A New Diamond Select Toys Q&A

by Jay Cochran
September 07, 2011
DSTChuck has released a new Diamond Select Toys Q&A over on their Art Asylum website for your viewing pleasure.

In this weeks edition focuses everything. Check out the entire Q&A below:

Caleb Brey: Hi I was woundering about the delay of the all good things enterprise D and the enterprise E? And what is the true release date I have seen many conflicting answers. Please set the records straight for me. I just want my ships I have had them preordered since like April. Thank you Caleb Brey

DSTChuck: Caleb, we’ve encountered some production issues with the re-runs that we did not expect, the increasing cost of doing business in Asia became a factor with trying to keep the cost the same for a lower run… I am sorry about that. We’re digging in right now with the factory to see if we can nail down those issues and get a realistic date out to retailers and fans.

Tom Arild Gulbrandsen: hi! star trek, questions! 1. will you ever make a klingon classic series D7 battle cruiser? one has never been properly produced as a electronic toy, I only find glue models! and would love to have this as a toy, with my tos enterprise! i mean the second most iconic and classic ship has for 40 years been overlooked.. love the star trek 2 phaser! and wrath of khan communicator! thanks for those!! 2: will we get a wrath of khan reliant ship? man i would love that!! 3 will the bird of prey be electronic? I saw some toyfair pics and with all the small parts and ramp and landing gear im not sure you can fit electronics in there… 4: the stands you made for tos enterprise and next generation enterprise…suck!! mine cant hold the ships upright and they keep toppling over! Its the added part that sits over the ball joint I melted them together for them to hold without breaking my ships while I’m not at home or away for too long!! lol sorry that was a complaint not a question! 5: will you re release the enterprise-A? many people like me, missed out on her! and now they cost 170 to 200$ on eBay.. I cant afford one, perhaps a limited/special edition new run of her? 5 last question, what release of the wrath of khan ship has some battle damage? there are two, but i can only find the one that has damage all over the saucer section from star trek search for spock, I want the one that has less damage… thanks lots for answering these! Tom

DSTChuck: Tom 1) We are working on the Klingon BOP and Enterprise B and after that we have not decided what we might want to do next.
3) Yes the Klingon BOP will have lights and sounds.
4) Not sure how our base would melt but feel free to email CS and ask for a new one.
5) Tom we do look at ships and roll play that we have made but sold out from time to time and consider making another production run.

Shaun Baer: So, you’re probably tired of people (me) asking, but I’m wondering if there are any plans to do any re-releases/new 7″ figures in honor of TNG’s 25th anniversary. Some obvious repaint/headswap ideas that spring to mind are a two-pack re-release of Picard/Riker from season 1 (sans chairs). Data, Worf, and LaForge could also theoretically make their way out. Then, maybe, one new figure, being Tasha Yar, to round it out. (Her new body, incidentally, could be used for a Season 1 Crusher as well). The year you did the TWOK 25th Anniversary, the figures were beautiful, and from what I can tell, they sold very well. I’d hate to see this opportunity pass you by. It’s a great chance to reinvigorate the line, in my layman’s opinion. You could even do Riker, LaForge, Worf and Troi (Maroon) as a season 2 San Diego Comic Con release. I may have given this some thought. I’ve got my fingers crossed…I love your work on these figures and I hope they are able to make a comeback. :)

DSTChuck: Right now we have no 7” figures for Star Trek planned and we have not heard word from CBS on what they are going to do to promote the anniversary. I am glad you liked the TWOK figures.

Andrew Jones: You’re doing fantastic work on the Marvel Minimates line - please keep it up! Any line that can manage to service main characters as well as obscure ones like Stilt-Man is doing something right. I want to ask a question about some teams that are SO CLOSE to being complete that specialty market wave or TRU 2-packs would make a lot of sense… any plans to finish off the GSXM with Sunfire/Banshee? New Mutants with Moonstar/Magma? Invaders with Whizzer/Ms. America? (and if not, can you please file under “serioius consideration?”) I notice you’ve also knocked out half of the main “doppelganger” villains, Super Skrull and Taskmaster, with two versions each after the MvC3 line hits. There are two more that would make another awesome 2-pack… Mimic and Super Adaptoid (X-Men 29, baby!). Who doesn’t love a villain with the powers of an entire team? (aside from the members of those teams…)

DSTChuck: We do keep a list of characters that would make teams we’ve started more complete and we do refer to them from time to time when we’re doing our line plans. I’m not sure if in some fans minds we can ever complete many of these teams but we’re aware of the interest.

Max Ellentuck: In the upcoming anti-Ghostbusters/ people-busters box set I was wondering if you could let us know about some of the cool features. Will the anti-Ghostbusters have tempos under their chest pieces? will they be clear or translucent? Will they be as awesome as Minimates are or will they be even more awesome? thanks for all the great work you do, this line has been way cooler then i had thought, it and totally blew me out of the water. keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: Glad you liked the line, we’ve wanted to do GB stuff for years before we got the OK. The Anti figures are still prototypes so I can’t say for sure how they will end up.

Sergio Garcia: Any plans for Avengers Academy? A really well written series, that deserves the Minimate treatment. I’m sure a two box set will be able to complete the team. Thanks

DSTChuck: Right now Marvel is not interested in merchandise to go with the show, so we’ll have to check again down the road.

Joshua Hesselgrave: Hi again Chuck. Thanks again for doing these and for the recent Q&A you did over at MMMV. I was wondering about the new X-Men First Class boxset. It looks great, but incomplete. Are you guys considering releasing a FC Beast at any point (perhaps with a classic Professor X as a two pack)? Thanks again!

DSTChuck: I think we’re done with the First Class line. We looked at a couple ways to get a couple more out but they did not work out. I think it’s a case of just not having enough time to fully develop the line.

Arnold C: Hi when will you release the scale model knight rider kitt with 3 3/4 Michael knight figure? also is it a s.p.m mode enabled? and where can I buy it ? thanks I’m a knight rider fan collector

DSTChuck: We are not going to ask for orders and promote the item until we’ve got a sample from the factory that we like so we can feel better about the ship date we promote.

Jessie Kight: I was wondering if you guys will ever make Cable,Bishop,Archangel,Shatterstar,and Warpath in your Marvel Select line up?I really hope they are made in the near future, they would look awesome. Thanks

DSTChuck: Jessie, none of those figures are planned right now, but some good ideas there so we’ll have to see.

Abdul Mu’iz Suhaili: Hi there, I was wondering what plans you guys have after the marvel select colossus. It would be really great if you guys could make the original x-force crew with a diorama base just like the zombies marvel select you guys make years ago. The original x force crew I would definitely want to see is archangel, warpath, wolfsbane, domino, elixer, vanisher, x-23 and last but not least, their team captain wolverine. For their diorama base, it would be great to have the looks of an aftermath after the x-force fight off a group of purifiers. I am really sure a number of people are interested with this line up as it would be great addition for any collectors. Thank You, Kind Regards, Muiz Suhaili

DSTChuck: Really not sure what will come after Colossus other than hoping to work on the cool movies Marvel has for 2012.

Agamenon Mendes: Hi, DST will make a Hulk based in the Hulk from Avengers movie next year ? Maybe with the same body structure as Abomination and Juggernaut ? thanks for any help !

DSTChuck: Something like that is very possible, we’re still trying to figure out where we would go with the Avengers movie lines.

Lee Burns: Hey chuck can I say how awesome you guys for real!!! i loved the marvel select photo contest which I entered and lost :( lol oh well can’t win them all can we ay… also let me say just how very very impressed with the Disney store exclusive’s marvel select’s! got my Hawkeye cost me close to £50.00 with shipping and was worth every little penny he really was… never thought I’d pay that much for Hawkeye lol… so think how much I’d pay for the likes of venom etc… lmao hmm…. so staying on the topic of the Disney stuff would I be inclined to assume we will see a second series if u will of the Disney marvel selects? as they look like they’ve done extremely well? in sales etc. and will they keep with the avengers based characters? as if disney continue we’ll obviously be up to 13 figures a year which all us fans badly want!!!!! so speaking of the avengers will we see in the near future the likes of wonderman i think he would blow my mind lol! falcon? black panther who I love as a character!!!!! war machine could look interesting, captain Britain for us brits hehe or the vision!!! obviously i would love to see quicksilver & the scarlet witch perhaps a two pack??? now I’m not asking for them all but it would be cool to see one crop up somewhere down the line… so let’s move onto everyone’s favorite mutants the x-men!!! lol i have to say i love the danger room stuff you guys have done and colossus looks off the chart! he’s on my wanted list big time!!! now I’m ganna flood the this email/question/blog etc lol with every mutant ever created but let’s not beat round the bush pmsl the x-men are insanely popular and i would assume sales on the x-men based marvel selects hit the roof? but…. have to put a word in for… the likes of angel/archangel? beast? and nightcrawler? and i would love to see an iceman marvel select I just think he would look sick!!! those four would be fan boy heaven lol… as the girls of the x-men universe well lets face it blokes will very likely buy an action figure, a statue of a hot girl hehe sad but true and I’m one of them! hmmm… now before i move onto everybody’s fav web slinger what are the chances of fear itself or spider island marvel select characters? so onto the main event lmao…. i would just go mental for a flash thompson venom marvel select bought issue six twice as i ordered from eBay and couldn’t wait any longer hehe so now I have a spare :) hmm…. imported the midtown comics variant of amazing Spiderman 666 with venom on the cover as the guy is the just fricking awesome!!! lol it’s been the best read of 2011 and is getting better and better all the time! I’ll be perfectly honest I don’t mind paying bucket loads of £$ etc. for the new venom marvel select did it for Hawkeye and will do it for the classic cap marvel select so bring on my boy flash thompson…. :) now where would my manners be if i didn’t try to push the boat and beg for cletus kasady carnage marvel select figure to be released!!! nothing wrong with ultimate carnage just aint carnage for me… mmm…. and with carnage u.s.a coming up and rumors he’s ganna fight venom and anti-venom it’s a huge year for kasady!!! he would just look wonderful same for! flash tbh. now I do think it’s a crime we don’t have an American son aka harry Osborne marvel select figure lmao harry’s the man in my eyes hehe add the fact i haven’t probed about the likes of the scorpion, the vulture, the lizard and large figure of the rhino and talk about the endless opportunities for home runs…. love the product much luv :)

DSTChuck: Lee thanks for support, ideas and enthusiasm. I hope we select some characters your looking forward to in 2012. We’ve talked to Disney about 2012 alredy but nothing is really decided yet.

Alan Martinez: Hello: I was wondering if there are any plans to do a Marvel Select Captain America from the new The Avengers Movie since they changed the suit. The First Avenger select figure is insane and I really want to have Both Caps. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: We did notice the costumes changed but not sure if we’ll re-do past characters or try and focus on the characters we’ve not been able to do yet.


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