baron zemo, tiger shark, whirlwind and the wrecking crew have been planned or discussed

DSTChuck: No, I am sorry none of them are on the line plan in the near future.

Minifiend UK
The Classic X-men boxset is a great set but the TRU Angel can be hard figure to obtain and now can reach large sums of money on secondary markets. How about a battle damaged 1st appearance Angel. that way with a quick parts swap from the classic boxset (Cyclops body/Beast mask) ppl can get a Angel to finish off the group. Its not a perfect way to go but its at least an option.

DSTChuck: I do think we’ll at some point address the Angel situation but to be honest we’ve not settled on how that will be.

Tytus Welker
Will the Toys R Us Exclusive Wave 8 Minimates (Fantastic Four wave) be released around the same time as Wave 37 in November?

DSTChuck: That was our intention as it always is with the TRU and specialty waves but it really has not worked out that way this year – for one reason or another.

Eric Gregorius
Whatever happened to the other accessories that were originally shown withe the SDCC/Toys r us “Ready to Believe You” set? Namely the video camera, the “ghost sniffer”, and the brain-scanner/colander thing.

DSTChuck: Eric, we’re always making changes up until the last minute for one reason or another. Many times we’ve added parts to what we showed when the pictures debuted. I think this time we had some costing and timing issues that made the change necessary.

Justin Restrepo
Hi, I was wondering if a Final Battle Whiplash minimate will ever come out? I know we received IM 2 TRU series 2 but is there any chance we will get an exclusive or a TRU series 3?

DSTChuck: Justin, we did not know about that outfit until February, which was way too late to add it into what we had already planned. There was a time when we looked at sneaking it in somewhere but it does not look like that is going to happen.

Dabid Kuhrt
I saw the HALO Minimates at the Diamond Select stand at Star Wars Celebration V and was blown away by the diversity of the line and how great it looks already! Couple quick questions on this line: 1. There was a 4-pack with a Spartan and the 3 Prophets on display entitled “Halo Minimates Prophets Box Set”. The little card said with the figures said they’d be available in March 2011 with the New York Comic-Con logo, but NYCC is in October, not March. Was that card a mistake? Can you share when/where this set will be available? 2. Is there a chance HALO characters such as Guilty Spark, Sentinels, and Engineers will appear in the Minimates line, or is that unlikely due to those characters not fitting the standard Minimates shape (at all)? 3. Are characters from the novels, particularly Dr. Halsey, included in the Halo license? Or is it just for the games? Thank you guys! Very much looking forward to buying lots of figures from this line!

DSTChuck: We have bene working on the Prophets box set for some time, at one point we had thought about SDCC or NYCC but due to demand at this time our plan is to run it thought Previews and open it up to everyone. I think most of those characters are not in the plasn but I will say we’ve only planned up to the third series so anything is possible. To be honest I am not sure if we have rights to the novel, I’d have to ask Microsoft.

Justin Huffman
Hi Chuck! Thanks for stopping by the Multiverse for a chat the other day, we really appreciate the time you took to do that. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the chat, but here is the question I was planning on asking you. Recently, Lego has started selling series of blind packaged minifigs, similar to the Kubrick marketing style. Each pack contains 1 of 16 possible minifigs. They are all generic ‘non-licensed’ characters, like a clown, caveman, scuba diver, cheerleader, etc. These have been a tremendous success for Lego, and the first series sold so quickly that some retailers had to limit the number of packs that a customer could purchase. Now that Minimates are getting a larger presence at TRU, would this be something you would consider doing? I think these could be a great seller, and would help bring people into the line who may not initially be interested in the Marvel/Ghostbuster/MAX lines. You could even do a series of ‘deluxe’ figures that come with larger accessories like a police officer or stunt man with a motorcycle, Hot Dog Vendor with cart, etc… For those us us that collect the main lines, we could always use more ‘civilians’ for our heroes to rescue and people to inhabit our Minimate cities! Thanks for your time, as always. -Justin

DSTChuck: Yes I know about the blind single figures, in fact I have bought several – but they are not really “blind” and they are packed in bags. As of now we’re going to stick with the statement that we do not want to do blind packaging. Maybe someday we could do something with the single boxes we already do down the road.

B Malnati
I’d like to thank DST for doing such a great job on the army builder villain minimates. They have been really well done with some great choices. However the individual villains seem to be lacking in the minimate line. No Brotherhood of Mutants, Mr Sinister, Omega Red, Stryfe, Wrecking Crew and lots of Avengers/Thor/Cap/Iron Man villains. So far only Spiderman has a robust rogue’s gallery and there’s still some good choices (Tombstone, Beetle, Morbius) left to make. So when are we gonna see the individual villains get some luv from DST?

DSTChuck: I think we’ve done a decent spread of villains but I am sure we could always do more. Some of the ones you have mentioned are currently be considered.

Gar Crispell
Is there any hope for Caprica minimates? If so when would they be released.

DSTChuck: Very little to no hope- sorry.


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