Four Horsemen - Mythic Legions: Necronominus Wave

by toynewman
November 04, 2022
A new Mythic Legions: Necronominus Wave has been announced by Four Horsemen Studios! The Wave consists of Sir Elijah, The Turpiculi, Sir Adalric, Belualyth, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand 2, Bishop - Sir Gideon Heavensbrand's Horse, Maxillius the Harvester, Sir Ucczjak, Necronominus, Conabus - Necronominus' Skeletal Horse and Undead Army Builder and Accessory Packs! This wave will go up for preorder on 11/04/22 at 4pm EST at

Sir Elijah
Raised on a farm on the open plains of Eathyross, Sir Elijah grew up around horses and he became an equestrian whose skills were second to none. It is therefore no surprise that this young man was eventually recruited into the ranks of the Templar Emissaries. A sub-sect of the Templars of Eathryon, the Emissaries travel the Realm carrying important messages and items at the behest of their factionís leadership. In addition to his skills as a rider, Sir Elijah is also fluent in a variety of tongues and more than capable of defending himself and the important messages he carries.
This is a standard figure which will be $37 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). He features a head-to-toe new knight build with all new tooling, including both a helmeted head and an unhelmeted look! These new parts were specifically made to give this updated knight body an increased range of motion for posability while still retaining the look fans have come to love from Legions figures! Sir Elijah also includes a soft goods Templar tunic and an armory of brand new weapons making their debut in this wave!

The Turpiculi
The Dark Four were defeated by the Great Beasts and banished from the Realm of Mythoss. Powerful magic was used to imprison the Lord of Death, and those same spells sent many of the monstrosities that fought in his army away as well. Known as the Turpiculi, these long-forgotten terrors of the First Age come in a variety of forms, and all are horrible. The heroic warriors fighting for Mythoss today have never seen an enemy like a Turpiculus, and as the barrier between that Realm and the prison where Necronominus and his acolytes have waited begins to weaken, these rotting denizens of death stir and prepare to fight once again.
This is a deluxe figure which will be $45 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). He features a head-to-toe new build of bone parts! The limbs can be swapped out and reconfigured, and the Turpiculi comes with 2 heads, allowing you to create a variety of looks for this undead monster!

Sir Adalric
As haughty and proud as he is wealthy, Sir Adalric is one of the richest individuals in Eathryoss. Having made his fortune in shipping, Sir Adalricís favor was coveted by the corrupt individuals who sought to gain control of the faction. He snubbed these advances, and he could not be bribed, for he had more riches than all of these corrupt politicians combined. Instead, Sir Adalric gave generously to the arts and to the charities of Eathryoss. Now that the Order is back on the righteous path, this lavishly dressed knight uses his wealth and his sword arm to defend the cause of the Crowned Eagle.
This is a standard figure which will be $37 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). He features the same new knight body that we showed with the Sir Elijah figure. This body will allow for an increased range of motion for posing and play, while sacrificing nothing when it comes to the detail of the sculpture and paint applications which Legions figures have become known for. Sir Adalric comes with a helmet with flip-up visor, a soft goods skirt, and more brand new knight weapons making their debut in this new wave.

When Necronominus was recalled to Mythoss, he did not return alone. Loyal acolytes of the Lord of Death who had been banished with him after the First Great War returned as well, including the ghoulish child of Necronominus named Belualyth. A beastmaster who commands a skeletal chimera, the legion of Turpiculi, as well as other unnatural monsters that have not been seen in Mythoss since the First Age, she resumes her role as one of the generals in her fatherís undead army.
This is a deluxe figure which will be $50 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). As a beastmaster, this Child of Necronominus comes with a menagerie of undead creatures, including the skeletal chimera she leads on a chain! Belualyth also includes a skeleton bird on her arm and a caged skeletal serpent that hangs off her back! She also includes a pair of heads as well as multiple hand options as part of this deluxe figure set!

Sir Gideon Heavensbrand 2
The dark days of the Order of Eathyron are now in the past thanks to the leadership of Sir Gideon Heavensbrand. A selfless man whose conviction and faith are unwavering, it is his example that is needed as the darkness of Necronominus returns and death itself walks once again in Mythoss. Sir Gideonís faith shall be tested, yet it shall not break, even as the dead rise from their graves and stand against him on the field of battle. Leading an army of knights, Templars, mystics, and paladins, Sir Gideon and the Order of Eathyron march to meet the horrors of the Congregation, bringing the purifying light of the Crowned Eagle with them.
This is a stanard figure which will be $37 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This new version of one of our line's key characters is updated in every way! Not only does it feature the brand new knight body build we have created for this wave, but parts of this figure were sculpted specifically for the Order of Eathyron, including Sir Gideon's pauldron, elbow, and knee armor! Sir Gideon Heavensbrand 2 features 2 heads - one helmeted head with a flip-up visor and one unhelmeted head. He has a soft goods tunic and brand new weapons, including the Order of Eathyron sigil shield and a new Heavensbrand sword complete with sheath! Sir Gideon Heavensbrand 2 really shows our vision for what an updated version of one of our older characters should be!

Bishop, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand's Horse
The mighty steed known as Bishop was born lame in the stables of the Heavensbrand family. Set to be put out of its misery, a young Gideon pleaded that the foal be given a chance. The stablemaster told the boy he could pray that night, but come morning the horse would need to be put down. Gideon stayed by the white horseís side that evening, praying continually until sleep overtook him. When he awoke, the horse was miraculously cured, and it was deemed that the healing touch of Eathyron himself could be seen in this miracle. Since that time, Sir Gideon and Bishop have been inseparable. They ride into battle as one, their hearts pure and true, for they know that faith has the power to turn away even death.
This is our first ever deluxe horse figure set, and it will be $65 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This figure uses the popular horse build seen on our previous steeds, but in a long-requested white color! Bishop also comes with brand new armor pieces, premium soft goods, and a large lance weapon! All of the armor, tack, saddle, and soft good are removable and compatible with any of our other horse figures. You can remove these pieces to outfit other horses or to use Bishop as a white horse for other characters!

Maxillius the Harvester
Before the Lord of Death appears, there is Maxillius the Harvester. Necronominus comes forth to raise the dead and grow his army, and the Harvesterís job is to give his master fields of freshly reaped bodies to turn to his side. Maxillius is as unstoppable as the passage of time. He is a force of nature that cannot be reasoned with or slowed. He exists only to kill. Entire companies of knights have fallen at his feet as the Harvester comes to reap, a scythe in one hand and an hourglass swimming with the souls of his victims in the other. When you hear the rattling of the bones he wears upon his chest, you know the Harvester is close.
This is a standard figure which will be $37 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This figure offers fans a variety of display options, starting with the Harvester look with his robe and bone armor. You can also remove that armor and display him with his scythe weapon for a classic Grim Reaper look! Remove the remove and you have a hand-to-toe skeleton build, something Legions fans have been requesting for years! This body is a brand-new build for the Necronominus wave, including two brand new skull head sculptures and his scythe and hourglass accessories

Sir Ucczjak
Once as evil and savage as the rest of the Impure, the Ogre named Ucczajk was visited in his sleep by a vision of a golden bird wreathed in flames that cleansed rather than consumed. Waking from his dream, Ucczajk immediately made his way to Eathryoss. Seen as a threat and turned away, the Ogre found a simple hut in the mountains. Here he made his home, combing over prayer books left behind by a mystic who had found enlightenment many years prior. Travelers through the land told the strange tale of the remote hut and the devout Ogre who now prayed to Eathyron. These tales eventually made their way to Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, and the leader of the Order sought out the Ogre and bade him return with him to the Crowned City. Today, Sir Ucczajk is one of the most faithful, and most powerful, warriors fighting for the Legions of Light.
This is an ogre-scale figure which will be $65 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This massive figure features a wealth of new ogre-scale parts, all of which are compatible with our previously released ogre figures. The ornate look and incredible paint detailing on this figure's armor, coupled with his massive hammer weapon, make this imposing new character a must have for Legions collections!

The last of the Dark Four to return to Mythoss, Necronominus is the most powerful of these evil Gods. While the Dark Four have no leader, they all defer to Necronominus, for all their powers lead to death, and that is his domain. A vision of pure horror clad in tattered vestments and wielding the mighty Godrazor, Necronominus resurrects an army of the undead to follow behind him. They are a mindless force totally devoted to the Lord of Death and his children, an army that swells as fallen foes are touched by the dark magic of the Godrazor to become soldiers for the Congregation of Necronominus.
This final member of the Dark Four is a deluxe figure which will be $60 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). This incredibly detailed figure features premium soft goods, a brand new figure sculpture from head to toe, his giant Godrazor weapon, and a new pair of gigantic skeletal wings! This incredibly imposing figure is sure to be a centerpiece for any Legions display, especially when paired with his horse, Conabus (see separate post for that figure).
Necronominus will go up for preorder, along with the rest of the figures in this wave, on 11/04/22 at 4pm EST at Besides the single release of this character, he will also be available in a 2-pack with his horse for $110.

Conabus, Necronominus' skeletal horse
The skeletal steed of Necronominus, Conabus is every bit the vision of horror that his master is. It is said that the clopping of Conabusís hooves awakens the dead, and then the touch of his masterís relic weapon, the Godrazor, brings them back from the peace of the grave and makes them a soldier in his undead army. Once risen, they form up like supplicants behind the Lord of Death, moving in unison with the clopping of his pale horse.
Many fans wondered if we would actually release a full skeleton horse, and we are happy to do so with Conabus! This deluxe horse set will be $65 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). It is a top to bottom new sculpture to achieve the skeleton limbs of Necronominus' steed. While all these pieces are new, they are all fully compatible with our previously released horse figures!
Conabus will go up for preorder, along with the rest of the figures in this wave, on 11/04/22 at 4pm EST at Besides the single release of this character, he will also be available in a 2-pack with Necronominus for $110.

Undead Builder Pack
The undead ranks of the Congregation of Necronominus are made of more than just skeletons. The zombified remains of the freshly dead, the flesh still clinging to their bones, claw their way from the grave to march behind the Lord of Death. The restless spirts of the long deceased also fly forward, their ghostly bodies given the power to animate suits of cast-off armor and wield weapons in their spectral hands. There is no peace in death for these souls, no rest beyond the grave, for they have returned to Mythoss as part of the undead army of Necronominus.
This is one of our popular "builder" sets, and it will be $55 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). Previous sets (Barbarian, Knight) focused more on extra armor and weapons, but this Undead set is based more on body parts! With a set of zombie limbs, as well as a set of ghost limbs, plus 4 total heads, this set allows for an incredible number of "pop and swap" display options! It is a also a great set to pair with Legion Builder figures to add some soldiers to your undead army!

Accessory Packs!
3 different accessory packs available in this preorder, including the Knights of Eathyron weapons pack with a variety of new weapons to arm your knights, a Knights of Eathyron hands pack with 15 total sets of hands (3 in each color), and a Skeletons of Necronominus Hands & Feet pack with 6 sets of hands and 2 sets of feet!

Bonus Accessories Reveal!
The touch of Necronominus' horrible Godrazor weapon brings the dead back to life, so we wanted to show that dreaded power in action as part of the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave! These four figures, Sir Elijah - Sir Adalric - Sir Ucczjak - and Bishop the horse will ALL come with bonus "dead heads" as part of the normal figure release (both the ones preordered from StoreHorsemen AND the ones offered down the road by our Approved Retailers will include these bonus heads)!
The zombie-like horse head seen on the Bishop figure is the same one used on our Phobus figure, but these other three heads are all brand new sculptures making their debut in the line! This means that each of these figures now come with 2 heads, while Sir Elijah comes with 3! These undead additions add even more value to these figures and they give fans and customizers a variety of display options for these new releases.


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LordVenger - 2023-01-09 @ 6:26 pm
3 hours ago, Artoyz said:

Oompa loompa doompatity don't buy!


interoceptive - 2023-01-09 @ 4:51 pm

I think this is shaping up to be one of their best assortments yet. There's a pretty broad appeal here between the high fantasy undead aspect and then some good low fantasy semi-realistic knight-type characters without too much flourish but enough to make them interesting - I think that's something that will appeal to a lot of people.

Artoyz - 2023-01-09 @ 2:51 pm

Oompa loompa doompatity don't buy!

toynewman - 2023-01-09 @ 2:24 pm

The Four Horsemen have been showing us Mythic Legions: Necronominus Wave "Fine Cut Samples for their upcoming wave of figures! Fine cuts is one of the stages in the approval process for creating action figures. Before the expensive steel molds are cut for the figures, our factory makes temporary molds, often using silicone, to run the parts for testing. Since silicone molds are much cheaper to make than the final steel ones, this allow us to make any necessary changes at this stage of the process.They've also added some new parts to the Sir Elijah and Sir Gideon Heavensbrand 2 figures from the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave! While these new additions may be small, they think they make a pretty big impact. They are of course talking about the armored loin pieces shown in these photos. Both of these figures come with premium soft goods covering their chest armor and falling below their waist. Previously they had shown images of these figures minus the soft goods so fans could see the bodies underneath for pop-and-swap and customizing reasons. Doing that made them realize that, while the armored body below looks great, it needed a plastic loin piece to cover the exposed hip area. That is what they are showing here!

Pre-order all your Mythic Legions from our sponsor:!

Nosferatuman62172 - 2022-11-05 @ 12:46 am

IThese are some really cool figures. The 4h is really killin it with Mythic Legions.

ransomz - 2022-11-04 @ 10:48 pm

Wow. What amazing figures. I don't really want to start a new line but these are pretty tempting.

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